Sunday, September 6, 2009

Early In The Morning

Early in the morning before it is time for the sun to rise, I am like any mothers consorting an orchestra in the kitchen preparing the sahur. Most of the time the melody rings a familiar note in the neighbourhood, the chiming and beating of the frying pan and the spatula which often results in the congregations of all the alley cats at the wee hours. We never eat leftovers from berbuka puasa meals for sahur, there is none to serve pun. I normally cook in small portions so everything could be finished in one sitting to avoid wastage. Knowing my kids, they wouldn't have the appetite for anything else except for nasi goreng to start off their puasa everyday, the father too. And so this mother of theirs has been deprived ( spared is more like it)of preparing anything fancy. It is nasi goreng telur this morning, nasi goreng ikan bilis next and nasi goreng ayam the other but neverrrrrrrr nasi goreng sayur. Nope, of all the stories I tell my kids, the story about gorillas and the elephants being strong because they eat sayur is one they never fall for...sigh. Perhaps they prefer to listen to the story their father relates of where the tiger and the lions get their strength...from ayam masak merah and daging masak kicap before they all roar in their carnivorous family pack...with me the gorilla looking very pissed every time.

But sometimes there's no way of appeasing an angry gorilla but to eat whatever she has gathered from the woods. In order to make them eat their sayur, I would grate them 0.05mm thinly and saute them with butter, onions, garlic and chicken before dumping everything into a pot of rice. So my nasi butter has become nasi sayur kecik like my son calls it and it is terribly impossible to separate the sayur from the nasi even with all the prowess of tigers and lions put together. Mwahahahaha "...never to mess with an angry gorilla" I tell them with a winning snare.

Well, it's a safari where I live folks. "'s the survival of the fittest", I constantly tell my carnivorous pack and to be fit one has to eat sayur.

The gorilla or the mother always wins eh? beating her chest victoriously now.

Thanks so much Kak Soo for both orders!

10 treats:

raggedyanne said...

i love this safari post very much!

the cakes are awesome as usual! question: do u use a special cutter to cut the fondant to fit the cuppies?

Wiz said...

Anne - Thanks so much Anne. For the normal round ones I don't use any special cutters except for gelas plastik. But for the curvy edges tu I use PME cutters. They can be found kat

shaz said...

Now I feel like making nasi goreng myself...dah lama tak buat nasi goreng.

zue said...

salam wiz,
my kids, easy to please, ayamas goreng for sahur will do just fine, but of course , a non-balance diet...not to be taken daily. Had moonstruck for sahur this morning.nasi goreng is a sure winner masa sahur, makan panas2 with keropok goreng....makes me really hungry now.....

MHB said...

wiz!! adoiii delicatenya those little white polka-dot on green ribbons, camne you masukkan tuh?? (adoiii sebab kalau I try buat mesti bibir dah berdarah sebab ketap kuat sangat!) lovely!!

Kitchen Guardian said...

you masak apa pun i suka...tunggu kena ajak aje...
love this one, love the green, love the bunga...very mat saleh!!

Wiz said...

Shaz - Senang buat nasi goreng, everything sumer in one dish kan?

zue - Walaikumsalam Zue, I pun suker if makan ayam goreng ayam mas tu, woo hooo, I can have that everyday evrytime! Yup, keropok every single time with nasi goreng.

MHB - Tgn I masih terketarq2 till today ha ha ha and my lips have yet to recover from the trauma!

Yanie - You ni, macam la pernah makan sumer yang I masak? Silap kiter tak duk dekat kan, sebabnya I would exchange my nasi goreng with all your masak2 dgn tak malunya ha ha ha.

Sha said...

Kak Wiz, wanted to call you about the cookies tp I dh lost your number.

Nnt I discuss dengan my sister about what to order. Kami ni "Kuih Raya Dept" hehe

uya ahmad said...

gorilla dont win la teacher, uya la always win, anyway, teacher, uya tak dapat dtg chicago la on raya, takde sape nak amek, and tak sape nak pegi..nak rent car, takde license and i will miss raya celeb here cuz, budak2 from drake pon dtg ames juge..huhuhu

sobirinH said...

hehe,,, i was looking through your posts,,, lama dah tak bukak your blog
and i found this post! this is the cake and the muffins yg my mak uda tolong order kan for my engagement last august! :-)
haha, i apologize for putting you through the trauma :-D,,, but the result was really... saya pon tak tahu nak describe in words... best!
semua org puji :-)
terima kasih lagi sekali :-)