Saturday, September 19, 2009


In 10 hours time I would fly away... leaving sorrowful faces behind. Faces which have never escaped my watchful eyes would now be the last images I savour before my departure. The intense of it all could just break the already shattered heart into tinier pieces of longing to be home on Raya. I have never left them you see, not even to go for work or class. They have always been with me, by my side, at the soft call of my voice, at a glance of a distance, with me all the time. I just hope one day they will understand.

Parting isn't such sweet sorrow after all.

I could taste the bitterness already...

especially when things do not explain themselves even after an apologetic embrace.

Will write more the moment I am more settled.

Till next time.

Raya Of Many Selamats

I have yet to make ready preparations for Raya at my house. Cookie jars are still not visible on the dining table, perhaps there are not many cookies left to fill the decorative airtight containers. Nothing of raya could be seen or felt yet and I will tell you why in time to come. The only raya feeling that lingered was the fact that I prepared raya cookies and raya cakes for friends and customers everyday till the very end. I even had a last minute raya sale, as always, at the place I used to teach, enticing all staff and former students to come grab the many cakes I baked the night before. I needed an extra boost of cash flow to accompany me on a journey, hence the surge in making vigorous sale. Cakes and cookies disappeared in no time at all, how I wished I could have baked more to cater to those who didn't get to grab some. So here I would like to extend my gratitude to those who have made their purchases of my wares. Thank you thank you thank you so much.

Thanks Rachel for both orders!

I would like to leave you with my other Selamat wishes this raya, wishes to be safe and stay safe. Selamat memandu pulang, selamat bergembira, selamat berhari raya, selamat memanjangkan silaturrahim, selamat kembali bertugas. It is alarming to learn the rate of accidents on the road, and I hope everyone would be extra alert and cautious whilst driving. Have a safe journey home folks!

Salam Aidil Fitri buat semua pembaca,
Maaf Zahir dan Batin
daripada wiz sekeluarga.

Thanks Vivian for both orders!

See you guys soon!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Running...

Thanks so much Noreen!

A. ...out of ideas
B. with someone
C. ...away to somewhere
D. ...all of the above

I am running folks, if not for all of the above pun, I am running around like a headless chicken trying to finish everything all in due time.
Baru teringat, headless chicken boleh lari lagi ker? hmm.

So tepi sikit! cluck! cluck! cluck! cluck!.

Thanks so much Dee!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Butter smells nice only on cookies, I noticed, they noticed.


After baking continuously for the past one week, I have come to terms with this horrid smell I carry with me, the kids too have gotten used to it, the hubby ...still in his own incomparable male aroma unbeknownst of this new perfume encircling me right now. Everytime I asked him " I smell? He would blitely say "...I have grown to accept it." sheeeeesh!

Cake orders will only resume a week before raya folks, right now it's all cookie affair. I have shipped out 4 carton of boxes already tu jer yang these two hands terdaya raya buat and now I will try to complete the family's ration of give aways to ma in law, my parents, my brothers, sister and a few jars for the kids and guests.

And since I have sooooooooooo much time under those flabs of my tummy, I decided to burn it with Hamper making. I know it's a far cry from those professional ones you see in the market especially of Jules', and my cousin's Lin at least I know now not to meddle with talents you have the least.

So here goes folks wizhampers...all for sale.


3 Units all SOLD!

3 types of wizcookies
3 types of imported chocolates
all placed daintily in a jewelery box with flowers and laces.


RM 100
1 unit

The base can is filled with Makmur
The middle can is filled with chocolate chip cookies
The top can is filled with strawberry chocolates.



1 Unit Sold!


3 types of wizcookies
1 box of strawberry chocolates
1 bag of dodols.
1 large size keronsang.
1 red bakul


RM 130
1 Unit Sold!


4 types of wizcookies
1 box of ferrero Rocher
1 large keronsang
1 brown bakul


RM 185

1 Unit Sold!


4 types of wizcookies
1 Sparkling soda
2 jars of spices
2 types of chocolates
2 types of dodols
1 wooden white tray

There you have it folks, some works of my kerastangan. If you are interested do email me at bearing the "raya hampers" title alright.

Thanks yous, Zank yous!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Early In The Morning

Early in the morning before it is time for the sun to rise, I am like any mothers consorting an orchestra in the kitchen preparing the sahur. Most of the time the melody rings a familiar note in the neighbourhood, the chiming and beating of the frying pan and the spatula which often results in the congregations of all the alley cats at the wee hours. We never eat leftovers from berbuka puasa meals for sahur, there is none to serve pun. I normally cook in small portions so everything could be finished in one sitting to avoid wastage. Knowing my kids, they wouldn't have the appetite for anything else except for nasi goreng to start off their puasa everyday, the father too. And so this mother of theirs has been deprived ( spared is more like it)of preparing anything fancy. It is nasi goreng telur this morning, nasi goreng ikan bilis next and nasi goreng ayam the other but neverrrrrrrr nasi goreng sayur. Nope, of all the stories I tell my kids, the story about gorillas and the elephants being strong because they eat sayur is one they never fall for...sigh. Perhaps they prefer to listen to the story their father relates of where the tiger and the lions get their strength...from ayam masak merah and daging masak kicap before they all roar in their carnivorous family pack...with me the gorilla looking very pissed every time.

But sometimes there's no way of appeasing an angry gorilla but to eat whatever she has gathered from the woods. In order to make them eat their sayur, I would grate them 0.05mm thinly and saute them with butter, onions, garlic and chicken before dumping everything into a pot of rice. So my nasi butter has become nasi sayur kecik like my son calls it and it is terribly impossible to separate the sayur from the nasi even with all the prowess of tigers and lions put together. Mwahahahaha "...never to mess with an angry gorilla" I tell them with a winning snare.

Well, it's a safari where I live folks. "'s the survival of the fittest", I constantly tell my carnivorous pack and to be fit one has to eat sayur.

The gorilla or the mother always wins eh? beating her chest victoriously now.

Thanks so much Kak Soo for both orders!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tap Tapping

Thanks so much Mimie!

The rain went tapping on my window one day, insisted to rush in. Some did manage to seep through the holes and cracks, I knew I wasn't seeing things. I thought I heard thunders too with stretches of lightnings. It gave me a jolt in the heart when all the lights suddenly went blink blink.

"...the house is in dire need of repairs,..." I said politely to the other dear, before a frolicsome brook of heavy rain carries it, I fear. He nodded so slowly as if he was thinking aloud and I knew he was deep in his thoughts to iron things out. The leak needs fixing, so does the kitchen light, the bathroom switch is broken too and the tainted walls are just sores to the eyesight.

A decade old our house is, you can really tell, from the paint outside the house which has started to swell. The gate creaks irritatingly to welcome us everyday, it serves as an alarm system we never had to pay. Complain I didn't for all of this time, not until...when my oven bell ceased to chime. The wiring went haywire one rainy day, it's time to get things done, soon and right away.

...but when we saw those kids devoid of more than the above, our hearts went light amidst all of our troubles. With a portion of the money we managed to set aside, we shared some with the kids who live hard to survive. Baked muffs for desserts for them to take some, saw their eyes lit up when we placed them in their palms. Hope they felt happy even just for a little while, to see us and our kids all full of smiles.

So this Raya if you come and see things in disarray, with the house unpainted and the gate unreplaced, please forgive us for we may not seem to care. We chose to let it bare so the other kids could get some of their raya share.

For those who are interested to help these wonderful children and the kind ustaz who manages them, below are the details.

Pertubuhan Kebajikan
Anak2 Yatim
Darul Aitam,
Temoh Perak.

Acc Number CIMB : 10000034209
Mudir : Ustaz Shamsul Anuar
Tel :0194271315

Thank you so much. Hanya Allah sahaja yang dapat membalas budi baik anda, thank you thank you thank you.

Thanks so much Liza!