Thursday, August 20, 2009

Something About You

Thanks so much Hani, for both orders.

There was something about him that caught my eyes which was difficult to explain. He wasn't really the person I would have liked considering my type was heading towards the grey zone, the likes of Sean Connery, Mel Gibson and Richard Gere. I prefer men with silver hair as shiny as the Sultan of Perak's who I think is still the best looking one amongst the guys in the istana. I remembered waiting outside the school compound on Friday afternoons to wave at the Royal Highness whenever he passed by after the solat Jumaat. He waved back ...and I became an ardent fan. Yeah I know...people said I needed help :o)

It was I believe, as much as I hated to say this, love at first sight, not with the Sultan folks..stay with me. He was pressed in his jet black songkok with long sleeve shirt neatly tucked, lining up for the very first briefing. I was, as I was, mengut as ever, standing a few feet away from his shadow. I wasn't at all absorbing what was being briefed that day as my heart ached to go back. But in attention I stood under the sun feeling the streams of sweat rolling down my back when suddenly....

...he turned around and looked my way.

That was the longest 5 seconds of my life, before I remembered to breathe again.

And like they say... the rest was history.

Happy 13th Anniversary Snuffleupagus Eyes. Ich vermisse Sie bereits.

Kak Lin, thank you for bearing with me all those nights listening to this song over and over and over again. I know it was pure torture for you ha ha ha.

Hafiz, thanks for introducing me to this song.

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notti netti said...

alahai..makin creative la u......
chantiks-chantiks semuanya...

- azlin - said...

My dearest cousin ! I wouldn't change anything about those night when I'd listen to you plan about sending some satay fish or other funny stuff for 'sleepyeyes'..coz in true cousinly fashion you had to endure night after night, weekend after weekend of me talking about my broken heart..about a love that was totally one-sided..I'm glad and so, so, happy that it worked out for you and 'sleepyeyes'..Happy Anniversary !

Ida said...



Ivy said...

You have excellent taste! Level 42 still remains one of my fave bands of all time!

And of course taste in men... the regal kind, eh? Practice that royal wave girl!

Wiz said...

Notti - Thanks, tapi sebenarnya mcm semakin tak der idea he he he.

Kak Lin - And all those Chicago songssssssss you put me through and the "why" questions with a self replied "why" answers ha ha ha. I guess we both talked at the same time without even realizing it kan. It wasn't satay fish la Kak Lin, those I sent to you when you were in UK together with Maggie and all remember?. For Azam I dragged you to buy him Dunkin Donuts, for if it was satay fish he would have died with cross sticth pattern sewn on his mouth. He hates fish ha ha ha. Thanks for listening by the way.

Wiz said...

Ida - Sibs la awak ni, but thanks for the wish, we went to see the lousy propsal movie. Tak romantic langsung, so tah apa2. Go get Land of the lost.

Wiz said...

Ivy - Yey baby yey, Level 42 reigns supreme walaupun tak berapa hemsem ha ha ha. Thanks for dropping by Ivy. Good to see you here once in a while.

Tak yah practise the regal wave, sebab dah terror, every Friday I waved to the Royal family tau. he he he

Enida said...

Very lover-ly written, Wiz dear. Happy Anniversary, lovers!

Sugarpink Icing said...

Happy Anniversary! and about Sultan Perak, he is the most handsome sultan in Malaysia. . . but when I was teenager I saw the most handsome guy . . . no other than Raja Nazrin, my friend and I was head over heals when he waves back to us whenever he passed:)

alia said...

Happy Anniversary!! mine was in Feb, 13th one too! :)

hani said...

hye kak wiz...hani here ;)
i love reading ur blog, there's always a beautiful story to decipher for every entry that you write. (plus pictures of delicious mouth-watering cuppies that you make hehehee! =D)keep up the good work, for every word that you said inspires us in its own way~

and thanx again for the cupcakes!!

ps: sorry if you're a little bit confused of my real name is hani actually, lina is just a random name i put when i created my email 8 years ago.hehehee

Wiz said...

Alia, kewl, we got married the same year! So, what did you get for your anniversary this year? DOn't ask me back though.

Hani - Ye ker Hani? patutla Kak wiz tercari2 nama Hani dan gambar cupcakes. I don't remember doing it for a girl name Hani. So sorry for the mistaken identity. Thank you so much for reading me and I am just glad my words do inspire others along the way.

Hope you had a wonderful time the other day with your special one.

wiz said...

Enida - 13 long years. Lamakan but actually kejap jer rasa if i don't count all those fights and merajuks and silent treatments ha ha ha. But hope Allah panjangkan lagi jodoh kami.

Sugarpink - Yea, Raja Nazrin liked to entertain his peminat by waving back. Dulu he was cute but now mcm Mr. Bean plak sikit.

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