Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brain Freeze

Thanks so much Noraini for both orders.

...too much ice in one berbuka puasa episode did that to me, hence the silence. I usually drown myself with buckets of cold water the moment the call for maghrib beautifully permeates the entire house. We normally leave the TV1 on just to listen for the call, whilst the rest sits at the table guarding the food as if it was going to run for its life.

Since we started to berpuasa, I haven't been the best of mum in terms of preparing extraordinary iftar spread. The kids haven't made any special requests yet except for roti bom which we conveniently packed a few from the pasar Ramadhan. To them, roti bom signifies Puasa time and to be served with that means they have conquered the very trying first day of puasa. And both of them were handsomely rewarded that first day. It was a reward for me too since I didn't have to make any kuehs.

I am scavenging my system to find the misplaced desire to cook properly this puasa time, terukkan? haih. But with all the cookies I am making, I doubt I would find it soon. And in between burnt trays of biscuits, over boiled eggs, the forgotten lid on the pot of rice and the over fried curry puffs, let's just hope I make it through the day with at least something edible placed on the table for everyone to eat. The kids haven't been complaining though, they in fact love nuggets and fries to go with their chocolate milk. They are good kids. I'm the rotten one.

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Ahau - Dee said...

Roti bom! Oh! I love it !!! My son pun suka roti bom jugak. Agaknya, itu trend budak zaman sekarang kut bila buka puasa? He he he

But I still nak minum Lai Ci Kang, nak makan Ikan Terubok Bakar, Paceri nanas with ikan kering, sambal tumis with petai ... huh! panjang betoi my list.

Sabar Dee! Sabar!!!

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz, at least you are keeping your kids with you; i sent all mine to my parents!!! hee hee! but it's mainly coz i'm crazy busy with my merdeka project. they're in better care with my folks :) ... as usual, love your cuppies, esp the color combo of blue, maroon, pink...

LizMan said...

K wiz...sangat...sangat cantik... nak wat gak!! ni fabric effect yer?? huhuhuhuhu..cantiknyer...lebih kurang mcm yg akak ajar hari tu ker??? btw..kenapa akak asyik sedih2 jer??

Jin Rui said...

wiz, what's your icing made of? the thick velvet-like one.. everytime i see your cakes my jaw drops la. soooooo pretty. respect la :P

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Wiz, hang pi bazaar ramadhan, dok pikiaq kat cheq ok, sini habok pun takdak, but today we iftar dah dua minit cepat hehhehehe 8.43pm yahoo!!! salam ramadhan Wiz.... entah kenapa dok rindu kat hang, agaknye nampak advertisement kat internet for maggie mee asam laksa flavour hahahhahaha

The Stakeholder said...

hi wiz... jules just told me a little secret about you. jeng jeng jeng. would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best and make us proud!


Wiz said...

Dee tak per Dee, sikit je lagi and you'd get to eat and drink all on the list k.

Jules - I wish my mom was nearer then can hantar je the kids. Sian depa.

Filiz - Yes fabric effect. Tak sedih la, bunyi mcm sedih je ker? he he he.

Jin Rui - Hi! the icing is made of icing sugar, gelatin, glucose and it's called fondant. And you are soooooo young!

Mush - Hang duk pikiaq kat cheq ka? Sebabnya cheq ni duk pikiaq kat hang, tu la pasai.

Tess - Jules is that small bird that loves to sing when she isn't supposed to. But thanks for the wish, I am all excited too. Jom ikut.

uya ahmad said...

teacher, i ate roti bom every week when there's pasar malam..hahahaha....kat sini tak reti buat..miss roti canai so much...hihihi