Thursday, July 23, 2009

Windmill Of My Mind

Thanks Sis Linda.

It's been awhile now. I seem to be stranded in my thoughts, sometimes unable to leave or jump onto another wagon of a different idea. When I get sucked into this realm, I would be in too deep to clamber my way up to resurface. I do scuffle but in an upward direction which only allows me to descend all over again. Just like the windmill, I am driven by the force of energy, propelling constantly but remaining affixed to the ground, never really taking off. The energy I create is self sufficient. I have become complacent. I think it's time I make waves instead of just ripples.

This design is inspired by the picture my Sis passed to me torn from the pages of a magazine. I would like to give credit to the original designer of this cake but unable to due to the lack of information. But if this happens to look like yours, do drop me a line.

The person who ordered this cake owns a wonderful gift shop, do give her a visit here.

10 treats:

Ahau - Dee said...


I have a confession ... walaupun I tak pasti bila nak kahwin ataupun dengan siapa I nak kahwin ...tapi yang pasti I dah jumpa orang yang akan buat my wedding cake.

Cuma tak tahu bila lah ... he he he

Kitchen Guardian said...


very anglaise, loved the violet colour!

LizMan said...

K Wiz...nak blaja this square kind of cake sweett...alamak...sori ye k wiz...byk sgt permintaan anak murit ni....and lagu ni sgt best...

Wiz said...

Dee, iye ker tak jumpa lagi ni? Macam dah jumpa jer. Coz you are so determined to lose weight. Only a girl could do that to a guy.

Yanie- Are you breastfeeding your laptop? YOu are constantly online. GO rest and sleeeeeeeeeep. heee.

Filiz - I would love to teach you but I can't teach everything I know in one day. If only you can have my brain, I'm sure you would jump on the chance ha ha ha

Yani said...

tak aih....kurniaan illahi...dapat baby no fuss...sebab tahu mak dia dah vintage, ha ha....bolehlah jumpa kekawan online:))yani KG

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz, ada tak pernah orang komen kata you punya kek tak lawa?! heh heh... i dah overdose panadol, clarinase, ponstan ni...!

Sugarpink Icing said...

Beautiful cake Wiz, luv the colour, very sweet!

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

hello wiz
i finally can come by and leave a comment or two ; ) apa khabar wiz? hang dah start planning your trip to germany kah? insyaAllah my whole family and I are planning to drive up to KL, nanti cheq calling2 hang no..... take care and keep sharing those cakey stories and pictures, buat cheq terlioq ja kalau mai blog hang ni.... salam kepada semua di rumah ok take care Wiz, big hugs xxx

Wiz said...

Jules - You can always be the second. The first one siap kata my work isn't up to expectation and very messy.

Sugar - Thanks sugar. Thinking about your Bali trip heeeee.

Mush - Hang habaq dulu bila hang nak mai sini Mush. Cheq kena pi balik 2 tempat raya ni. Tup tup sedarq2 hang dah sampai balik Belgium. Terlepas lagi cheq nak jumpa hang. Cheq nak pi dah ni Germany, dlm hati dah sampai dah, dlm alam nyata ja belum lagi ha ha ha

aYu said...

hi kak wiz,

i really love this design... can you email me brapa harga kalo yg macam ni ek?
my email is