Monday, July 20, 2009

Through The Years

Thanks Cik Pridah!

It was 1988, the year of bushy hairdo, colourful headguards and bright mismatched earrings, when this song dominated the air waves. It was the most requested song for dedications and the most used to accompany stories and letters read by this female deejay, whose name escapes me. Together we sat, my sister and I on mak's brown velvety cushion, sinking our broad heavy tush in them whilst listening intently to all the letters read by the deejay. The radio which was a big silver coloured one was bought by my father at one of the acara lelong dekat rumah. If memory doesn't fail me it cost him 63rgt. We never had our own pocket money to spend on cassettes during those time and so the radio was our only source for music. Due to it's mammoth size the radio could only fit the downstairs round table to which it remained till the end of its days. Around it we spent half of our adolescent years listening and humming to songs which became close to our hearts. There were countless of other songs but "through the years" somehow became the windmill in my mind, circling " a spiral like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning." -Sting. Remembering words to songs was never my affinity. I just made up the words as they went along to the disapproval of my sister who was feverish with her righteousness to singing correctly every time ha ha ha.

AS the song was gradually embedded in my mind over the constant air play, I realized I didn't have anyone who I could dedicate this song to. It would have been apt to dedicate this song to a boy whom I adored but I was from an all girls school you see. The sight of boys was only visible when the opposite school of Sekolah Menengah Jenis Cina Sam Tet adjourned for the day. Since I had wished to dedicate the song to someone special, I begun waiting there forth whilst clasping the song in one hand and placing the other on my forehead in search for the other.

And now after so many years I did find "The One" to not only sing this song to, but to profess my love via the meaningful lyrics. But....."The One" I found is absolutely allergic to anything Kenny Rogers even his out of this world muffins at the Kenny Rogers Roasters wakakakakaka. Do I still sing it to him anyway? You betcha! with allergic reactions and all!

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Yani said...

1988...the year i learnt to be independant, learng to handle my finances and all, so many uncertainties, first time flyg to a land i dreamt of seeing the bridge and the queen....but now am settled...loved the ustazah figurine, reminds me of me!

edelweiss said...


1988 i was in form 1 lah...but i must say that i was so much involved with bushy hairdo, colourful headguards and bright mismatched earrings!!!

Kalau ingat balik...lawak lah pulak.

Lisajoehari said...

wah.. the cake is absolutely phat. sayangnyer nak potong!

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz, ni memang time i lah ni... i SO LOVE this song... tapi i believe it was earlier, 1982, i ingat lagi, coz masa tu i was knee deep in snow hantar paper kat 5th avenue, sambil melalak this tune! ...anyway, as usual wiz, your work this time is truly heartfelt and passionate...simply lovely... i'm sure the two very lucky people you made this for are feeling exactly what our mr rogers is serenading here... :)

Wiz said...

Yanie - You learnt to be independent at such a young age. Maybe that's why you are blessed with so many wonderful kids now.

Minnie - Ooooo you la I nampak kat Ipoh tu yang bushy hairdo, colourful headguard and mismatched earings tu ye? ha ha ha

Lisa - Tak tau la if the person sayang nak potong ke tidak, tanyalah kak Faridah kiter tu he he he.

Jules - Yea the song got to you much earlier but it arrived Malaysia lambat la kut. Or maybe I got the radio yang lambat so masa tu la baru tau lagu2 nie sumer. Masa tu you nyanyikan lagu ni untuk sapa? Ceh ceh ceh dalam snow lagi, benc!

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz, itu menunjukkan betapa tuanya saya ni!!! haha! saya bukan main snow suka2 time tu, keje la, hantar paper, cari duit, nak beli seluar jordache konon! haha!

Min said...

Hi Wiz, one of my favourite song jugak..maybe I dedicate to my hubby jugak la. Love the cake !

Sugarpink Icing said...

Wiz, this is one of my fave song, i used to memorise the lyrics . . . wow 1988 seems so long time ago, i was 17 yrs and like you I was in girls school . . . I just sang the song to my cat:)

Wiz said...

Jules, did you get your jordache tu?

Min - Ok go sing it to hime or you can mime from my blog ni. Dia suka tak? My husband mesti tutup telinga.

Sugar - I was 16!!!! we are so the sebaya. Sing to a cat? mesti dia lagi appreciative than my husband ha haha

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz, malangnya, masa tu i was overly oversized! waahaahaaa!!! jordache jeans tu cheerleaders yg lonjong n "hapnin'" je yg peraga! i mimpi je la...if u pernah tengok citer 'square pegs', i memang lah square peg yang malang tu! waahaahaaa!!! last2, muat pakai 'chic' carrots je, and i bought my first pair of nike cortez...haa, cortez tu memang i saaayaaaang sgt and i pakai sampai i was in uni, which is until abt 12years later... so, sememangnya 'through the years' lah!

raggedyanne said...

i enjoyed this post so much! terkekeh2 gelak. the radio yg dibeli di acara lelong, the kenny rogers allergy & all! hilarious. thks for the good laugh.

p/s: the cake's absolutely adorable! sigh... nak pandai mcm you!