Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Streetcar Named Desire

"Mi, lower your hands down, I think he could see it"

Slowly, my better half put his hands on his lap and tried not to make visible the leaflet he was holding. We were in the other car, about to head out to see the salesperson for this new car we were considering of purchasing. We could sense our Bumble Bee somehow knew what was happening, he was unmistakenly eaves dropping. It wasn't easy to do what we just did. Our yellow car has served us incredibly well and letting go of something which has been so dear tears us into pieces.

"Ma, please don't sell Juara Ma, sian dia." cried my daughter whilst my son was going agog over this new car at the showroom. I took a look at her and convinced her that we were just looking. Looking for something more reliable not at all trying to satisfy our non existent fastidious taste. We had Bumble Bee all washed up and cleaned that day before we took him in. The salesperson wished to see him first before we traded him in. Our yellow car has never looked or smelled better that day, he was unusually his serene self. The only distraught picture was of my daughter, wailing and dramatizing the whole event. Nothing was finalized or decided yet but my daughter was in her sloughs of despair, a total opposite of her smiling brother who has planted himself in the new car and growing roots in an instance.

It was easy to fall in love with the new car. Most importantly, the price was within our range. The size was ample for 7 seated adults, the design suited us and again the price was such a steal. The moment of truth arrived when it was our turn to test drive the car. Everything purred smoothly, we could hardly feel the running engine. But somehow something was amiss. The seats didn't seat us comfortably, the doors didn't close snugly. The wall was too high, the interior was too rough, the gear wasn't right, the clutch was too far out, the wheels were too small. We were suddenly clouded with uncertainties, suspicions which nagged at us blithely.

I hopped down and moved about twenty steps towards our old car. My husband was still contemplating, my daughter whining, my son grinning. The salesperson approached me to look again at the car. He had this "why in the world did you buy this car in the first place. It looks horrible..." expression and it was then I asked him to try and test drive the Juara himself. I opened the door and closed it back again to prove how sturdy the motion was. I pointed out the generous space at the back where my kids were doing some colouring then, I allowed him to listen to the sound of the good engine and before I knew it I was actually trying to sell him the Juara instead of him selling me the new car.

Our desire to have a new car was short lived. We realized it wasn't yet necessary for us to do so. "...This car is for keeps." I said affirmatively to my husband. And upon hearing that an expression of joyous relief suddenly appeared on the face of my daughter diikuti dengan teriak dan tangis daripada Adnin..."Anin suker keter yang ituuuuuuuuuu"

And all of us brought Bumble Bee back, transformed, happily ever after.

Thanks so much Zaitul!

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IbuHaziq said...

thank you sooo much. everyone was amazed and loved the cake. and it was yummeeehhh... ;)


Kitchen Guardian said...

I too love my proton iswara, even though it roars thunderously....dah banyak berjasa to me and family!!

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

cool la babe!

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

wiz, zai is absolutely right..... I was at her place and I seconded her statement......

macam biasa la wiz, gorjes just like the baker, decorator and 'hantar'er...heheheee....

M-O-M said...

kak wiz, keta tu kek jugak or totally fondant?

Fiza of ChiqueCakes said...

WoW..!! You're multi-talented kak wiz...I always find car cakes too difficult and keep on rejecting orders :( sgt takotts..! hehe..u jgn gelak, i mmg phobia dgn driving...ada lesen berbelas tahun pun lesen agong =P
shuuutt...diam2 eh...

Wiz said...

Zaitul - I should be thanking you. Glad to know everyone enjoyed it. I had fun making it too.

Yanie - kan? kan? kan? sayang kan?

Jules - as cool as the baker ye dak ha ha ha.

Anis - You ni silap puji orang kut. Did you go to the right birthday party? Tapi if betul, samalah kita. Dah dapat handbag ingat janji you tau!

Dian - All fondant.

Fiza - It is daunting for me too and still is but have to really overcome my fears and just do it. You will be able to do them soon.