Friday, July 10, 2009


When cakes are baked for birthdays or made for baby showers or decorated whole heartedly as the grand finale for the blessed couple, for the baker, the sweetness stays ,but only for a little while. The moment the cakes are relinquished to the rightful owners, the baker often pauses to savour the last glimpse before she walks away seemingly unscathed. She is often seen at the beginning of a party but seldom, almost never invited to stay. It's just the way it is here, everything goes by formal invitations, that's how modern folks operate.

But there was one night, a night when the sweetness lingered a little bit longer, the baker delivered a surprise birthday cupcakes to someone who just moved to Putrajaya from a small town in Perlis. There was nothing extraordinary about the delivery, the sky looked the same, the moon played truant, the stars twinkled bright as usual but somehow the baker felt a quiet lift of her heart. The recipient, who is also the brother of another blogger cum good friend of the baker, received our presence with such grace and warmth. For someone who was speechless initially, he suddenly was full of words. He squeezed more than just words of gratitude to us, he invited us to stay, not once but countless times. His nods of appreciation and sincere invitation to his house touched our hearts and to see his eyes gleaming far brighter than the entire constellation that night, in turn, left us speechless.

Thanks so much Dee for the order.

Thanks Amy and sis!

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Ahau - Dee said...

You are most welcome Wiz : )

As of yesterday when I called him, dia masih bercakap pasal your cupcakes tu ..siap bawak pergi balai & share with his friends. Terharu tahap extreme lah ni.

Lately ni dia tengah mengalami situasi yg mencabar sikit & the delivery tu really touched his heart & made his day.

Sometimes we never know that something just happen at the right time and the right moment kan? And being a part of all these makes us feel good kan?

Kitchen Guardian said...

ait...barbie dah boleh duduk? i teringat yr marble cakelah!!

zue said...

the cake is superb as usual...the writings, what can i say, you make me speechless too.....

Wiz said...

Dee, It is seldom I get expressions like that from people. Seriously, most of them when they receive their cakes nothing is uttered except thank you. Not a pat at the back, not anything. Somehow they try to conceal their excitement and all the positve words about the cakes and about the deliveries which are made especially for them. But your brother made me feel welcomed again. He is the sweetest.

Yanie - If duduk macam tu ok, yang duduk jenis bertenggek tu susah sikit. Miss my marble? nanti I try buatkan for you when I go visit you k.

Zue - The cakes and the writings bear the origins of the heart. Thanks.

Niza Umar said...

I am new in this cake business and I still find it difficult to swallow the emotionless thank you from the buyer. Perhaps its the gap between the two world; the baker who is passionate about her work and the receiver who is just 'strictly business'. Painfully, I am still learning to accept this.