Friday, July 3, 2009

Sit Barbie Sit, Good Doll.

You know Barbie, the lanky pretty lass from the village of Mattel? I had a photo shoot with her the other day , she was parading the latest Wizwear Summer Collection. She was indeed as beautiful as how little girls have described her, perfection personified. And with the Wizwear Summer Collection she looked even more stunning. The other cast which included Dovelina the dove, Bearella the bear, Flutter the butterfly and Anin the backdrop kain holder were all set in their positions waiting patiently for the star to take her place. And the moment she walked in everyone was star struck admiring her beauty. But there's something about Barbie which everyone should know... Barbie is not much of a sitting down person, she is a standing up girl. She prefers to be on her feet as she claimed she posed best in that position.

Her refusal to sit down complicated the photo shoot that day. Dovelina the dove became edgy and wanted to fly away, Bearella the bear turned grumpy and demanded a bigger chair, Flutter the butterfly felt weary and wanted to take flight elsewhere and Anin the kain backdrop holder got tired and asked to be excused to watch TV. However, Barbie didn't get to stay upright for long this time, she was reprimanded to take her seat near the other cast, and pose as how she was instructed! She complied but only appeared indifferently to be seated at the edge of the studio garden. She seemed to be falling off every time she pulled the sitting position, her legs were stiff, her joints were unfriendly. But in the end it all came together right before Dovelina the dove dashed for her favourite seed, Bearella the bear jumped for her favourite porridge, Flutter the butterfly whooshed for her favourite flower and Anin the backdrop kain holder ran for his favourite TV show.

With lots of royal icing Barbie was finally pinned down for the pin up. Sit Barbie sit, good doll! For wiz the designer, the photographer, the studio director and the baker, it's all in a day's work. Phew!

Barbie was supposed to sit above a 5 tier tray of cupcakes but only three could be seen here.

Thanks Lisa for the order!

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zue said...

Salam wiz,
so sweet....Barbie and all her furry and non-furry friends.When I read it, felt like a little kid being read a story out of children's story book in a small book shop ala-ala books shop Meg ryan dalam "U've got mail"

Wiz said...

Salam Zue,

It wasn't so sweet when you were trying to doll her up on the cake ha ha ha. She kept slipping. So in order not to make this entry full of hostility I tried to capture the fairy tale side of it. Thanks for noticing. And I so wish I could look like Meg Ryan he he he!

Green Apple's Closet said...

kak Wiz,

This is awesome!

edelweiss said...




Ahau - Dee said...

Huh! Hebat !!!

Kitchen Guardian said...


i nak return to childhood boleh.....suruh mak i order barbie cake fr you!!

MHB said...

MasyaAllah... canteknyerrrrr!! I can just see this as one of the pages in your book, dear... can't wait to have an autographed copy!!

DaNaSh said...

Barbie..I never had one in my childhood years, yang ada cuma anak patung plastik keras....hope Aina would one day plead me to buy her this...yang dia tau sekarang Batman, Spiderman, Ben10, hotwheels...

I'm around wiz...just a matter of to be seen or not seen ...he..he..he

MyCuppyCupCake said...

WOW!!sooo beauuutifuuull..

Wiz said...

Green Apple - Thank you thank you!

Edelweiss - "When you are happy and you know it you clap your hands, clap clap..."

Dee - Sorry la kek yang I buat for your brothers tu tak la sehebat ni. Nanti I buat yang mcm gini kang takut depa tertanya- tanya apa motif I plaks kah kah kah.

Yanie - Well you can always ask your daugter to order Barbie from me plaks or better still make your own!

MHB - Book? alahai, mcm tak abis abis jer ha ha ha. But I will still give you my autograph on the module when you come for the class nanti, howzat?

Danash - My daughter pun tak minat la Danash. Nak wat lagu mana? Sep sikit duit kiter kan kan?

Ina - Oh this is so nothing compared to your work which I admire so much.

Mazlizan bin Mohamed said...

kreatif sungguh....sayang pula nak sentuh dan makan kek.

Sugarpink Icing said...

As always wiz, yr works amazed me, stunning barbie.

Wiz said...

Mazlizan, disebabkan sayang, terjadinya kek ini. :o)

Sugar - nothing to be amazed about dear, just another work of a person who lacks the patience to create even more.

Lisajoehari said...

hey wizzie...
Thank you so much for the super duper beautiful cake.

Genna totally loved it and she kept on hugging me throughout the whole party while saying her cake is very pretty - as pretty as her!

She was so proud of her cake that she kept on announcing to everyone to come and look at her fabulous cake.

Thank you so much for making a girl totally happy. oh Im happy too!

Lisa and Genevieve