Friday, July 31, 2009

A Better Pan

Thanks so much Dee!

When a fellow baker queried where I bought my baking stuff, from the oven right up to baking pans I answered indifferently with "everywhere". The truth is most of my baking stuff, especially pans are hand me downs from my mother, ones she hardly baked any cakes in but more of bengkangs and puluts or any castardy works of art. There were the unforgettable lengat pisangs, the rich unforgiving badak berendams, the pulut which put seri onto our faces, the sunny binka ubi, the jiggly kueh kasuie and the simple agar2 merah and hijau. What seemed uncomplicated those days have become an unnerving feat to try these days or in my case it is purely newfangled laziness.

Sometimes guilt strikes me each time I pour my modern cake batter into my mother's old shallow pans to bake my cakes in. I feel bad for not continuing the art of concocting those traditional kuehs I so love. It would be more befitting to use the pans as how they had served my mother serving us with all those mouth watering desserts. It became an acquired taste we were fortunate to get acquainted with but a skill we were unfortunate to not be good at. I was never interested to learn how to cook and bake then but now that I am, my mother seems to have forgotten the recipes and even the how tos.

While this learning desire is frothing and foaming I better spring into action and dip my interest at the right place for a proper training, and I think I have just found the suitable place for it.

Maybe just maybe in time to come you will spot me berendam like a badak under that sunny binka ubi, jiggling agar2 away with all the seri on my muka. I know what my husband would say though "...part badak tu dah betui dah!" sheeeeeesh.

Thanks so much Joey!

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Ahau - Dee said...

You are most welcome Wiz. I like the design. Actually I masih lah hairannya kenapa my cousin tak bagi any indication pun yang dia dah terima cup cakes tu... tak kan nak tanya kan ... he he he

Anyway, we have done our part : )

Btw, tiba2 teringat nak makan badak berendam. Kalau badak dah betul, tang rendam tu senang jer ... ha ha ha

Kitchen Guardian said...

next i kena belajar how to mix colours frm you....these are so lovely...yes and talk abt yr stuff, hubby is buying a small oven next weekend to bring back to Ayer Baloi hse ready for raya baking...ikut tok guru ma!!
loved this song then ceo dato wahid sang this song for us....terror tak, sbb tu i tak boleh jadi ceo...all my ceos sume nya terror nyanyi!!!hv a brilliant weekend wiz...hv tried baking the kek kukus buah...hv to perfect it before i share recipe and give some to you!!

Fiza of ChiqueCakes said...

syukur alhamdulillah you all selamat kak wiz..glad that u're feeling much better now & baking these beautiful cakes. thanks for sharing all ur experiences, ur ups & downs...keep up ur positive attitude,it has inspired me in many ways :)

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

gosh wiz! salivating i tau when u mentioned all those traditional kuihs..... coming from a kuih-seller family, I sure miss those days when I can just grabbed 2 or 3 kuih and stuffed it into my plastic bekal and off I go to my alma mater.....

sebab tu I ni kuat komplen kalau makan kuih2 yg org lain jual.... if we adikberadik ever crave for talam pandan, agar2, puding and yessss....badak berendam tu, my Kak Long la jadi mangsa, heheee... kalau karipap, my kak ngah is the D one.....hiks!

now you know why I am a lil bit on the fatty bombom side ya!

u take a very good care of urself.... hugs for the kids

wiz said...

Dee - Oooo awak pun panggil kita badak yer.

You know what, I think dia jenis segan nak express his feelings kut. Ah well, you know now who not to give next year k.

Yanie - Your cake needs a lil bit more tweaking ker? Tweak all you want then give me the perfected one k he he he, tak larat nak try dah. I made a few cakes this week and all not to my liking, must tweak also. Yanie, even if you tak leh nyanyi, tapi bila you dah start bercakap, orang yang nyanyi pun boleh stop k!!!!

Fiza - Thanks for dropping by, and do ignore my ups and downs k. It's just for me to ponder. You are doing so wonderfully well, I will be paying you a visit and the best thing is, you wouldn't even know that I have visited you. I won't tell, as long as you know I was there, good enough for me.

Anis - Bestnyer you, ada orang tolong buatkan kueh2 idaman kalbu. Eh, I ni kan mulut ni gatal nak makan nasi lemak sambal tumis petai la. You tau tak kat mana I boleh carik yang sedap and terbest di dunia ni? ;o)

misz_A said...

alahai...cmey nyerr..salam singgah..