Monday, June 29, 2009

You Can't Hurry Love

It was almost the end of May and I was apprehensive more than excited. A big order was due, the biggest I have ever allowed myself to nod in acceptance. I work with the help of me, I and myself all this while. The non existence "help" often reflects my incapability of accepting orders exceeding the feasible number. Glancing at my two small ovens, many beg to question my credibility of pulling any cakes out from the only helpers in my kitchen. I stood alone with darkness as my company ever since the fuse blew up, sometimes wondering if darkness was the only one keeping me company. I digressed too much thinking of the imaginary thoughts and at times I made conversations with the thought, known as "bibik" asking her to clear the mess I made, wash the butter cream from the mixing bowls plus directing her to cook, iron the clothes and send, fetch and tutor my kids, at the same time teach my class so that I could concentrate on cakes and cakes alone. Of course the only bibik present was me.

Before I accepted the big order, I had asked or forced my sister who lives 45 minutes away from me to bake half of the quantity. Thanks Da She agreed. We were supposed to meet at the bride's house to deliver the 1100 cupcakes and high fived each other in success later. It was picture perfect, the whole process was. From the baking to the creaming to the decorating. I continued calling my sister to check on her and she was right on track. Apart from the thousands of cupcakes I had a few other important orders from affluent customers. That too were completed in due time.

The night of delivery as I was packing and moving the big boxes near to the door whilst waiting for my husband to reach home, I noticed the red icing on the cupcakes had bled to the cream base. I picked the affected ones and began to fix them. It was one after another and to my horror it came up to more than just one box. I had decorated about 7 boxes and in one box there were almost a hundred of them! My husband stayed up for awhile to help me deal with some but soon fell prey to his dopey eyes. My daughter stayed up the longest with me thanks Iman, helping me to unearth all the affected cupcakes and rearrange them back in an orderly fashion back into their respective boxes. I surrendered myself to Nisa the lovely lady who ordered the cupcakes, admitting the situations and apologizing profusely of my inability to deliver the cupcakes to her that night. She was the most gracious bride I have ever worked with, consoling me, instead of me consoling her. In the end, I had to re do almost 450 cupcakes, over the 600 I made the entire night. I managed to get it all done by subuh, Alhamdulillah before relinquishing them to Nisa.

Baking and decorating are synonymously linked to love. You must be tender, gentle and you must give it time to make it work for you. I guessed I was hasty in the process which resulted in the unfavourable circumstances. Many lessons to be learnt from this episode :

1. You can't hurry love
2. Grow another arm and leg
3. Do not buy red colouring from Yummie(serious! it doesn't hold well, buy from Bagus)
4. Have another baby(my husband went " what does this got to do with having another baby?!@!%!? ahaks)
5. Go back working full time.
6. Move back with my parents in Ipoh!

To Nisa, I would like to apologize for the delay and for all the unnecessary pain I put you through. I hope everything worked well in the end and thank you so much for being so understanding.

This was the other order in the hundreds I had to complete. Thanks Jules and Tessa, Sib baik this one ok if not I would be barred from fueling up at their petrol stations for life!

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Yasmin said...

congrats Wiz for the job done, I sendiri malas nak ambik order cupcakes beratus-ratus.. yes we do need helper. I sekarang engaged bibik 2 kali seminggu from agent. Email me if you want to know more. Thanks.

Kitchen Guardian said...


many pple call me superwoman, bcos i hv 5 kids, carrying another, work full time, take orders, cook for family, etc.....but really the gelaran goes to you!!!!i really don't know how you manage, other than having the just do it attitude!!!same here, pikir panjang nanti tak jadi!!!!xox

LizMan said...

K Wiz..mana k wiz beli cutter butterfly yg sangat cantik tu???
btw...alwiz love your lovely creation!!!!

Wiz said...

Yasmin - Thanks! I may give you a call one day.

Yanie - Nope! It stays with you. 5 kids plus another one on the way makes you more than a superwoman, it makes you super duper! heeeeeee.

Wiz said...

Filiz - I bought it kat Sugarflours, tempat I had the class with you hari tu. But you have to wait for awhile coz they are out of stock now. Maybe next month dah sampai kut. I have been promosting the cutters to so many people that they went missing at the counter super fast. GO check the place out k.

Wan said...

Kak Wiz, the same thought about bibik. U know what, kadang, tengah bengong, I sorang2 kat dapur 2-3am in the morning buat cuppies, akan cakap "bibikkk, clear semua mess nih" just to release the tense. Ya, sayalah jugak bibik itu. Sungguht ak sedar dirik. Talking to meself. Hehe.

And lagi satu, u r not alone. My oven (and I have only one) pun fuse terbakar. Ever since.. last year? Heh. Nak jenguk2 kek kat dalam pun terhendap2. And some frens came visited me, tekejut.. eh u bake all those using this oven?? I balas, apesal tak boleh pulak? This oven ada magic power that any other high tech oven takdak, don't play play. I wouldn;t change that for anything in the world (tipu besar tu muaahahaha).

I wonder how did I survived actually, and still surviving with basic facilities. Sebab i ni bukan rajins angat sebenarnya, tapi life has pushed me this far. Good thing actually.

Take care kak Wiz. Toodles =)

edi said...

fuh, 1100 pcs of cupcakes SOUNDS tiring, tp kak wiz ni sikit pun tak mengeluh letih... cumanya concern sebab cupcakes tu tak perfect.. that's the tru spirit of you! tabik ah... i berani ambik max 200 je.. itupun fikir panjang be4 nak accept ape2.. thks, u inspire me :-)

Wiz said...

Wan - Saya pun bukan seorang yang rajin, samalah kiter.

Edi - If kak wiz start mengeluh, that would be the end of it. Negativity would not help me in any way. 200 is a good start, lama2 you will accept more sebab dah biasa. Keep baking k.

The Stakeholder said...

hi there wiz,

never got the opportunity to thank you publicly for the "job" you had done for us, the asia oil and gas conference organizing committee in PETRONAS. the cupcakes were delivered on time, thanks to jules too for her relentless effort and commitment. FYI, the items were actually meant for our VVIPs who visit during the conference. (so yes, they were for heads of international conglomerates, major oil and gas corporations, and even heads of states or international level ministers - that's how far your cupcakes went!!)

we are pleased with the outcome and even more pleased that we got some notes from the VIPs who said it was a pleasurable indulgence.

congratulations to you and julie both for doing an extremely good job especially during high pressure situations. pls convey this to julie as well ya. the accolades are well deserved by both of you. it's a collaboration which should continue toward greater success and PETRONAS is definitely proud in putting a statement at the end of our VIP message card "PETRONAS - in support of Malaysian Talents"

i sincerely hope this makes your day and we look forward to working with you and jules again soon. (tak sia sia aku jual idea ni kat committee bagai nak "ghak!" hahahaha.)

warmest regards,
on behalf of the AOGC organizing committee 2009,

The Stakeholder said...

oh, by the way, you can continue to pump gas at our gas station. hahahaha.

take care!

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

hmmm, tgh kemaruk phil collins ek? heh heh... takpe, in times of panic and apprehension, breathe in, breathe out, minum kopi (or whatever it is your drink is), if you smoke go smoke first, layan youtube or mixpod dulu, jengok fb jap, tengok kot kengkawan lain pun ada yang tgh stress gak, at least ada geng...! you'll be surprised how quickly all this takes! and how effectively it actually reduces that panic. then, bila dah nampak jalan skit, nampak cerah skit, baru start on your recovery effort or emergency actions tu. it's actually not so bad after all you know... :) i have to practise this, no choice, else my peptic ulcer will act up again, and that's not gud coz the last time it did, i ended up in the hdu at gleneagles! heh heh... not worth it, really not worth it. but wiz, you always work things out, because your heart is completely and genuinely into what you do, and hence He always helps to show you the way, kan? insyaAllah... keep the faith sistah! and keep the lovelies coming! :)

Wiz said...


It's always good to have you here cos you know exactly what to say and when to say them.

I was honoured to be part of the team and I can't thank you enough for the opportunity.

Hope to see you one day Tess, Jules have been putiing in good words about you. You have certainly made quite an impression on her. But you know what, I could never make her shudder the way you do ha ha ha ha. Muahs!

Wiz said...

Jules - Because he is soooooooooo cuteness muteness la Jules. I am such a big fan of Phil. I hope I can always work things out Jules, just like you said it, but there are times, things refused to work out the way customers intended them.

If I can't find the light at the end of the tunnel, there's always light from my handphone, kan Jules kan? whatever that means ha ha ha.

Tess - Tak dapat voucher minyak ke kat Petronas? I exchange with my cupcakes. Maybe you could jual that idea plak to your committee ahaks.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz, i belum claim i nye 50000th surprise lagi kan? jeng jeng jeng... DURIAN CUPCAKES WITH DURIAN CREAM FILLING!!!

Niza Umar said...

1100 cuppies and all turn out beautiful! Amazing Wiz ..and you don't have a maid.

I worked full time and sometimes during payroll had to supervise my team until late night. That week I made a huge mistake and accept 2 orders. Only 50 but it made me stress like hell. Tak tidur satu malam and yet another order tak sempat. Luckily the second order was postponed to the next day. Still I was not satified with my finished product. Macam half past six punya kerja! Serik dah..

You wanna full time job? I feels like quiting 24hrs and open a cake shop instead!!

See you on 18th Wiz -- hopefully tak sesat hehehe

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

takpe wiz, my 2 younger koalas pun tgh demam and tonsilitis, so i pun memang terperap kat rumah je ni. i keluar to make deliveries yang critical je!

SOHO Mama said...

Salam kenal..your blog looks so cheerful and the cakes and cupcakes that are featured here are truly beautiful! I dont bake, but I'm a work-at-home-mom too..and during my first year of accepting orders, I sort of had this "correction situation" where I had to put more *and more* hours just to make sure everything turned out right. Tu lah cabaran2 bisnes nih..especially kalau one-woman-show, run by a mak kpd beberapa org anak :D