Friday, June 12, 2009


I am wayyyyyyyyyy behind on my cake updates. So before I continue with my Jugra entries, I would like to put a pot of kettle on and serve you tea with some cakes I made recently.

Thanks Nurul!

When ideas run dry, look around for inspirations. I did just that and created a similar flower to the real one I have on my garden table.

Thanks Fatin!

When you liked someone so much, much and more much, you would go that extra mile to please him, kan Fatin kan ?

Thanks Hijjas!

When someone gave you her heart, you would want to give her even more. A box of cupcakes is a start to a beautiful relationship.

Thanks Tessa!

When you loved a friend, you would wish for all her dreams to come true. A box of dreamy creamy cupcakes for someone dearest to you.

6 treats:

khalil said...

uwa! jeles

Kitchen Guardian said...

Oh Wiz,

They are soooo lovely, so sweet like you!!

Wiz said...

I figured, Uwa is the name of the guy who received this gift Khalil?

Yanie - You can do them toooooooo!

khalil said...

haha..mne de guy..i AM the guy and the girl..syg teacher!!

Ahau - Dee said...

Hi Wiz,

Just nak bagitau yang my tempoh berkabung dah tamat! Ha ha ha!!!

Wiz said...

Dee - Dah tamat ker baru nak start?