Monday, June 1, 2009

To Teacher With Love

I have been taught by many wonderful teachers over the years, from primary right to my university days. However, as wonderful as they were, only a handful made a lasting impact on me, on my personality and mostly on the teacher I have become today.

Suatu ketika dahulu, sewaktu saya masih kecil, I was such a cumbersome student to teach. I was extra slow in almost everything due to my poor health. I was that pupil with heavy Darth Vader like breathing and whose palms were as wet as Mark Harris' of Man From Atlantis. Being all of the above, understandably friends were a luxury. Nobody wanted to hold hands with me when we were supposed to line up for class, recess and other outings. And most of the time I ended up without a partner or with a reluctant teacher as one. I walked those corridors keeping my hands to myself, asking not for friendships, receiving not either. My condition was often mistaken for my lack of interest in acquiring the school syllabus, often the prime target of an example not to be followed by others.

My school work was below expectation. My books had water marks on them as a result of my sweaty palms and with wet pages, erasing mistakes was a nightmare. It created holes and untidiness all over. Teachers were strict, schoolwork was aplenty and completing them in the time given during class hours was compulsory. I could recall struggling to finish the exercises on the blackboard and failing each time to complete them. Sigh!

Some teachers were mean and inconsiderate then, except for one. This special teacher saw my problem, instead of punishing me for incomplete work she encouraged me to do only half of the load. When the rest had to do 20 exercises, I had to only do 10. Baikkan? I felt comfortable in her class, a teacher who finally addressed my problem, who understood my incapability. I looked forward to having her in class, paid more attention, did better and neater work for her. I was motivated to improve myself and I did eventually. I shed off my insecurities and my inferiority with her and I couldn't thank her enough. Mrs. Freeman if you ever reached the shores of my pages here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have ingrained in me.

I am a teacher now, and I hope I have, somewhere along the road, made a lasting impact if not to many, at least to one.

Happy Teacher's Day!

Thank you Eina, Thank you Zeila, Thank you Zaimy!

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Ahau - Dee said...

Tak tahu apa nak komen selepas baca your story ni tapi tetap gatal tangan nak tulis sesuatu ... he he he ... anyway Mrs.Freeman will be proud of you : )

Happy Teacher's Day Wiz !!!

zue said...

so nostalgicnya lagu ni, wiz, transported me back to my school days and made me want to write something here. I guess for me the best times was during the school days, be it primary, secondary or university, why? because we have no worries, just study, well, besides playing and having fun.U might not have good memories of your school days but all that is in the past. what's important is who u r now and I think u r brilliant in your own way, your cupcakes and cakes are gorgeous and your writings, where did you ever learn to write with such mind blowing.... is it from Mrs Freeman, i wonder.... Happy Teachers Day, wiz....

Wiz said...

Dee - Tangan gatal ye? tak pe la at least you ada la the thoughts untuk meninggalkan coretan kat sini he he he. Much appreciated.

Zue - Yes Zue those years were the best! I enjoyed every single second of my childhood despite the many hiccups. The hiccups made me who I am today Zue and I am thankful. I now know how to deal with my own child who has the same problems. He too has sweaty palms and in constant trouble with his teachers as he too could not finish his work. I am not bitter with what I had to go through, it was a life lesson for me, my share of the pie.

Thanks so much for your kindest of words. My writing isn't mind blowing Zue, nothing to be blown away about. I prefer it to be heart rending, coz that's how I write with my heart on my sleeve or keyboard in this case.

Kitchen Guardian said...

Oh wiz,

you are one brilliant teacher, inspiring me to do those flowers...i bet if you were my Eng teacher i would have written better and read more!!!

MHB said...

Ye la Wiz... although we've never met (yet!) you are my teacher tauu.. annnddd... can give English tuition to my kids tak?? ;-)

wiz said...

Yanie, and a teacher will I be for classes to come. Thanks Yanie.

MHB, Really? aaaahhhh that's the bestest compliment ever. Teach them English? Nah, you'd make a better teacher to your kids.

Fzah Ruslan said...

Wow, what a story !

I've been reading your writing for a while now... Nice stories and cakes.

But, Mrs. Freeman...? Were you schooled abroad ? Excuse my curiousity. (^.^")

Wiz said...


Well it did feel like abroad, at least in my head it did. The abbey like hallways, the many unventured corners of the buildings, the sound of students in chorus sitting for their mass right across the bookshop, my fav place in the whole school, intrigued me to think like I was schooling abroad.

I was from a Convent school and Mrs Freeman was my English cum science teacher who I believe was a "serani". I have her in my heart everytime I step into a class to teach. She was simply extraordinary.

Thanks for dropping by!