Sunday, June 14, 2009

Return To The Valley Of The Kings

Warning : This is a lengthy post. Please ensure, children have been fed, hamsters have been caged, cows have been milked and beds have been made before reading.

The continuation of my Jugra entry will now commence with the inclusion of several other characters above.

I wanted a reason to go back, back to capture more sights and sounds of the place. My family had initially planned to go elsewhere for our little mid year gathering but I managed to lure them here with the promise, "here" was going to be better than there. My brother was constantly taunting me asking for justifications "what could possibly be better at Morib?" A place devoid of long stretches of beautiful beaches and activities. All I could mouth was "Trust me!"

Everyone having a go with the kites, even my father. The beach pantai kelanang was well hmmmmmmmm...

Having a brother who spells fun as "endless rides and shoppings" I was adamant to make him a believer in museums and picturesque views instead. I didn't want to be blamed for a holiday sans the fun, so I brought along what might be a saviour for me just in case they all got bored. I bought kites, a ball for our captain ball routine in the swimming pool and Frisbees and mangoes for my father, just in case he too got lulled in the madness of the sun. My father and mangoes is like ants to sugar he he he he. By the way Happy Father's Day Ayah!

Scenes at the wedding.

We headed on to Morib after our cousin's wedding in Batangkali. It was already 2.30pm and reaching Morib this time around felt like eternity, sebabnya....along the way the convoy had to stop for toilets and petrol and directions. The moment we arrived at the Hotel approximately at 6.30pm there was a mad rush to the pool. And so into the pool everyone jumped and splashed and swam and fought for the rest of the evening.

Can you see the orange board? That was what they were fighting for. Right after the snap, sumer jerit2 bickering over the board.

As the day drew to a close everyone was hungry for gooood food. The breeze from the sea beckoned our appetite for seafood. Conveniently, sea food stalls were just near by, a few minutes drive from our hotel. Stalls were found aplenty along pantai Morib and so were the souvenir shops. Whilst waiting for our food, the ladies and children took a stroll around the many gerais and came back with things we never thought we needed until then ha ha ha.

Our Dinners at Nelayan Corner Pantai Morib

Hidayah the lady who took our orders previously, was pacing up and down serving the dishes upon our return to the dinner table. The menu was interestingly lined up in a way affordable to many of its patrons. For instance a meal for 5-6 person with 4 different lauks and drinks was just priced at 55rgt! How reasonable was that! And if you had notified them earlier, they would throw in a birthday cake for free, if there was anyone celebrating la. Bestkan! Not only the food served was wonderful, the staff was all smiles with service that would put shame to any 5 star hotels. One particular lady that impressed my brother and I was Hidayah. The way she conducted herself left the impression of her being the owner of the place. She was very helpful, informative and dedicated to her job. She kept visiting our table to further inform us about the services the restaurant has to offer and sharing all the stories of the past memorable events she had helped coordinate with the owner. Her work ethics impressed us so much that my brother composed an objective question for the family to answer.


Hidayah ialah seorang pekerja yang rajin dan berdedikasi terhadap tugasnya kerana:

A. Beliau adalah pemilik restoran tersebut.
B. Beliau adalah salah seorang pemilik restoran tersebut.
C. Beliau memang seorang yang bersifat rajin
D. Beliau adalah girlfriend kepada pemilik Restoran tersebut.
E. Hidayah sebenarnya syok kat Nyah (my bro) kerana kerap datang ke meja kami.

to which we unanimously answered E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wakakakaka.

But truthfully she was an amazing worker. Thanks Hidayah for the fantastic meal. The restaurant also holds lucky draws for patrons who spend 50rgt and above and since dinner was on me, I managed to clinch the biggest hamper, woooohoooooo!

Second Day

We rose early to a Malaysian breakfast at the Hotel and later ran to the pool for another round of swimming. The kids were the only ones playing in the pool, the adults were just looking on for their safety. Much later all of us got ready and made our way to the adjacent town of Banting. If you have read my previous New Zealand entry relating our experience on Queen Street, well this street in Banting pulled us into a state of deja vu. There were rows and rows of shops on this street, endless shopping for everyone. But my most favouritest bestest shop of all was this one below ...

Candies, jellies, kerepeks, jeruks in pails and buckets!!!!

Later in the afternoon, when fathers adjourned to the golf course for a round of putting a small ball into a small hole, the kids occupied themselves with yours truly. The itinerary included indulging in their very own kids' spas, merrying go round the trees and bushes, passing ping pong balls, terrorizing around the hotel's compound and enjoying each other's feet ordour when they took off their shoes on the reflexology path!

Evening was again spent in the pool and this time everyone went in including the "I am pregnant but I still want to play" mother, the "I have to always keep my hair dry brother", the other self proclaimed "I am the handsomest guy in the Universe" brother and the "I am beyond any game rules" walking goal post father, for a game of Captain ball. The rigorous walking and fighting for the ball in the pool left us ravenous. And that night we paid Hidayah a visit again.

Last Day

We allocated the last day to explore the historical town of Jugra. Our first stop was the Royal Mausoleum and right after was the Jugra Hill. The drive up was pleasant, didn't take us that long to reach the top to the Light House. The view at the peak was breath taking! I was sure that our eyes could reach as far as the Straits of Melaka if it wasn't for the haze.

The last stop for this leg of the tour was the beach. We have seen Morib's beach and since there was not much to see, we sought for other nearby beaches that might be worth a few shoots on our camera. After talking to one of the locals at the hotel, we were advised to search for a beach called Kelanang. This beach was reputed to be better than Morib's. However upon arriving, much to our dismay, it wasn't! It was not very clean and the state of the beach itself was naturally uninviting. But we managed to gather everyone for a family picture di celah2 pokok yang tidak membelakangi laut yang biru nan hijau. So here is almost everyone saying "Yey!!!! yey!!!! yey!!!!... cepat la panas ni....berapa kali nak cakap yey ni?" ahaks.

Picture taken by yours truly.

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Ahau - Dee said...

Best! Best! Best! I memang suka aktiviti-aktiviti yang boleh mengeratkan hubungan kekeluargaan ni ... walaupun penat dan riuh tapi yang penting semua orang happy.

Nanti I balik Malaysia, I pergi cari si Hidayah tu okay ... ha ha ha

MHB said...

you went again?? waaa... Morib sure left an impression on you!! But it is a quaint 'lil place kan ?and I do want to go again too!!

Gambar kat lighthouse tu macam kat Langkawi cable car pun ada!! ;-)

MaDihays{Ida} said...

salam kak,
tergelak saya baca jawapan E tu..

Wiz said...

Dee, I knew you would try to find Hidayah, she is kinda cute isn't she? isn't she isn't she? ahaks.

MHB - Honestly, it was the nearest. I malas sgt nak travel jauh2 PD pun kira jauh. I was so tired and I didnt think I was up to go for long drives across the country. I think 2 kali cukup la kut he he he. thanks for paving the way for me.

Ida - Jawapan E tu ialah sebuah kebenaran ha ha ha ha. To my brother that is. Kita orang just played along je. Thanks for reading.

Farida_Ismail said...

U memang lawaks..ada kelas creative writing ke cik?

alia said... last trip to Morib was 30 yrs ago!! Hey, that can't be right, I baru 25 kan? LOL! I bet my boys & their abah would love to do some fishing there. Me? I just wanna look for Hidayah la. What's the name of the hotel ya?

Wiz said...

Alia, it's a nice retreat, away from the city but still nearby. It's Impian Morib.

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

dear wiz, thx for giving your readers warning about your lengthy post! i did just that = ) fed the cat, Nora, kept her busy with a new puzzle and then i sat infront of the pc with my lunch and read this colourful entry! when i was young, we use to go on such trips with our mami's & mamu's (from my dad side of the family always) but i guess we grew apart after my dad passed on - no one else wanted to take over the initiative, thus now we all only meet once a year, which has its good and not so good side ; ) thx for sharing these fantastic pictures and stories with us, i enjoy its warmth! It's summer but its still abit chilly = ( Hope u'll hv a grand weekend. hope to catch u on FB again soon

Wiz said...

Mush, masa kecik2 bestkan to have gatherings like this because the adults would do everything for us, the food, the cleaning up. But bila dah besar ni and we are the parents now, malsnya nak buat2 benda mcm ni. So I guess that's why trips like this are reserved once to twice a year. Miss talking to you. Thanks for dropping by Mush.

yatt said...

eh wiz, i was there too, seminggu lbh awal. masuk 7hb checkout 8hb. and we stayed at the chalet facing the sea. 1st time kat situ. not so bad la buit we had our dinner kat pantai bgn lalang ha..ha.. about 30km+ dari impian juz bcoz husb nk mkn seafood kat bgn llg
husb spent the whole ptg pancing ikan dari tebing across pdg dpn chalet tu tp no luck x dapek ikan
sayang i miss ambik sunset punya shot sbb ter-ralit bsembang dgn x-colleague yg kebetulan stay situ juga. pics ada kat my FB :-)

Wiz said...

Yatt - Ala if I had known you were gonna be there mesti I nak terorder cake and gi lebih awal he he he. Patut la pegi makan dinner jauh nor, sebab ikan tak dapat.