Tuesday, June 23, 2009


She is beautiful, friendly, sweet, with an engaging smile that would melt the hardest of hearts. Our paths have never crossed before, she is constantly in the limelight whereas yours truly is perpetually near the oven light. What brought us, contrasting individuals together was - cake!

Nana as she is fondly called, ordered her wedding cake from me and I was super duper excited. We exchanged countless of emails which I didn't mind as I liked interacting with her. It permitted me a reason to communicate with this person whom I only knew from a distance. I took every opportunity presented to me and she being nice, entertained this old lady warmly. Unlike some bridezillas I have encountered, Nana was such a pleasant personality to work with. She knew what she wanted but at the same time was flexible enough to consider other ideas which I had to share. It was a delight working with her and I have become one of her fans.

Thanks so much Nana for the opportunity. It was such a pleasure working with you. I wish you all the sweetness in life and may you both be blessed with good health and eternal happiness.

Thanks Jules and Pak Tam.

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Little Flower Pot and Gifts said...

nana and brian? u mean nana era radio tu?? wow!!!! bestnya :D
congratulations kak wiz :)
the cake was always!

Ahau - Dee said...

Wow! Congratulations!

Wiz melangkah setapak lagi ... dah jadi pilihan celebrity ... caya lah !!!


Kitchen Guardian said...

as usual immaculate crreation, org putih elegance campur melayu this one!!

Wiz said...

Suz - Thanks.

Dee - I haven't reached to that stage yet la. I don't think I am that big of a name. This order was perhaps by chance. I prefer celebrating the ordinaries rather than the celebrities. Coz you know they are already well celebrated. But it's a good exposure nevertheless.

Yanie - Thanks, will teach you this weekend.

Min said...

Wiz, I really like this one.. you tak pernah buat design cam ni ? I love it.

MHB said...

I love white cakes. I love wedding cakes. I love your cakes. I lurrrrve this one!!

KG, you blajar this weekend ek?? Jeles!!

Linda Hussin said...

Kak Wiz. Linda tau lagu ni. tp version lain. Kali ni dinyanyikan oleh All For One. My fav ni. Famous masa saya form 1. heheh

LizMan said...

K Wiz...sgt kebetulan...Fsmalam baru tbaca magazine yg ade nana&brian wed..ternampak gambar kek ni...terpikir..sapelah yg buat cake cantik mcm ni?? rupanya tgk entry hari ni..K Wiz!!!wow...sangat excited ok!!! bila boleh ajar Filiz buat cake ni???? huhuhuhuhu...

nwd261 said...

Dear Wiz,

Now you're becaming more famous.

When i got married 14 years ago, tak dapat nak buat macam ni.

Only now, got chance to order for my cousins wedding/engagement..nak lepas geram.

Anyway, I'm so happy for you. Glad we had crossed path.


Wiz said...

Min - Pernah tapi different way of presenting jer. I ni bukan nya banyak ideas sgt. Simple sebab I ran out of time coz I have to deliver this all the way to Johor. I placed a 7+ kg cake on my lap for extra protection all the way sista!

MHB - I love that you love this cake!

Linda - Awak muda lagi tu sebab tak kenal group ni. Kak wiz ni dah tua, itu yang kenal lagu2 zaman seluar besor and rambut pun besor ahaks.

Filiz - Terkezut dgr masuk magazine. Nak gi cari lah lepas ni. Thanks for the info.

nwd261 - I am not becoming famous la. I do not wish to become one. I like where I am now, contented in this hole of mine heeeeeeeee.

Fiza of ChiqueCakes said...

kak wiz, ini sangat cantikkk..!
anyway, u dah kena 'tagged', sudi2 lah amik award kat umah i..

nwd261 said...

Hi Wiz,

Yeah...i cant wait to see your creation for my order in July...confirm ke boleh buat? Will check with my dotter as well if she wants some cuppies too coz i'm afraid she cannot tahan the smell in the car when we are driving back to Melaka.


Sugarpink Icing said...

Wow cantiknya kek nie Wiz, luv the teddy bears too!

Wiz said...

Nwd - The cuppies would look like how you ordered kan. You are not expecting another outcome I hope :o)

Sugarpink - Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Nana said...

u r the best!! but my mum ralat sikit sebab masa makan berdamai tu dia lupa nak kuarkan cake tu.. sampai sekarang dia ralat sebab lambat kuarkan cake tu.. btw, Nana ada letak kat blog Nana.. ( Kalau sudi leh la usha ek.. :)

Thanks again kak wiz!! :)

Wiz said...

Nana- The pleasure was mine. Will be following your blog from now on.