Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Little Flower Pot

When Suzana emailed me a couple of times requesting a Barbie cake for her niece, I was more than glad to accomplish the task for her. She has always been supportive of my work here, time and again writing to me and spreading the joy of flowers through her own successful endeavour. How could you not like someone who talks, crafts and sees flowers in her daily routine. All the softness of colourful petals have become her and she is someone who is as sweet as the real thing.

Creating a Barbie cake is not only daunting for me but time consuming as well. I need one whole day to just erect the doll on a cake with designs which shall not be another duplicate of my previous projects. A job of a baker should never be rushed or else!!!!!!. And so the story of this little princess cake strayed to the "or else!!!!!" path due to some foreseen circumstances. You see, at a turn of an event, the actual pick up date for the princess cake had to be changed. I had to comply, I am too weak of a person to decline, furthermore she is such a nice person. The new date fell on a week where it rained cakes on me. I had thousand of wedding door gift cupcakes to do plus other favours I dangerously accepted to finish as well. By a word of warning, I stressed that the cake might not look as beautiful, and Suzana understood.

Since time was such an enemy waiting at the fort of my creativity, I rushed and hastened the process as well as skipping a few steps along the way, heeeeeeeeeee, like leaving the cake to be completely cooled. The skirt was draped onto the construction of sweet softness with flowers, ribbons and other decorations. Upon completion I turned to gaze at the smiling Princess and carved a smile myself, proud of my hasty work. It would be another hour before Suzana came to fetch it and I managed to pull it off Yey! The yey! however only lasted for a few minutes in Suzana's car as later she spotted an erosion somewhere between the waist and the tush. The next morning, she called in and reported a landslide! I asked her to bring the princess in for an immediate emergency operation. Alhamdulillah in 20minutes time Barbie was back to her normal self, all dressed looking dainty and pretty.

There was not a single breath of reproach which came out of Suzana and I appreciated that so much. I briefed her that sometimes, glitches do happen and again she understood. Just like I wrote to her, "customers like you are god sent" ...which reminds me to write another story of another wonderful customer called Nisa. Now, she is perhaps in my thoughts the real life fairy. Til then.

Thanks Suz for the order.

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Ahau - Dee said...


Satu benda yang saya 'salute' dengan awak ni ialah awak ni very passionate with your work ... itu yang menjadikan setiap hasil kerja anda mempunyai 'aura' yang tersendiri. Itu yang membezakan 'Wiz' dengan pembuat cake yang lain : )

Ha ... ni dah puji berlebih-lebih ni, tahun depan ... I nak you buat the same cake for my niece jugak ... kesian budak tu, duk training cake barbie untuk sekian lama. This year dah terlepas ... next year 12 Mac ... ok... you dah masukkan dalam your calendar kan ... ha haha ... eh! serious ni!

Kitchen Guardian said...


You are god sent! Other than how beautiful this creation is...enuf said!

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

dreamy......and oh so pretty......

Fiza of ChiqueCakes said...

wow...not only you're a creative cake artist, but a great surgeon too..! well done kak wiz, kalau i dlm panik2 tu makin cacat ms. barbie =D

MHB said...

immaculate as always!!

Little Flower Pot and Gifts said...

oh kak wiz..that is the sweetest thing!malu plakss hehe..
ala rosak sikit je..maybe sebab kitaorg xde experience handle kek mcm tu so drive pun laju je :P
kak, thanks for taking my order and making my darling niece happy.
p/s:thanks melayan saya membebel sambil buat2 bunga nak repair gown tu!

Wiz said...

Dee, salute dgn saya? saya plak tgh salute dgn awak skrg ni sebab awak ialah seorang yang cekal dan tidak pernah berputus asa dalam bab menguruskan badan dan dalam pekerjaan awak. And for that I salute you Dee!

Yanie - ala Yanie say la lagi, he he he he. I like you very much now.

Jules - If you ada anak pompuan mesti I buat yang lagi lawa lagi. Tapi since you are the only pompuan in the house now, so kena la I buatkan kek you yang paling lawa ye dak?

Fiza - Terpaksa la FIza, sebab owner of the cake duk right beside me masa tgh fix tu. WHether I like it or not memang kena fix it even if I have to cut my hand and tampal kat cake tu, phew! Rasa tgh conduct organ transplant in the OT plaks.

MHB - Hugs* DOnt ask me why I am giving hugs to you more nowadays. Just feel like you need more or maybe I need it more too.

Suz - Melayan awak tu tak susah sgt, awak la terpaksa melayan saya bercakap pok pek2 tak abis abis. Jgn serik k he he he

DaNaSh said...

Masyallah wiz...where to bite first? Don't have the heart to spoil the beauty..

Wiz said...

Naza, bite the head, bite the head, but then you have to risk being bitten by the birthday girl plak if you did that ha ha ha. Where have you been?