Sunday, June 7, 2009

And The Winner...


a conjoined triplet of


The lucky three have all emailed me their winning tickets and as puzzled as I am about the possibility of having three winners with the same number, I am more puzzled of what I am going to award them. I initially had one present to give away, now I have to source for two more. And the consolation prizes pulak go to

and Marlinda. Both won my heart with their renditions of " I still want the prize even if I didn't get to clinch the 50000th number on your screen, nak jugak nak jugak tak kira" stories ahaks.

Congratulations to all winners!

Anyway folks, this story somehow catapulted me back in time when I was still living at home with my working second brother Nyah. His office would organize a gift party for Christmas celebration whereby each staff would have to wrap a few presents to be exchanged with other staff. The gifts didn't bear any names, it was some form of a lucky draw. The boss would choose a gift and call a name he randomly picked from a bowl. So no one would know what they were going to get. Well, my brother being my brother wasn't going to waste his time participating in this game. So cleverly he ordered me to do the gift wrapping on his part, which I gleefully did. The funny thing was, he didn't give me any money to buy anything. And being a resourceful person that I was back then, I unearthed priceless treasures from my parents' wardrobe and closets and took advantage of the unused and used items from the bygone era to be given away as presents. Well the fruitful excavation resulted in ....

Present 1

Three of my father's Batik "two palms sized" ties of retro colours packed in an empty tissue box.

Present 2

My mother's shiny silky scarfs which came with the 70's scent lagi.

Present 3

My mother's old clutch bright purple purse.

Present 4

My father's old 70's belt

Present 5

Some old vases and trinkets found hidden in the kitchen cabinet, ahaks.

Present 6

Some bracelets with a matching necklace my grandmother bought in Mekah, I think

Present 7

A bottle of ancient Charlie's perfume of my father's

Present 8

More retro ties ha ha ha

The items were packed and wrapped beautifully in a modern looking boxes with ribbons and bows. My brother hadn't a clue what I put in them but he was game with my idea. He was actually proud to bag a sackful of presents which earned him the title
"Santa Claus" that day. Semua orang bersorak kegumbiraan upon seeing the many colourful presents brought to the office.

As names were called and presents were opened, everyone, as I was told, had a unappeased, confused look on their faces. One person flashed an over delighted face after tearing open a box of three Batik ties. Another was disturbed after receiving the vases and trinkets. But worst of all was the reaction from my brother's superior who yelped out " Ini mesti purse lama mak awak ye Awil?! when she became the lucky owner of the bright purple purse! A roar of laughter then ensued and I reckoned everyone was ok about it and even made jokes of each other's junk.

Days passed, weeks went by till one day without any warnings, the big boss form the overseas headquarters dropped by unexpectedly. It happened on a day when nobody made the effort to wear ties to the office. It was then the junk I had given away became the lifeboat for all these drowning men. The two palm sized batik retro coloured ties telah menjadi rebutan di kalangan jejaka2 yang terlupa membawa tali leher mereka ke office. The batik ties became quite the spectacle if not pride for the entire office. Dgn bangga dan pertama kalinya Batik was given the honour.

I hope I do not have to resort to digging my closet for the 50000th contest presents now. Hmmmmm on second thoughts....

Thanks Siti!

Thanks Tessa!

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Ivy said...

Wiz, if I knew you were going to be so generous, I would have captured my 50,008 ticket and insist on a prize!

Anyways, congratulation!

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

hi wiz,

rilek la sistah! abt the 50000th that is... most importantly is that you are indeed Wiz The Wiz! and your stories and pictures and all your lovely creations will always draw crowd to your wonderful site, because what we consume at "inawhiz" surely contribute towards making our world and our lives, well, mine at least, much brighter and merrier!...:) :) :)!

Robb Sempurai said...


The Stakeholder said...

hi wiz,

thanks so much for the cupcakes. though i haven't a chance to find out from the recipients themselves, i'm sure that all our guests enjoyed them. they're very very pretty, as usual and by the looks of it, delicious! well done. keep on bakin'... :)


Little Flower Pot and Gifts said...

kak wiz, mintak permission to blog about that beautifulllll cake of yours yg ada ring box tuh. omg it's sooo nice!!! plz okay!! hehe.. thanks!

MamaFaMi said...

Hahaha... you buat harta your parents macam harta sendiriiii je... Sib baik tak kena 'sound'!

Wiz said...

Ivy - Yes, Ivy, you should have! you cake artist you!

Jules - I am relaxed! I don't know why you always have the impression I am otherwise. Trust me you do not want to see me unrelaxed, coz it would be sooooo ugly.

Robb - Hi Robb, thanks for the wish. Not really a biggie though, just someone having fun with her friends.

Tessa - I really hope they did enjoy the cupcakes. Jules and I worked very hard for them kan Jules kan?

Suzana - Sure thing go ahead! Thanks!

MamaFami - Ma, I did ask for their permission first Ma. And they were more than happy to let all the things go. If not lama dah kena sound.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz, i sorang je tahu bila u tak relaxed! ha ha ha!

er, cupcakes tu, kerja keras membuatnye u la... i bekerja keras untuk menghindar semut dan jari-jari kecil yang nak membahamnye je! alhamdulillah gud review... :)