Monday, June 29, 2009

You Can't Hurry Love

It was almost the end of May and I was apprehensive more than excited. A big order was due, the biggest I have ever allowed myself to nod in acceptance. I work with the help of me, I and myself all this while. The non existence "help" often reflects my incapability of accepting orders exceeding the feasible number. Glancing at my two small ovens, many beg to question my credibility of pulling any cakes out from the only helpers in my kitchen. I stood alone with darkness as my company ever since the fuse blew up, sometimes wondering if darkness was the only one keeping me company. I digressed too much thinking of the imaginary thoughts and at times I made conversations with the thought, known as "bibik" asking her to clear the mess I made, wash the butter cream from the mixing bowls plus directing her to cook, iron the clothes and send, fetch and tutor my kids, at the same time teach my class so that I could concentrate on cakes and cakes alone. Of course the only bibik present was me.

Before I accepted the big order, I had asked or forced my sister who lives 45 minutes away from me to bake half of the quantity. Thanks Da She agreed. We were supposed to meet at the bride's house to deliver the 1100 cupcakes and high fived each other in success later. It was picture perfect, the whole process was. From the baking to the creaming to the decorating. I continued calling my sister to check on her and she was right on track. Apart from the thousands of cupcakes I had a few other important orders from affluent customers. That too were completed in due time.

The night of delivery as I was packing and moving the big boxes near to the door whilst waiting for my husband to reach home, I noticed the red icing on the cupcakes had bled to the cream base. I picked the affected ones and began to fix them. It was one after another and to my horror it came up to more than just one box. I had decorated about 7 boxes and in one box there were almost a hundred of them! My husband stayed up for awhile to help me deal with some but soon fell prey to his dopey eyes. My daughter stayed up the longest with me thanks Iman, helping me to unearth all the affected cupcakes and rearrange them back in an orderly fashion back into their respective boxes. I surrendered myself to Nisa the lovely lady who ordered the cupcakes, admitting the situations and apologizing profusely of my inability to deliver the cupcakes to her that night. She was the most gracious bride I have ever worked with, consoling me, instead of me consoling her. In the end, I had to re do almost 450 cupcakes, over the 600 I made the entire night. I managed to get it all done by subuh, Alhamdulillah before relinquishing them to Nisa.

Baking and decorating are synonymously linked to love. You must be tender, gentle and you must give it time to make it work for you. I guessed I was hasty in the process which resulted in the unfavourable circumstances. Many lessons to be learnt from this episode :

1. You can't hurry love
2. Grow another arm and leg
3. Do not buy red colouring from Yummie(serious! it doesn't hold well, buy from Bagus)
4. Have another baby(my husband went " what does this got to do with having another baby?!@!%!? ahaks)
5. Go back working full time.
6. Move back with my parents in Ipoh!

To Nisa, I would like to apologize for the delay and for all the unnecessary pain I put you through. I hope everything worked well in the end and thank you so much for being so understanding.

This was the other order in the hundreds I had to complete. Thanks Jules and Tessa, Sib baik this one ok if not I would be barred from fueling up at their petrol stations for life!

Friday, June 26, 2009

When I'm Feeling Blue...

I once experienced a long distance relationship. My husband had just started working in Kay El and I was stationed in my hometown, hundreds of kilometres away. To some, it wasn't that far of a distance but to me it felt like we were both on different solar systems! Perhaps the longing was due to the fact that we were just married, and both he and I had just started work, right after our graduation. Since we were new at the job, we were not granted that long a leave. Till now, we never took days off for our honeymoon coz life just swooshed us by, right after the akad. The long distance relationship consumed 7 months of our time before I could arrange a transfer. But during those critical times, the heart aches were remedied by long distance calls which had cost probably thousand of ringgits in phone bills. Masa tu communicating via the Internet was unheard of, or maybe it was just me who was not savvy enough to do so.

Anyway, this true blue order was received from a medic student all the way from Australia. She requested cupcakes set in blue with planes and pilot as the theme. Her story recaptured the emotional challenges I similarly had when I was away from my husband. Her long distance relationship has given her the initiative to celebrate the birthday of her boyfriend by surprising him with the specially made cupcakes. With a scroll of poem ribboned by the side and a decorated box of sweet delights, my intuitions tells me that her emotions were blissfully met with her loved one on that day, even though they were thousands and thousands of miles away.

And to be able to do that to nice people with their genuine thoughts of each other is certainly a good feeling.

Thanks Venesy so much!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


She is beautiful, friendly, sweet, with an engaging smile that would melt the hardest of hearts. Our paths have never crossed before, she is constantly in the limelight whereas yours truly is perpetually near the oven light. What brought us, contrasting individuals together was - cake!

Nana as she is fondly called, ordered her wedding cake from me and I was super duper excited. We exchanged countless of emails which I didn't mind as I liked interacting with her. It permitted me a reason to communicate with this person whom I only knew from a distance. I took every opportunity presented to me and she being nice, entertained this old lady warmly. Unlike some bridezillas I have encountered, Nana was such a pleasant personality to work with. She knew what she wanted but at the same time was flexible enough to consider other ideas which I had to share. It was a delight working with her and I have become one of her fans.

Thanks so much Nana for the opportunity. It was such a pleasure working with you. I wish you all the sweetness in life and may you both be blessed with good health and eternal happiness.

Thanks Jules and Pak Tam.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Especially For you

Thanks Rafidah so much!

It warms my heart every time a guy writes in to order cakes for his mother, wife, sister or girlfriend. I am always touched by the sweet gesture of a guy who goes out of his way to write to me and launch his desires in very few words. A guy as you know is not very expressive in his thoughts let alone feelings. Scarce in number can you find a man who is as romantic as Mr Lee and expressive as any heroes we throb our hearts for in all the romantic movies. Or I the only one on this planet whose other half is devoid of romanticnesszationalism? uhuks.

Well, last week or maybe a week before last, I am terrible with dates, three guys broke the record of ordering cakes from me. Two guys requested cupcakes to celebrate their girlfriends' birthdays and one guy asked cupcakes to propose! After delivering and meeting them personally, I noticed they have one trait in common. They all have that sweetness in their faces. Sumer mcm anak mak yang baik kinda people, if you know what I mean. Air muka sumer lembut jer and the earnestness you can sense from afar. The girlfriends and wife to be are probably the luckiest people to have someone like these men to care so much for them. And I sincerely wish their relationships will prosper till the end of time.

My relationship thus far is prospering, because in my thoughts my other half is always that dashing hero who steals the horse carriage and drives it on his own with a leash in his hand hurrying to sweep my feet away. And I am always that damsel in distress waiting to be rescued, still waiting, still waiting....still waiting tirelessly.

"Chami, are you gonna save me or not?!?" Schnell bitte!

Thanks Rizal!

Thanks Zharif!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Little Flower Pot

When Suzana emailed me a couple of times requesting a Barbie cake for her niece, I was more than glad to accomplish the task for her. She has always been supportive of my work here, time and again writing to me and spreading the joy of flowers through her own successful endeavour. How could you not like someone who talks, crafts and sees flowers in her daily routine. All the softness of colourful petals have become her and she is someone who is as sweet as the real thing.

Creating a Barbie cake is not only daunting for me but time consuming as well. I need one whole day to just erect the doll on a cake with designs which shall not be another duplicate of my previous projects. A job of a baker should never be rushed or else!!!!!!. And so the story of this little princess cake strayed to the "or else!!!!!" path due to some foreseen circumstances. You see, at a turn of an event, the actual pick up date for the princess cake had to be changed. I had to comply, I am too weak of a person to decline, furthermore she is such a nice person. The new date fell on a week where it rained cakes on me. I had thousand of wedding door gift cupcakes to do plus other favours I dangerously accepted to finish as well. By a word of warning, I stressed that the cake might not look as beautiful, and Suzana understood.

Since time was such an enemy waiting at the fort of my creativity, I rushed and hastened the process as well as skipping a few steps along the way, heeeeeeeeeee, like leaving the cake to be completely cooled. The skirt was draped onto the construction of sweet softness with flowers, ribbons and other decorations. Upon completion I turned to gaze at the smiling Princess and carved a smile myself, proud of my hasty work. It would be another hour before Suzana came to fetch it and I managed to pull it off Yey! The yey! however only lasted for a few minutes in Suzana's car as later she spotted an erosion somewhere between the waist and the tush. The next morning, she called in and reported a landslide! I asked her to bring the princess in for an immediate emergency operation. Alhamdulillah in 20minutes time Barbie was back to her normal self, all dressed looking dainty and pretty.

There was not a single breath of reproach which came out of Suzana and I appreciated that so much. I briefed her that sometimes, glitches do happen and again she understood. Just like I wrote to her, "customers like you are god sent" ...which reminds me to write another story of another wonderful customer called Nisa. Now, she is perhaps in my thoughts the real life fairy. Til then.

Thanks Suz for the order.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Return To The Valley Of The Kings

Warning : This is a lengthy post. Please ensure, children have been fed, hamsters have been caged, cows have been milked and beds have been made before reading.

The continuation of my Jugra entry will now commence with the inclusion of several other characters above.

I wanted a reason to go back, back to capture more sights and sounds of the place. My family had initially planned to go elsewhere for our little mid year gathering but I managed to lure them here with the promise, "here" was going to be better than there. My brother was constantly taunting me asking for justifications "what could possibly be better at Morib?" A place devoid of long stretches of beautiful beaches and activities. All I could mouth was "Trust me!"

Everyone having a go with the kites, even my father. The beach pantai kelanang was well hmmmmmmmm...

Having a brother who spells fun as "endless rides and shoppings" I was adamant to make him a believer in museums and picturesque views instead. I didn't want to be blamed for a holiday sans the fun, so I brought along what might be a saviour for me just in case they all got bored. I bought kites, a ball for our captain ball routine in the swimming pool and Frisbees and mangoes for my father, just in case he too got lulled in the madness of the sun. My father and mangoes is like ants to sugar he he he he. By the way Happy Father's Day Ayah!

Scenes at the wedding.

We headed on to Morib after our cousin's wedding in Batangkali. It was already 2.30pm and reaching Morib this time around felt like eternity, sebabnya....along the way the convoy had to stop for toilets and petrol and directions. The moment we arrived at the Hotel approximately at 6.30pm there was a mad rush to the pool. And so into the pool everyone jumped and splashed and swam and fought for the rest of the evening.

Can you see the orange board? That was what they were fighting for. Right after the snap, sumer jerit2 bickering over the board.

As the day drew to a close everyone was hungry for gooood food. The breeze from the sea beckoned our appetite for seafood. Conveniently, sea food stalls were just near by, a few minutes drive from our hotel. Stalls were found aplenty along pantai Morib and so were the souvenir shops. Whilst waiting for our food, the ladies and children took a stroll around the many gerais and came back with things we never thought we needed until then ha ha ha.

Our Dinners at Nelayan Corner Pantai Morib

Hidayah the lady who took our orders previously, was pacing up and down serving the dishes upon our return to the dinner table. The menu was interestingly lined up in a way affordable to many of its patrons. For instance a meal for 5-6 person with 4 different lauks and drinks was just priced at 55rgt! How reasonable was that! And if you had notified them earlier, they would throw in a birthday cake for free, if there was anyone celebrating la. Bestkan! Not only the food served was wonderful, the staff was all smiles with service that would put shame to any 5 star hotels. One particular lady that impressed my brother and I was Hidayah. The way she conducted herself left the impression of her being the owner of the place. She was very helpful, informative and dedicated to her job. She kept visiting our table to further inform us about the services the restaurant has to offer and sharing all the stories of the past memorable events she had helped coordinate with the owner. Her work ethics impressed us so much that my brother composed an objective question for the family to answer.


Hidayah ialah seorang pekerja yang rajin dan berdedikasi terhadap tugasnya kerana:

A. Beliau adalah pemilik restoran tersebut.
B. Beliau adalah salah seorang pemilik restoran tersebut.
C. Beliau memang seorang yang bersifat rajin
D. Beliau adalah girlfriend kepada pemilik Restoran tersebut.
E. Hidayah sebenarnya syok kat Nyah (my bro) kerana kerap datang ke meja kami.

to which we unanimously answered E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wakakakaka.

But truthfully she was an amazing worker. Thanks Hidayah for the fantastic meal. The restaurant also holds lucky draws for patrons who spend 50rgt and above and since dinner was on me, I managed to clinch the biggest hamper, woooohoooooo!

Second Day

We rose early to a Malaysian breakfast at the Hotel and later ran to the pool for another round of swimming. The kids were the only ones playing in the pool, the adults were just looking on for their safety. Much later all of us got ready and made our way to the adjacent town of Banting. If you have read my previous New Zealand entry relating our experience on Queen Street, well this street in Banting pulled us into a state of deja vu. There were rows and rows of shops on this street, endless shopping for everyone. But my most favouritest bestest shop of all was this one below ...

Candies, jellies, kerepeks, jeruks in pails and buckets!!!!

Later in the afternoon, when fathers adjourned to the golf course for a round of putting a small ball into a small hole, the kids occupied themselves with yours truly. The itinerary included indulging in their very own kids' spas, merrying go round the trees and bushes, passing ping pong balls, terrorizing around the hotel's compound and enjoying each other's feet ordour when they took off their shoes on the reflexology path!

Evening was again spent in the pool and this time everyone went in including the "I am pregnant but I still want to play" mother, the "I have to always keep my hair dry brother", the other self proclaimed "I am the handsomest guy in the Universe" brother and the "I am beyond any game rules" walking goal post father, for a game of Captain ball. The rigorous walking and fighting for the ball in the pool left us ravenous. And that night we paid Hidayah a visit again.

Last Day

We allocated the last day to explore the historical town of Jugra. Our first stop was the Royal Mausoleum and right after was the Jugra Hill. The drive up was pleasant, didn't take us that long to reach the top to the Light House. The view at the peak was breath taking! I was sure that our eyes could reach as far as the Straits of Melaka if it wasn't for the haze.

The last stop for this leg of the tour was the beach. We have seen Morib's beach and since there was not much to see, we sought for other nearby beaches that might be worth a few shoots on our camera. After talking to one of the locals at the hotel, we were advised to search for a beach called Kelanang. This beach was reputed to be better than Morib's. However upon arriving, much to our dismay, it wasn't! It was not very clean and the state of the beach itself was naturally uninviting. But we managed to gather everyone for a family picture di celah2 pokok yang tidak membelakangi laut yang biru nan hijau. So here is almost everyone saying "Yey!!!! yey!!!! yey!!!!... cepat la panas ni....berapa kali nak cakap yey ni?" ahaks.

Picture taken by yours truly.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I am wayyyyyyyyyy behind on my cake updates. So before I continue with my Jugra entries, I would like to put a pot of kettle on and serve you tea with some cakes I made recently.

Thanks Nurul!

When ideas run dry, look around for inspirations. I did just that and created a similar flower to the real one I have on my garden table.

Thanks Fatin!

When you liked someone so much, much and more much, you would go that extra mile to please him, kan Fatin kan ?

Thanks Hijjas!

When someone gave you her heart, you would want to give her even more. A box of cupcakes is a start to a beautiful relationship.

Thanks Tessa!

When you loved a friend, you would wish for all her dreams to come true. A box of dreamy creamy cupcakes for someone dearest to you.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

And The Winner...


a conjoined triplet of


The lucky three have all emailed me their winning tickets and as puzzled as I am about the possibility of having three winners with the same number, I am more puzzled of what I am going to award them. I initially had one present to give away, now I have to source for two more. And the consolation prizes pulak go to

and Marlinda. Both won my heart with their renditions of " I still want the prize even if I didn't get to clinch the 50000th number on your screen, nak jugak nak jugak tak kira" stories ahaks.

Congratulations to all winners!

Anyway folks, this story somehow catapulted me back in time when I was still living at home with my working second brother Nyah. His office would organize a gift party for Christmas celebration whereby each staff would have to wrap a few presents to be exchanged with other staff. The gifts didn't bear any names, it was some form of a lucky draw. The boss would choose a gift and call a name he randomly picked from a bowl. So no one would know what they were going to get. Well, my brother being my brother wasn't going to waste his time participating in this game. So cleverly he ordered me to do the gift wrapping on his part, which I gleefully did. The funny thing was, he didn't give me any money to buy anything. And being a resourceful person that I was back then, I unearthed priceless treasures from my parents' wardrobe and closets and took advantage of the unused and used items from the bygone era to be given away as presents. Well the fruitful excavation resulted in ....

Present 1

Three of my father's Batik "two palms sized" ties of retro colours packed in an empty tissue box.

Present 2

My mother's shiny silky scarfs which came with the 70's scent lagi.

Present 3

My mother's old clutch bright purple purse.

Present 4

My father's old 70's belt

Present 5

Some old vases and trinkets found hidden in the kitchen cabinet, ahaks.

Present 6

Some bracelets with a matching necklace my grandmother bought in Mekah, I think

Present 7

A bottle of ancient Charlie's perfume of my father's

Present 8

More retro ties ha ha ha

The items were packed and wrapped beautifully in a modern looking boxes with ribbons and bows. My brother hadn't a clue what I put in them but he was game with my idea. He was actually proud to bag a sackful of presents which earned him the title
"Santa Claus" that day. Semua orang bersorak kegumbiraan upon seeing the many colourful presents brought to the office.

As names were called and presents were opened, everyone, as I was told, had a unappeased, confused look on their faces. One person flashed an over delighted face after tearing open a box of three Batik ties. Another was disturbed after receiving the vases and trinkets. But worst of all was the reaction from my brother's superior who yelped out " Ini mesti purse lama mak awak ye Awil?! when she became the lucky owner of the bright purple purse! A roar of laughter then ensued and I reckoned everyone was ok about it and even made jokes of each other's junk.

Days passed, weeks went by till one day without any warnings, the big boss form the overseas headquarters dropped by unexpectedly. It happened on a day when nobody made the effort to wear ties to the office. It was then the junk I had given away became the lifeboat for all these drowning men. The two palm sized batik retro coloured ties telah menjadi rebutan di kalangan jejaka2 yang terlupa membawa tali leher mereka ke office. The batik ties became quite the spectacle if not pride for the entire office. Dgn bangga dan pertama kalinya Batik was given the honour.

I hope I do not have to resort to digging my closet for the 50000th contest presents now. Hmmmmm on second thoughts....

Thanks Siti!

Thanks Tessa!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Are You The One?

Please check the site metre on your right screen under the chatbox. If it says 50,000 ...then you are the one!

Contact me with the attached picture of the number and tell me a little bit about yourself before stating me your wish gift. If for any reasons I am not able to make your wish come true, you will just have to settle for a gift of my wishes instead.

Each click counts....

All The Best!


Monday, June 1, 2009

To Teacher With Love

I have been taught by many wonderful teachers over the years, from primary right to my university days. However, as wonderful as they were, only a handful made a lasting impact on me, on my personality and mostly on the teacher I have become today.

Suatu ketika dahulu, sewaktu saya masih kecil, I was such a cumbersome student to teach. I was extra slow in almost everything due to my poor health. I was that pupil with heavy Darth Vader like breathing and whose palms were as wet as Mark Harris' of Man From Atlantis. Being all of the above, understandably friends were a luxury. Nobody wanted to hold hands with me when we were supposed to line up for class, recess and other outings. And most of the time I ended up without a partner or with a reluctant teacher as one. I walked those corridors keeping my hands to myself, asking not for friendships, receiving not either. My condition was often mistaken for my lack of interest in acquiring the school syllabus, often the prime target of an example not to be followed by others.

My school work was below expectation. My books had water marks on them as a result of my sweaty palms and with wet pages, erasing mistakes was a nightmare. It created holes and untidiness all over. Teachers were strict, schoolwork was aplenty and completing them in the time given during class hours was compulsory. I could recall struggling to finish the exercises on the blackboard and failing each time to complete them. Sigh!

Some teachers were mean and inconsiderate then, except for one. This special teacher saw my problem, instead of punishing me for incomplete work she encouraged me to do only half of the load. When the rest had to do 20 exercises, I had to only do 10. Baikkan? I felt comfortable in her class, a teacher who finally addressed my problem, who understood my incapability. I looked forward to having her in class, paid more attention, did better and neater work for her. I was motivated to improve myself and I did eventually. I shed off my insecurities and my inferiority with her and I couldn't thank her enough. Mrs. Freeman if you ever reached the shores of my pages here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have ingrained in me.

I am a teacher now, and I hope I have, somewhere along the road, made a lasting impact if not to many, at least to one.

Happy Teacher's Day!

Thank you Eina, Thank you Zeila, Thank you Zaimy!