Friday, May 8, 2009

You Kneaded Me

Glücklicher Geburtstag Schatz. Meine Liebe für Sie... immer. Dieses Lied ist für Sie, Sayang.

Thanks so much Rosniah. It was nice meeting you.

The air is hot where I am standing now. The non existing air-cond and fan makes it even harder for me to finish my work on time. The only ventilation in my kitchen is the overused exhaust fan, running 24 hours a day. The much needed cool air on the contrary would not be good for my sugar paste though. It dries so much faster and for a sloth slow moving creature like myself, working in a haste isn't my greatest affinity.

And here I am kneading and kneading in what seemingly feels like a furnace all day and night long. As warm and hot as it could get sometimes, amazingly I hardly break a sweat. It's all in the mind I reckon, I have mastered the art of sweat control he he he. But tengokla lepas dah siap sumer, the moment I stepped out of the kitchen, voooosh, every pore on my skin will have tiny droplets of water.

Just a short entry today folks since you "kneaded" me to be in the kitchen more than anywhere else. And so in there I shall be for the rest of my time.

Thanks so much Eira, this is the best I could do at the 11th hour.

I did lotsa these folks. If you are interested in simple, fuss free muffs, do give this a try. Selling at only 35 rgt for a pack of 49pcs.
Thanks so much Rohaida!

If I haven't uploaded your cake pictures, I am so so sorry. It takes quite some time to upload them in one entry. I will upload them slowly in time to come. Do come back again.

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Kitchen Guardian said...

Your work just amazes me....well, am also busy baking....hv tocover all before we see you on sunday...hooray....the song you "kneaded" me reminds me of my primary school days....that was a very looooooooooooooong time ago!!

ms hart said...

Wizzy ma'fairy! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, dear!

The Little Trotter said...

Hi Wiz,
This is Nina from Holland.. i am back here for holiday, nak order yg like the above boleh tak? I nak on saturday, 16th may.. i will be around bangi in the morning, maybe we can meet somewhere..
mail me at

wiz said...

Yanie - It was nice having you sepetang on Sunday.

Hart - Happy Mother's Day Hart!!!!!!!!

Nina - The muffs are on the way!!!