Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Mother's Day

Thanks Minyi

This Sunday, children all around big and small would celebrate and appreciate someone who epitomizes diligence, perseverance, kindness, tenderness and love who constantly reigns a special place in the hearts and eyes of everyone. But I know of one, a very close person to me who has suffered and still suffering by the acts of this special person whom we all call mother. He is albeit, a good son, the best ever in this case, putting his mother first above all else, even at his own and family's expense. A used to be "happy family" unit has now succumbed to the wish of a mother. Shattered to pieces, burnt to ashes, he has a family no more. He has let them go. A loyal, beautiful and the most understanding wife was not spared by his a breath of reproach, talak was thrown at this woman's feet witnessed victoriously by his mother.

Yes, he is anak mithali in his mother's eyes and I pray he would find the Syurga under the mother's feet one day. He has given his mother the perfect gift to celebrate Mother's day, whilst another mother of three(his former wife) will not find that syurga she has been hoping for under her husband's feet...simply because he has walked away...far far away... from his responsibility.

A mother's day it was, indeed... yesterday.

Thanks Noraziela

Thanks Eina

Thanks Mayyi

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M-O-M said...

life is just too complex sometimes. tahniah to that person who is so strong to withstand the test that God has given him to maintain as the perfect anak mithali.

anyway, cakes look yummilicious as ever!

Wiz said...

YEs, congratulations to him for letting go someone who has been supporting him these two years, when he was unemployed, congratulations to him for believing in his mother's bad words of the wife and congratulations to him for succeeding in making his eldest son weep in silence. He is indeed an anak mithali.

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

dearest wiz, here i am again! just got back from our short weekend getaway! glad to read here u r still blogging away and your usual springy self = ) i think spring would be such an ideal season for u! u hv a fab mothers day and hope u get spoilt the entire day!! hugs for now....

khalil said...

ouh~~nape begitu?
teacher, betul ke apa yg dia da buat tu? n mmg patut ke?

domestic engineer said...

If I'm not mistaken, I've heard that story before. I mean before he became that 'anak mithali' who was in the process of letting go someone who'd been supporting him. Pity the wife n 3 kids esp the eldest son...

Wiz said...

Mush- How are you, mesti sibuk giler moving to a new house. Can't wait to have a glimpse of the decorated house la. Nanti post pictures k.

Khalil - I am uncertain myself Khalil, if his act was right or wrong. But he did make his mother very happy.

Ziela - Yes, Ziela, finally.