Monday, May 11, 2009

9 Yellow Flowers

Thanks so much Natasha!

...we thought of you,
fluttering when the wind passes thru',
smiling when the sun shines bright,
like a dancing fairy, a beautiful sight.

If only we could grow all flowers of yellow,
and have each one to wipe your sorrow,
so you won't have to ever feel sad,
every time we make you feel mad.

A yellow flower on your hair everyday,
sweet fragrance more than words could say,
to just be near you, not having to leave,
the olfactory of a mother well received.

The nine yellow flowers are for you to remember,
of how pretty you are as a mother,
Daffodil, sunflower and frangipani,
freesia, rose, jasmine and lily,
daisy and carnation in yellow versions,
represent best of our interpretation,
of the special feeling we harbour all this while,
for a mother who gives us reasons to smile.


Happy Mother's Day!

5 treats:

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

so so pretty.... cantik sangat.... they look so real... happy mother's day to you too wiz the wiz!

huraz said...

Happy Mother's day to you Wiz...

MHB said...

Happy belated Mother's Day, Wiz!! I love the daisies, always love 'em!!

wiz said...

Jules the Jules - Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Doll - So sorry I tak balas your mother's day message the other day. But here's hoping it is not to late to say Happy mother's day!

MHB - I love daisies too, they are my fav! Happy mother's day MHB.

Natasha said...

kak wiz.. kak wiz.. kak wiz..
cantek sgt!!
my mom suke sgt!!!
my sis kate ur choc heaven!
kiteorg siap simpan d flowers.. sbb sayang sgt nak buang..
10q kak wiz!!! ;)