Monday, May 25, 2009


Saya ada pengakuan untuk dibuat.

Saya sedang berasa sangat malas.

Komputer saya masih tidak berfungsi.

Pemikiran saya buntu.

Tangan saya kaku.

Kuku saya biru.

Mata saya kuyu.

Hidung saya sebu.

Saya ada pengakuan untuk dibuat.

Saya memang malas,

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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Valley of The Kings

In the midst of recovering my old files, I stumbled upon my sanity which was dissipating after the "crash". It was a beautiful Saturday and I didn't feel like staying in and be miserable over the lost data in my computer neither did I want to sprawl over the thought of what could have been undone. Like the impromptu traveller in me, I packed our single knapsack and headed straight to the horizon, where the sea meets the sky...just an hour's drive away from my tornado stricken home. Any place away from home would be an ideal place at that time. I just had to get away for a quick retreat. It was an idea spurred after reading this wonderful lady's entry on a place called Jugra, located in the vicinity of Morib.

The kids had no inkling whatsoever to where we were going. They were extremely surprised as to why mama was taking them away from their weekend with books. Both were getting ready for the Mid term exams and holidaying created much commotion in them, a welcoming chaos. As they still had to do their studying, I made sure the journey was occupied with just that. So no escaping from reading and working those sums.

My acquaintance with Morib was only from school textbooks, listed as tempat2 peranginan di Malaysia next to Port Dickson. Jugra on the other hand came across as just a flash of the history pages of out buku Sejarah. That was pretty much it. Lack of information never put interest in giving this place a chance, well not until recently after I saw the light house picture posted by MHB in her blog. The mystical name Jugra perhaps embedded a deeper desire to pay the place a visit.

Upon arrival, my curiosity over spilled onto the kampung roads, seeking the sight most anticipated. And not long after, Jugra's lighthouse fell prey to my hungry eyes. There it was standing majestically atop on Jugra Hill, the white light house. History wet the lips of my mouth as I unfolded the stories to my kids just as I had squeezed it dry from the internet.

It was said...

"...Many ships had tried, but all of them failed to reach the beaches that support the elevation which the locals called Cockle Hill. These late19th century navigators had been travelling for weeks along the Straits of Malacca, and each time they closed in, the shores sneakily moved backwards further inland, breaking these mighty armadas to yield frustration. The English wanted no more of this nonsense. So, they constructed a lighthouse on top of Cockle Hill. And from then on, deep in the night, when everything was still and the locals were all snuggled and asleep on their woven mats, a beacon of light would part the darkness looking for ships welcoming them to the shore.
And that is how the legend goes; and it goes on to tell the story of how the hill continued to bleed for 30 long days after the erection of the Sri Jugra Lighthouse. The waters surrounding it assumed the rusty-red colour of the cockles that resided there. Ironically, not long after the incident, the cockle population started to dwindle, and then they all disappeared
." taken from

Jugra Hill is accessible by foot and many throng the light house for an evening of uphill butt cardio exercise. Our light house experience however, was constrained to just waving it from afar he he he, we were in no shape to scale the road up to the apex where the light house resides.

Next stop : The Istana Bandar.

The moment you step foot in Jugra, you'd be fascinated with all things yellow. From the kampung houses to the modern day buildings, to the mosque and the palaces, mostly are set in the royal shade. So royal, even the air you breath smells aristocratic! It's easy to be lost in the rustic pages of history here. History you once thought you had read, peristiwa which rings a bell in your head and picturesque settings that pull you to the state of awe. As we made our way around the kampung, sipping the tranquility of the afternoon, we were again spell bounded at the sight of an old structure, erected beside a big shady tree which perhaps serves as the guardian of the desolate. The grandiose of the building met our assumption that this was the place where kings and queens entertained dignitaries, where the princes and princesses ran about in their best attires attended by the many dayangs singing around them. The guardian tree must have played witness to the many joyous and important events venued here at the Istana Bandar.

The 15 room palace was the brainchild of the fifth Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Alaeddin Sulaiman . A place he remained in residence for 35 years. The unique architecture is significantly of the Islamic influence which encompasses a blend between the Indian, Middle Eastern and Chinese . As we would like to romanticise the building of palaces to epics like The Taj Mahal and Kellie's Castle, Istana Bandar doesn't fall short of the romance elements.

"...He would design for his Queen a spacious and beautiful courtyard where she could repose and enjoy her moment of quietude. He would also need a grand balcony from where he would stand behold, while addressing his subjects." taken from

I was too excited of thoughts that I might be sitting where the Sultan used to rest or the place where the queen used to sing lagu2 rakyat to their children. My imaginations were at its highest based on the images fed by the film makers mostly from P Ramlee movies. Suddenly I pictured Hang Tuah with his keris clad in full songket datang mengadap the Sultan, di ikuti with 5 bersaudara presenting the woes of the rakyat. Ooo itu belum lagi my imaginations about the merriment of a pesta thrown at the Istana!

Istana Bandar under restoration works. be continued.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I am running my fingers across the sacred laptop of my much better half. Feels sooo good. Anything new feels that way to me, unlike my seasoned PC which has been acting up these couple of days leaving me with empty screen and incomprehensible sound of "...tet.....tet.....tet" each time I switched it on. But as much as I like the new laptop, I still can't do away with the old one. My entire life is in there, my pictures, data, notes, the kids'' school projects, stranded or may not even be retrieved. My recent cake pictures are stored there and might be lost and you would never be able to hear me tell the tales of the previous cake stories...and I have so much to tell.

If the data could be restored InsyaAllah, I would publish all the backdated pictures of cakes and classes, (you can check KG's entry about the recent class here)...but if not, I will just have to create new ones then.

Hmmmm...I am still here but not exactly there yet.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Radio Romance

Thanks so much Zety!

My daughter was constantly making herself heard over the cool things her friends received from their able parents which she has none of course. The cool things however are beyond the budget of this "bake cakes pagi makan pagi, bake cakes petang makan petang" mother. The fuss was understandably understood as being her age is all about parading and sharing the joy of owning anything pinkish, high school musicalish, Hannah Montanahish and all things girlish. And as a mother who never got to own any of the above, I understand her plight. I believe however, that she needs to earn anything which she wishes to have, like helping mama around the house or producing good enough results before she gets to wear her elusive Mp3 on her pocket. Since she did show a progress in her latest monthly exam, I decided to award her with a little teaser before she gets the taste of the real thing once she does well for her Midterm exam. Hence the purchase of the radio branded Bowei!

The adik also demanded one too and since the price is within my range of affordability, they both now proudly wear radio cap Bowei on their pockets! The radio comes in two attractive colours which has a built in speaker, earphone and torchlight lagi. So now, both are walking chewah2 style of perasaning the radio as an Mp3...siankan my kids. They love their new toys to the extent of having the speaker on at all times whilst changing from one radio station to another. It jumps from a warta berita in Mandarin to renditions of love songs in tamil! I reckoned the radio cap Bowei would not last till the morn of morrow with them constantly meddling and shifting chanels and switching off and switching on the torchlight. O yeah at the time I am writing this, kakak's radio aka Mp3 has already gone silent.

Speaking of radio, I remembered how my sis and I would sit beside a huge one at our house in Ipoh for our daily dosage of American Top 40 and also for all the dedication-dedication programmes. We have many favourite songs, ones we would perasan singing beautifully to ha ha ha. You know the feeling of uncontrolled excitement when you heard song dedication from one friend to another, even though you would still meet them at school and of course dedications from boys to girls which would make you scream in delight! Aaaah those ngada2 days ha ha ha.

So for those of you who could recall Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Duran2, Wham, Rick Astley, jacket jeans, bushy-bushy von hairdo and big colourful earings, raise your hands up high.

Da, this will make you remember the Cameron Highland trip which I convenient left the seberokeh of sweet limau on the way down. I know you still haven't forgiven me.

Monday, May 11, 2009

9 Yellow Flowers

Thanks so much Natasha!

...we thought of you,
fluttering when the wind passes thru',
smiling when the sun shines bright,
like a dancing fairy, a beautiful sight.

If only we could grow all flowers of yellow,
and have each one to wipe your sorrow,
so you won't have to ever feel sad,
every time we make you feel mad.

A yellow flower on your hair everyday,
sweet fragrance more than words could say,
to just be near you, not having to leave,
the olfactory of a mother well received.

The nine yellow flowers are for you to remember,
of how pretty you are as a mother,
Daffodil, sunflower and frangipani,
freesia, rose, jasmine and lily,
daisy and carnation in yellow versions,
represent best of our interpretation,
of the special feeling we harbour all this while,
for a mother who gives us reasons to smile.


Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

You Kneaded Me

Glücklicher Geburtstag Schatz. Meine Liebe für Sie... immer. Dieses Lied ist für Sie, Sayang.

Thanks so much Rosniah. It was nice meeting you.

The air is hot where I am standing now. The non existing air-cond and fan makes it even harder for me to finish my work on time. The only ventilation in my kitchen is the overused exhaust fan, running 24 hours a day. The much needed cool air on the contrary would not be good for my sugar paste though. It dries so much faster and for a sloth slow moving creature like myself, working in a haste isn't my greatest affinity.

And here I am kneading and kneading in what seemingly feels like a furnace all day and night long. As warm and hot as it could get sometimes, amazingly I hardly break a sweat. It's all in the mind I reckon, I have mastered the art of sweat control he he he. But tengokla lepas dah siap sumer, the moment I stepped out of the kitchen, voooosh, every pore on my skin will have tiny droplets of water.

Just a short entry today folks since you "kneaded" me to be in the kitchen more than anywhere else. And so in there I shall be for the rest of my time.

Thanks so much Eira, this is the best I could do at the 11th hour.

I did lotsa these folks. If you are interested in simple, fuss free muffs, do give this a try. Selling at only 35 rgt for a pack of 49pcs.
Thanks so much Rohaida!

If I haven't uploaded your cake pictures, I am so so sorry. It takes quite some time to upload them in one entry. I will upload them slowly in time to come. Do come back again.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Mother's Day

Thanks Minyi

This Sunday, children all around big and small would celebrate and appreciate someone who epitomizes diligence, perseverance, kindness, tenderness and love who constantly reigns a special place in the hearts and eyes of everyone. But I know of one, a very close person to me who has suffered and still suffering by the acts of this special person whom we all call mother. He is albeit, a good son, the best ever in this case, putting his mother first above all else, even at his own and family's expense. A used to be "happy family" unit has now succumbed to the wish of a mother. Shattered to pieces, burnt to ashes, he has a family no more. He has let them go. A loyal, beautiful and the most understanding wife was not spared by his a breath of reproach, talak was thrown at this woman's feet witnessed victoriously by his mother.

Yes, he is anak mithali in his mother's eyes and I pray he would find the Syurga under the mother's feet one day. He has given his mother the perfect gift to celebrate Mother's day, whilst another mother of three(his former wife) will not find that syurga she has been hoping for under her husband's feet...simply because he has walked away...far far away... from his responsibility.

A mother's day it was, indeed... yesterday.

Thanks Noraziela

Thanks Eina

Thanks Mayyi

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Made For Walking

Thanks so much Nadia!

I have never been a person wishful of any modern day gadgets. Be it fancy phones, notebooks, not even up to date electrical items which could come handy for my use at home. Wishing is one thing, yearning for them is another and I ridiculously possess neither. A visit to my house would prove my words better than you could ever imagine, like they say seeing is believing. I do not own an industrial oven for my baking, neither do I own an expensive sleek one, only two cheap 89-99rgt wares. I own not an automatic washing machine, only an xyz branded semi auto washer which occupies coyly at the back of my kitchen. I text smses and make calls via a 100rgt phone which serves more than just a telecommunication device, it is my best friend. Regardless of the limited features it shyly carries, I think the world of cameras, no mp3, not even a coloured screen ha ha ha. I do not create strides in a fancy crocs but as I have renamed the inexpensive version as frocs, which work just as fine. You can say I am being cheap, but the truth is I am being reasonable.

Despite not owning or wanting any of those hi tech items mentioned, I do have a strong yearning for something. So much so that it has become a permanent resident in my head ever since I was a young adult. I held on to that wish and was on a regular look out for it whenever or wherever I drag my fake leather handbag to shop. And..... one day, there it was. Perching on a counter with everything else relevant to its use, was the item I have been longing for all my life. It was sleek, beautiful, and just the right price to steal my few ringgits away from my tattered purse. As it was clad in my favourite colour blue, yanking it from the counter made it even much easier!

From that day on, I walk with a spring in my steps. The gadget pushes me farther and farther each day, clocking more kilometres, increasing my pace and lengthening my stride. Walking used to be such a trudge but now it has empowered me to enjoy walking, to want walking. The steep steps to my son's school doesn't look so formidable anymore, neither does the long walk down to my daughter's school. I walk and walk and walk until my kids or my husband stop me, even then, I would still walk in a stationary pose.

At the end of the first day, I gleefully flashed my gadget for my much better half to see. I was perspiring in pride when I showed him the records for that day. I clocked 8208 steps which was equivalent to 3.447 kilometre and lost the whole lot of 196.9 calories. After the announcement I paused for a while just to calculate how much was 196.9 calories were worth before matching the numbers to probably a bowl of cereal. My husband who was resting his head on MY pillow whilst twirling his hair looked bewildered above all else and finally gathered enough courage to verbalize his two cents thoughts of "...tak ker lagi senang if you avoid totally that bowl of cereal?" before charting his loudest laugh ever!

Sheeeeesh! Benc Tau!

My Pedometer
This gadget has made me walking and that's just what I'll do! One of these days this gadget is gonna walk all over you! he he he.

Will update more cake pictures next time around folks, so the letih after much walking.