Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Ultrawomen

There was nothing Ultra in the Ultraman's muffs I made for little Damascus the other day. It was a simple one, nothing fancy shmancy, not even a piece of artwork which deserved flashy superlatives. The un ultraness of this cake however, created a trance of realizations of the genuine Ultraman in the many lives around me. I have met a few and have admired many friends and collegues whose Ultraness would single handedly quash any monstrous, demonic beings which breed and throng the land of Doraemon, Naruto and Inuyasha. They posses superpower much greater than Ultraman Nexus, Ultraman Gaia, Ultraman Dyna, Ultrama Brothers and Ultraman Mebius combined! These people are not just super but superb in everything they do. They don't fly but take flight in celebrating life. They don't possess electrical immunity but are immuned with hardships and they don't have that Ultra clairvoyance beam either but they are easily beamed with pride when it concerns the well being of their family.

Who are these super Ultra people...

Jules of Julesness, read her stories and all her charity work here

and all these students I was privileged to teach. They are professionals with a 9 to 5 job whose undying quest to upgrade themselves awes me completely.

Thanks so much for coming to my class Kak Izan, Amani, Zarina, Dina, Filiz, Zareena, and Nor. I have only respect for you.

If you think Ultraman's Beta Capsule Transformation, Catch Rings, Slash Beam, Ultra chop and Ultra punch are super, wait till you see what these women could do with just a single raise of their eyebrows!

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Juliana Mohd Daud said...

Wiz da wiz! tq, tq, for such kind reference to jules...alah, i buat apa yang termampou je... dats why i wish i ni jenis yg memang dah byk duit harta pusaka, kerja only coz i have the brains and the talent, takyah susah2 kerja to cari makan and bayar bills... so that i can buat charity je manjang...serious. then i ble bawak anak2 round the country, round the world, bagi diorang nampak and faham the real things that are out there, so they know how to truly appreciate life, and grow to always be humbled by the greatness of the divine power. my work is made easier now with the likes of people like you, who i not only learn some things from, but who make things more fun, for everyone, along the way... :)

DaNaSh said...

iskh..iskh..iskh..i am wondering right now, bila la I can bertukar menjadi seperti one of these ultrawomen? tabik hormat!

LizMan said...

Hi K wiz..actually Filiz yg rasa bertuah sgt dapat blaja ngan K Wiz...smua kata my cupcake deco makin improve ..n even Filiz boleh create mcm2 design dgn teknik2 yg K Wiz turunkan... juz kena bykkan practice lagi so my cc deco akan jadi cantik mcm K WIz!!! K Wiz memang Ultrawomen!!!

Lisajoehari said...

Oh lovely lovely!



Wiz said...

Jules, if you are that rich nanti, bwk la I gi skali go round the world k. Kiter buat charity sama2.

Naza - Eh I have been wanting to ask you why tak boleh nak access your blog? You tak bagi I masuk dah ker? Alaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Bagila.

Filiz - I just love it when my students mempraktikkan my methods. Rasa seronok yang tak terhingga. Happy to see you doing great in this line.

Lisa - Yes, fair and lovely! he he he

Kitchen Guardian said...

You are one ultrawoman yrself...bringing smiles and happiness wt yr lovely creations!

Kitchen Guardian said...

You are one ultrawoman yrself...bringing smiles and happiness wt yr lovely creations!

Dina said...

thank you kak Wiz :)
hope to see you again soon