Monday, April 20, 2009

My Little Escapade

If I had all the time in the world and could afford to have a bad interest in managing it, I would plant myself in this beautiful garden and grow amongst the clusters of hydrangea. I would not be as pretty though but I wouldn't mind, as long as I'd have my sight affixed on other things beautiful all around. It wasn't just the hydrangea, it was everything else in the garden which was full of life, like the friendly cat skipping and hopping merrily and the flurry rabbits which seemed to be listening intently to stone-chats.

It was in this beautiful garden that I ended my little escapade. The grand finish to our grand finale. In that sweet mood everyone rejoiced their accomplishments in completing their professional diploma, in a setting I could afford to have only in my dreams. The course had me however, dreaming of only flowers for more than a month. It was roses and orchids one night and lillies and jasmines in another. Pleasant it might seem but tiring would fit the description best as incessant standing and kneading occupied the bulk of my waking hours. It was nevertheless, some of the best times of my life and I have Sugarflours to thank for that.

Some of the flowers made by the students. Which ones are mine? Can you guess?

But the most wonderful experience gained from all of this was the opportunity of meeting new friends like Farida, don't play-play with this lady, Aunty Yon, Master Watie, Chef Liza and Lisa. Time was not only spent kneading and colouring but also engaging ourselves in roars of laughters, exchanging cakerey stories, sharing our qualms and hugging our queen mother (Aunty Yon, who was also one of the participants)whenever we felt the room was too cold for comfort, Love you Aunty! whilst appearing to listen to our dearest most patient Master trainer of course! ha ha ha. Love you too Watie!

Top: Aunty Yon and Farida making themselves busy in front of the camera he he he. Below : Master Watie, Farida and chef Liza taking shots of our final assemble.

It was an escapade I looked forward to every single week, the time I could meet up with other avid cake decorators, the time to unwind, the time to have fun with just us girls. I will surely miss that, not so much of the kneading and wiring though, perhaps more of the beautiful company.
To Watie, thanks so much for the guidance, tips and knowledge shared.
To Aunty Yon, thank you lots for making me warm and for endlessly giving us the much needed encouragements.
To Chef Liza, thanks a bunch for your patience in entertaining our whims and fancies.
Farida, I dah hantar borang anak angkat dulu kat Aunty Yon k, you tak de chance dah mwahahahahaha....seriously thanks for being there.

The beautiful residence of Aunty Yon and family where we had our grand finale. Their hospitality had us blown away. Thank you ever so much!

Janet Jackson - Escapade - Janet Jackson

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Lisajoehari said...

:( so sad i missed the fun (i meant by the food) hehehe..

Thank you for being a part of sugarflours. The garland is beautiful!


fizafarizah said...

congrats to u kak wiz..! hehehe i guess the flower spray yg ada berries tu kot..?? betui tak?

Kitchen Guardian said...


am definitely going to enrol in that diploma class...i also love roses, begonias, gerberas, hydranges...used to do bullion roses for my girl's smocked my attemot will be wt sugar paste!!

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

like i sms-ed you tadi la...OMG!!! i wish i were as talented as you ladies... kesian i kan? i nye cupcake pun is just cake masuk lam cup je! hee hee... anyways, er, can ask the tuan rumah if she would open her house to guests who just want to absorb the beauty of the surrounding? hee hee... anyways, only those who appreciate true beauty can produce real beauties... :) congrats!

MHB said...

wiz! can I guess? the one on top left. betul ke?? but you also said 'which ones are mine" so there are more than one? another guess... the wild lily?? lemme know!! ;-)

Kitchen Guardian said...


think the flower garland was the very anglaise!!

Wan said...

lawa sungguh bunga2 yg dibuat! when la i bleh join kelas u n kelas2 kat kl kan.. n such a beautiful house/garden.. nyaman sungguh nampak

wiz said...

Lisa - The food was terribly gooooood. Did you get to sample my pie?

Fiza - yes...and the wild lily and the wreath and the corsage.

KG - Enroll, you're gonna love it. And yes the Anglaise's is moi one. And a few others. We did about 4 each.

Jules, Dont sell yourself short. You tak try lagi so you wouldnt know. As it is look at your stuff now, full of creativity what?

MHB- Bull's eye!