Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Feeling Super

I had my feet up for a few days....aaah what a bliss. The swelling on my knee has subsided significantly for me to start baking again. But I was cautious this time as not to stay upright for more than my legs could support my body weight. I have a bad habit of retiring only one leg, my left leg. Another hazardous habit is the inability to sit down when work is in progress. On these two feet I roll and knead till late in the wee hours. The only time I would be forced to sit down is when I am driving or when I am having Mike from Desperate Housewives over to fix my sink.

The weak knee prevented me from baking last week but it didn't hinder me from doing something else. I was out walking terjengkut-jengkut around checking interesting stores out. Shops that matter to me, significant to my business which are worth the mention in my blog. I am not paid to do the write ups, neither are the things I purchase from these shops are generously subsidised by the owners( although I do not mind receiving any discounts or free sample items from them)but for sifat keusahawanan sake, I would try unearthing the best and probably the not so best about each store.

Wiz not only bakes and decorates, now she takes you out shopping...teehee hee hee, dah boring duk dapur la tu. So stay tune alright.

If you would like me to write about your business premise do leave me a note here

Thanks Sara!

Thanks Me! You are such a sweetie.

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Afiza said...

Salam Wiz

Hope you are feeling much better and will soon be churning out the most beautiful cakes from your kitchen. I look forward to your write up about your shopping trip yang you buat terjengket-jengket tu..pi mana ye. jumpa apa treasure yang interesting forbakers ke? I am not an entrepreneur but I like to bake and eat the cakes I baked...he.. Take care wiz..Kak Afiza.

MHB said...

oh... ni la cerita (pre-cerita) pasal shops tu ek? Look forward to your adventures!! ;-)

huraz said...

Hi Wiz, I hibernate 1 mth and alot has been happening to you. I read that you had your first class and made many beautiful and unique creations. But what is it with your knee?... take care ya.

Wiz said...

Afiza - I can't wait to share with you too. Want to show all of you the places that make me happy. Thanks for dropping by. Your presence is much appreciated.

MHB- Yup, now you will know my secret hideouts!

Doll- My knee is orang tua knee la Doll. Tua already what kan kiter ni? I ahve always had problems with my knee masa sekolah dulu pun. Now dah tua lagi la.

Min said...

Wiz, love the purple roses..cantik sgt. How's your class coming along ?