Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Que Sera Sera

My son is driving this truck, could you spot him?

You know... that time when you were small but big enough to remember, when the longkang in front of your house was too huge for your tiny stepsoooo myk kali jatuh in that longkang and when your fears were centered around your brothers' mischief as well as the countless spelling and dictation tests at school? Yes, Primary school time... when you were often questioned of your ambitions, ambitions and ambitions!

I remembered answering my teacher enthusiastically of what I wanted to be. The first 8 times at least. And at each time, I answered differently, oblivious to the previous answer I had supplied her. And there was a time when it came to a point of just shrugging or moving my shoulders upwards to show indifference towards the question before concluding it(after much persuasion) with a tepid answer of being a teacher. Most girls in my class jotted down the same answer, it was the second most popular, the most popular was air stewardess. The most ambitious of the lot would have the blank scribbled with lawyer, doctor, engineer or architect, but never a businesswoman, a homemaker, a designer, a baker.

But kids in this era are simply creative with their ambitions, my kids specifically. Both my children wanted to be astronauts for quite sometime. When they grew out of the idea, they toiled with ideas fed by the TV. My daughter felt that she should be an opera singer before realizing that she would nicely fit as a writer. My son's ambitions too camouflaged with the series of visuals flashed on tv. It was a rock star at one point, an ustadz, a baker, a soldier and the latest is a truck driver or F1 driver, taxi driver, any type of driver la, as long as he gets to be behind the wheels. If only I could say,"... be what you want to be children as long as the kerja is halal and you are happy with it." I wish I could be that supportive, but truthfully, I am only human, a mother with her own sets of ambitions for her children, just in case they go astray. But I pray so hard that they wouldn't and I would be happy for whatever they are passionate about as long as it is in the guideline of our religion. I worry...naturally, only befitting of a mother. will just have to be que sera sera for now.

Thanks so so so much Zizi for the orders!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Just got back in...let me catch my breath first before it catches me.

Thanks so much Natasha!

Thanks so much Ira

Thanks so much Shelly

And Jules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for believing! muahs.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

You're My ...


You're my


You make my heart sing,

Thank You so much Iera

You're My Everything!

OPM - You Are My Everything - Martin Nievera

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Little Escapade

If I had all the time in the world and could afford to have a bad interest in managing it, I would plant myself in this beautiful garden and grow amongst the clusters of hydrangea. I would not be as pretty though but I wouldn't mind, as long as I'd have my sight affixed on other things beautiful all around. It wasn't just the hydrangea, it was everything else in the garden which was full of life, like the friendly cat skipping and hopping merrily and the flurry rabbits which seemed to be listening intently to stone-chats.

It was in this beautiful garden that I ended my little escapade. The grand finish to our grand finale. In that sweet mood everyone rejoiced their accomplishments in completing their professional diploma, in a setting I could afford to have only in my dreams. The course had me however, dreaming of only flowers for more than a month. It was roses and orchids one night and lillies and jasmines in another. Pleasant it might seem but tiring would fit the description best as incessant standing and kneading occupied the bulk of my waking hours. It was nevertheless, some of the best times of my life and I have Sugarflours to thank for that.

Some of the flowers made by the students. Which ones are mine? Can you guess?

But the most wonderful experience gained from all of this was the opportunity of meeting new friends like Farida, don't play-play with this lady, Aunty Yon, Master Watie, Chef Liza and Lisa. Time was not only spent kneading and colouring but also engaging ourselves in roars of laughters, exchanging cakerey stories, sharing our qualms and hugging our queen mother (Aunty Yon, who was also one of the participants)whenever we felt the room was too cold for comfort, Love you Aunty! whilst appearing to listen to our dearest most patient Master trainer of course! ha ha ha. Love you too Watie!

Top: Aunty Yon and Farida making themselves busy in front of the camera he he he. Below : Master Watie, Farida and chef Liza taking shots of our final assemble.

It was an escapade I looked forward to every single week, the time I could meet up with other avid cake decorators, the time to unwind, the time to have fun with just us girls. I will surely miss that, not so much of the kneading and wiring though, perhaps more of the beautiful company.
To Watie, thanks so much for the guidance, tips and knowledge shared.
To Aunty Yon, thank you lots for making me warm and for endlessly giving us the much needed encouragements.
To Chef Liza, thanks a bunch for your patience in entertaining our whims and fancies.
Farida, I dah hantar borang anak angkat dulu kat Aunty Yon k, you tak de chance dah mwahahahahaha....seriously thanks for being there.

The beautiful residence of Aunty Yon and family where we had our grand finale. Their hospitality had us blown away. Thank you ever so much!

Janet Jackson - Escapade - Janet Jackson

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Ultrawomen

There was nothing Ultra in the Ultraman's muffs I made for little Damascus the other day. It was a simple one, nothing fancy shmancy, not even a piece of artwork which deserved flashy superlatives. The un ultraness of this cake however, created a trance of realizations of the genuine Ultraman in the many lives around me. I have met a few and have admired many friends and collegues whose Ultraness would single handedly quash any monstrous, demonic beings which breed and throng the land of Doraemon, Naruto and Inuyasha. They posses superpower much greater than Ultraman Nexus, Ultraman Gaia, Ultraman Dyna, Ultrama Brothers and Ultraman Mebius combined! These people are not just super but superb in everything they do. They don't fly but take flight in celebrating life. They don't possess electrical immunity but are immuned with hardships and they don't have that Ultra clairvoyance beam either but they are easily beamed with pride when it concerns the well being of their family.

Who are these super Ultra people...

Jules of Julesness, read her stories and all her charity work here

and all these students I was privileged to teach. They are professionals with a 9 to 5 job whose undying quest to upgrade themselves awes me completely.

Thanks so much for coming to my class Kak Izan, Amani, Zarina, Dina, Filiz, Zareena, and Nor. I have only respect for you.

If you think Ultraman's Beta Capsule Transformation, Catch Rings, Slash Beam, Ultra chop and Ultra punch are super, wait till you see what these women could do with just a single raise of their eyebrows!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Vanilla Pastri

Stepping into a shop that bears "dessert" as its name is pretty welcoming for a dessert sucker like me. The pastry aroma which escaped from the shop's kitchen did more harm than good to my purse that day. I was suddenly filled with that phony eagerness to try and bake the many abducted recipes held captive in my recipe book collection. Recipes which went through the laborious cut and paste process accumulated from all around the world via the Internet: abandoned, untried and untested due to the unfamiliar ingredients they called for. However, a visit to Vanilla Pastry renewed my hopes of finally giving all those recipes at least an attempt as most of the ingredients are found here, sitting seductively, over the store counters. It was like walking into an episode of twilight zone where whispers, murmurs and soft voices of brand names calling and reaching out for me. And like a zombie, eyes half rolled up I picked them all.

Some of the imported goods adorning the counters

This is where I shop for my cake supplies folks. My icing sugar, my butter, my cake boxes, some of my moulds and some other baking stuff, all purchased here. The store holds an interesting array of other imported items too like frozen berries, a good variety of cheese, ready made pastries, cream and a few excellent brand of dairy products. But my pick would be the frozen pizza base which comes in thick and thin rounds, all ready to be topped with tomato sauce and sprinkled lavished with chicken, sausages and cheeeeeeeeeese. Bake them for 20 minutes and breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper are served...tee hee hee..ooops I have been doing a lot of that lately....malasly....guiltily.

I seldom get to meet the owner of Vanilla Pastry(nak gak jumpa, boleh mintak diskaun ker, free items to try ker, cake or roti to sample ker...I am open for ideas he he he)but words from the the helpful girls at the counter mentioned that the owner is a chef or according to the name card, a food consultant. I did ask for his profile but till this day have yet to receive any. So this write up is strictly based on my experience and opinions about the shop.

Rows and rows of products for your grabs.

The well stocked up shop also sometimes sells sliced cakes, apple pies, cheese tarts freshly baked from the store's oven. Savouries like frozen lasagna and mee bandung are also available periodically. This is not your typical cake supply shop where products are almost alike from one shop to another. What makes this shop stand out from the rest of its competitors are the good variety of exotic brand names as well as the friendly and helpful services extended. If you buy more than you can carry, the workers will gladly carry your items to your car, come rain or shine. If tempat lain, baru nak tanya sikit jer, dah tension, dengan masam mukanya and buat tak tahunya sebab they know we will still come back to their shops just because of sekupang dua lagi murah.

The two cheerful girls at the counter.

Vanilla Pastry would not just win your heart over with its content but more importantly the contented feeling attained after your each visit. Let your heart be filled and don't give this shop a miss coz the only thing missing in this store is basically.....YOU!

Vanilla Pastri,
No 33-G-01,
Jalan Medan PB 2B,
Seksyen 9,
Pusat Bandar Bangi,
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 0389223608

ps. NO, I am not related in any way to the shop owner!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Fudgy Sticky Note

This is just a note to excitedly welcome my 50,000th visitor with mystery gifts. Why the mystery? It's because I have yet to know myself what I will be giving away to the lucky server! All you have to do is to take a picture of the lucky 50,000th number on my right screen and email it to me at I will then snail mail the presents to you! If the 50,000th visitor somehow neglects to claim her or his prize, the 50,001th person will receive all the gifts, woo hooo!. So for the 50,001th person, please do take a picture of your number just in case.

Alright folks, I'm off for my shop hopping adventures now. So ... out for a terjengkut2 lady with a cheap outdated camera(which still uses the AA battery)and her note pad lurking around your neighbourhood.

Be nice.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Feeling Super

I had my feet up for a few days....aaah what a bliss. The swelling on my knee has subsided significantly for me to start baking again. But I was cautious this time as not to stay upright for more than my legs could support my body weight. I have a bad habit of retiring only one leg, my left leg. Another hazardous habit is the inability to sit down when work is in progress. On these two feet I roll and knead till late in the wee hours. The only time I would be forced to sit down is when I am driving or when I am having Mike from Desperate Housewives over to fix my sink.

The weak knee prevented me from baking last week but it didn't hinder me from doing something else. I was out walking terjengkut-jengkut around checking interesting stores out. Shops that matter to me, significant to my business which are worth the mention in my blog. I am not paid to do the write ups, neither are the things I purchase from these shops are generously subsidised by the owners( although I do not mind receiving any discounts or free sample items from them)but for sifat keusahawanan sake, I would try unearthing the best and probably the not so best about each store.

Wiz not only bakes and decorates, now she takes you out shopping...teehee hee hee, dah boring duk dapur la tu. So stay tune alright.

If you would like me to write about your business premise do leave me a note here

Thanks Sara!

Thanks Me! You are such a sweetie.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Silence is...



when my computer is broken.

The former would have me jet setting around the globe it's definitely the latter that's been hushing me off, leaving you with a piece of mind in exchange. Now, that is a golden opportunity you should not miss.

Till later...

Thanks so much Farah!