Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tak Nak Pandang Belakang

I have been sleeping quite late this week, passing the 3am mark almost every night now. The solitary time in the kitchen was completely occupied with baking, kneading and moulding, not a second went by with me idling or running away with thoughts other than cakes. I bake not thousands of cupcakes neither do I decorate hundreds of them, but when I say many, it's a meagre amount enough to consume the whole lot of slow me. I am so slow folks, that if I were in a race with a tortoise, it would have zoomed past me and back again in no time at all. Haih!

Last night however, as I was erecting the pengantin bear on a cake whilst humming Oh Bulan, noises other than my croaky voice were also audible. I went... ait? before hmmm... and right after.. the Ayatul Kursi. Placed the unfinished cake into the cake box, switched off the lights and skipped several steps of anak tangga like maybe five or six before crashing myself onto my bed in an effort to deliberately wake my husband up. Unfortunately, judging from the unmatched decible sound pressure level emitted so emphatically that night, no earthquake nor tsunami would have awakened the snoring giant.

...and so last night for the first time in many many nights, I ran to bed early, 1.30am early.

No pickchas for now, sebab camera kat bawah, tak sempat nak bawak lari naik atas tadi, woohoohoohoo.

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- azlin - said...

I know that feeling ! Felt it before myself..not whilst baking but as I was glued to my laptop (in the dark..clever..right?) trying to looking for that perfect recipe..when suddenly..yikes..'Jangan Tegur'..forget abt shutting the laptop..quickly setting it aside..then ineffectively tried to plaster myself to Mon's what felt like 1000 Ayatul Kursi before sleep finally think we used to stay up so late, lying in the darkness of my room, just talking..tak takut pulak hantu masa tu eh ?!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Wiz...same here, infact I would work till dawn, the graveyard shift some would call...and I too encounter some unexplained events. My solution is either to do what u did or if its an urgent carry on working, with quran verses from my lap top instead of my mouth reciting all the surahs & Ayatul Kursi non, no looking at the windows, mirrors or belakang, learned from horror movies, he he he...never go & check out where or what that weird sound is, the actresses in movies never learn it tho :p

Wiz said...

Kak Lin, masa tu, hantu pun boring dgr citer kite ha ha ha, so they went to sleep and left us alone.

Nina - It was an excuse to sleep sebenarnya. I was so tired, they are times when things don't work and I have to redo and remix things, tu la yang lambatnya.

Yea, the actress nevr learn kan? Sajer je cari pasal or maybe the director yang suruh ha ha ha. Sian depa kan? Kalau amik kiter jadi actress mesti direktor tu give up, coz we would rewrite our own stories and make the actors yang takut dan terlari2 asking for our help.

Lisajoehari said...

usually when people say jgn pandang belakang, automatically we will pandang belakang... hehe...

p/s: finish up those flowers!

M-O-M said...

that's why i don't do scarry movies...kang menakutkan diri sendiri je... ha ha ha

anyway, take care of yourself! u work too hard lorrr

- azlin - said...

True ! I bet I sounded like a broken record kan ? How in the world did you put up with my sob stories ? hehehe..good times !

Wiz said...

Lisa - I never did pandang blakan. I am well trained, don't worry. If someone says jgn pandang blakang, trust me, I won't. What flowers????

Dian - I don't do scary movies too, but kekadang tu ttertgk sedutan dia je pun dah haunt me enough!

Kak Lin - I don't remember them being sobby pun? I love listening to heart woes and heart throbs. As if I didn't bore you with mine. Likewise Kak Lin, likewise.

DaNaSh said... own experience was..jangan pandang depan..tup tup ianye muncul bak turun dari kayangan...