Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Thanks Nawwar!

I am one of the above without a breath of doubt in my family's eyes or in anyone's eyes, that is. I guess it is genetically passed down to me by my father; the ultimate biggest sucker of all time, ranks first in the family tee hee hee and I come only second after. Admittedly I would prefer the word compassionate as opposed to sucker, coz we are a bunch of compassionate people mistakenly labelled, wrongly understood at most times as we are easily made to believe that other people are much worthy of our money, so much so, money surrendering is often inevitable.

There were many instances when I pathetically caved in folks, too many, too embarrassing to mention here. But the biggest "suckeringzation" was probably the one I begged my mom to purchase the 500rgt periuk from this young sales lady. She was practically on her knees begging for us to buy the set and I managed to convince my mom that the periuk would be my wedding present. Hmm... and that was when I was in form four kut. Yup! 10 years ago ageometre has stopped working right after I graduated, so sumer pun akan sentiasalah ten years ago. From then on the ball just rolled and continued to roll down hill, unless if someone like my husband or sister stretch their legs across putting a halt to it.

Anyway last weekend as we were exiting Chelos after our lunch with Puan Wati, I had to suddenly duck down and swallow myself upon seeing men in songkok with bagsful of keropoks on their shoulders. Why? coz I have bagged 5 big packs(20rgt per bag) of those keropoks already, one every week...ha ha ha...ha

Keropoks anyone?

I won't be blogging much after this folks, need to rest this swollen knee of mine. But do join me and the rest of this earth counting the stars whilst munching on bags of keropoks on the 28th of this month for one whole hour from 8.30to 9.30pm alright.

Thanks Yatt!

Sucker (Live Acoustic) - John Mayer

6 treats:

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

heheee.... i am such a sucker too! kalau nampak je org tua jual kerepek, keropok, I mesti nudged at DH asking him to buy a packet or two.... ish... tak sampai hati la i nengok org tua sampai malam2 dok jual keropok..... although, I obviously know that some old women/men are sorta employed to do such job by inconsiderate people....

wiz, i loike the pink floer-shape cuppies tu...... so very the feminine ok!

p/s : shoo....shooo.... u shud get some rest... ni apahal ni baca and published my comment....heheeee...

fizafarizah said...

yuhooo...kite nampak itu golf ball...hihihi u yg buat akhirnya ;-)
i pun dok makan keropok lately....layannnn je..

DaNaSh said... second son is exactly like you..just the other day he begged me to buy the 'apam balik' from this old man yang katanye dari tadi takde orang nak beli pun...the other day he asked me to give some money to this pakcik yang merayau-rayau, wearing a songkok kat Pacific..dia tak tau yang anak pakcik tu dah dok tunggu dia dalam kereta Mercs at tepi tangga tu!!!!

hey..what's up with the swollen knee???? ada apa2 news yang I dah tertinggal ke ni??? apa2 pun ..speedy recovery to you and jangan berdiri lama2 buat kek la kawan..

Ivy said...

Save me a bag Wiz, would help to pass the time when I'm sitting in the dark on the 28th. Kejap.... keropok ikan or udang?

What happened to the knee dear? Nak buat acupuncture tak? I can recommend this place kat PJ where I go to.

Wiz said...

Anis - You tak yah beli lagi dah, sebab I dah beli byk!!!!!! ha ha ha. You loike pink? so very Areya la you.

Fiza - I almost wanted to decline the order but kesian plak. Apsal fiza tak nak buat? Tapi skrg tgk fiza tgh in the mood of romance, coz myk menor flowers and love in your design ahaks. If buat kek golf ball ni mesti penuh dgn bunga2 cinta jugak, sure nya.

Ivy - Catch! I just threw you a bag, throw me a bag of your butterscotch cupcakes in return.

Wiz said...

Danash - You know what, I went thru the same incident. I put 10rgt in the blind pakcik's hand one time and tetiba he walked off to this big car driven by his son.

Tapi tak pe, at least I made him happy and that made me happy.