Monday, March 30, 2009

Si Manis

Thanks kak Lin!

I am blessed with relatives and cousins who cook passionately from their kitchens. All to serve, all to entertain, all to share the wholesome dishes whipped lovingly by the hands who simultaneously rock the world.

And folks...your world is about to be rocked. Introducing Si Manis, a cousin of mine who has certainly rocked my world. Yup! she rocked me so hard that I am probably 2kg heavier, all due to her wicked pies.

All the best kak Lin!

Kak Lin ordered she cannot make her own! But I got pies in return wooohooo! Best!

3 treats:

fizafarizah said...

morning kak wiz!! cantik sangattt kek tu..! took my breath away ..hhhmmm geram..!
bukan tanak buat, ikutkan fiza mmg nk grab je all orders tapi apakan daya, sume pun kecik, oven kecik, mixer kecik, dapor kecik dan anak kecik2 belaka hahahaha....alasan ehhh, nway i suka u yg buat, she made a good choice :-)

Kitchen Guardian said...


i love the ribbon and the bunga!!

- azlin - said...

OMG ! how'd you find out abt my blogsite ? I wanted to tell you about it but was too shy..compared to what you do..mine is teramatlah amateur..:-) so, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the mention in your blog.

To all : Everytime I order from Whiz I would leave it to her to decide on the, if its cantik to you, it isn't bcoz I chose the design but it bcoz of my cousin dearest's creativeness !

btw, Ija..Mon tak sempat rasa your cuppies coz he was in China ! so, i have to warn you that there will be another for your cuppies coming up soon ! hehehehe