Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh Bulan!

Thank you so much Khaz for the order!

I was driving back from Bangi last night when my son looked up and saw the full moon. He was quiet the whole way through, staring at the ball of wonder. Its presence was much welcomed that cool rainy night, lending its light whilst accompanying us all the way home. My son was intrigued with our loyal companion in the twilight and asked why it was following us everywhere. I remembered asking the same question to my father when I was his age. But I could hardly remember what his answer was though. I was sure he offered me a very scientific one as he was a science teacher then.

Mine to my son was a typical one I supposed. Explaining how the mammoth size of the moon makes it appear as if it was tailing us everywhere. Kakak was asleep at the back of the car unaware of this little conversation we had. Adik however, still had his gaze transfixed dekat bulan malam tu. But soon out of fatigue he too followed suit joining his sister...dozing off under the bright full moon. And yours truly was left alone in the car that night with thoughts of the moon...

The bulan has always been an image of romance to me. Its setting in the midnight sky shining amongst the twinkling stars and the mentioning of bulan in many love songs are amongst the few reasons why I associate bulan with romance. I once knew a couple who constantly relied on the moon when they were away from each other. I recalled "Mira" nama sebenar he he he, receiving a message via the pager from his boyfriend(now husband) requesting her to look up in the sky, which she instantly did. And I saw that sheepish smile on her face followed by that glow, so bright that it outshone the moon itself that night. The message as I figured was to ask her to look into the sky and witness the full moon. Even when they were not together, they still were under the same full moon, under the same sky, which made them feel closer la, macam tu. So the romanticnesszation kan? he he he.

My husband? hmmmmmmm I wouldn't want him to utter words of romance under a full moon. Coz I am too afraid he would turn into a serigala jadi-jadian, aaaaaawooooooooooooooooooo! Takut! Ahaks. I take him as he is just half of the serigala jadian, bushy eyebrows and all.

But I do need the bulan now to convey my feelings towards my friends who are far far far away. So bulan, take it away...

To Zaza, Khazriyati, Linda, Mush and Salina,

....whenever you girls chance upon a moon in the sky just remember that there's a friend somewhere in Long River who are looking at it too and thinking about all of you.

Thanks so much for the cupcake surprise Zaza! Love all of them. They make me think of you!

Thanks so much Kak Sha!

Thanks so much Gee!

Dan Sebenarnya - Yuna

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Ms Red Hat said...

Dear Wiz,

i gazed at the ball of wonder from the foreshore of the Swan River just now and somehow the moon always appears huge at the beach and i saw your smiling face. And in that blissful moment all my worries and pressure of battling with my never ending assignments vanished in the moonlight.

Wait for me dearie and i am expecting a big honey bear hug on the 12th of April!

Wiz said...

Salina dearest,

No wonder I felt someone was thinking about me when I looked at the moon last night. It was YOU! We were looking at the same moon Salina, it shone down on us. We were connected.

1 Honey bear hug coming up!

cupcakekasih said...

bulan cantik dipandang, manis untuk diingat. tapi tak sukalah bila datang bulan...:-))

Anonymous said...

I love this kid...sejuk je dengar dia nyanyi. Esp during pantang ni, there are times when I feel like crying for no reason & 'angin' like time dtg bulan most of the times. So to perk me up, I listen to this song nowdays...terus senyum ;)
And, yes...visits to your lovely blog makes me happy too!

EFS said...

ahhhhaaaa!! yes he used to do that *sheepish smile*

please note the use of past tense in the remark above LOL

Wiz said...

Mira- See I thought of you guys when I wrote this. At that time the pagers so ruled the world. It was so cool to have one kan.

I was browsing thru the pics in your blog. Izwan looks different,very fatherly(another word for not so very young) but you look the same, like the last time I saw you gazing at the moon.

EFS said...

Hi Wiz ~ I am just wondering if I can have your permission to quote what you here in my blog :)