Monday, March 16, 2009

Launching Rockets

I am no rocket scientist folks, but yesterday I felt like one. I was in a food lab with 6 rockets waiting to be ignited and launched into a spaceful of adventures. This quantum leap decision to lend my little expertise in what seems to be my bread and butter now, came after my discovery of Sugarflours. Priorly I have only limited my experiments at home imparting skills to close friends and relatives. Never in my milky way dream to extend my knowledge at a culinary school of MRN in Bangi. A Universtiy friend Enida had apparently introduced my cakes to the Head of Operation of MRN Lisa, and both Lisa and I just hit it off from there. One thing led to another and before I could heave the next gasp of breath, I was already sharing tips with 6 enthusiastic, eager, talented, aspiring cake decorators.

I call these six people rockets. They had fire in their eyes. Their swift movements seemed to defy gravity and aerodynamic drag effects of any kinds. The concentration projected yesterday defines the relationship between exhaust velocity and mass ratio, fundamental to all space and cake activities. I was left spaced out upon feasting my eyes with their creations. It was truly a sight to behold. I was humbled by their gesture to seek knowledge with such propulsive force. I was especially touched by Zaharah who came all the way from Johor Bahru just to attend my debut formal session. I just hope she was not dissapointed of what was imparted yesterday. The same wish goes to all the other wonderful participants, Dian, Ida, Norzie, Shelly and Intan. I would like to wish them the best of luck, the best of what this space has to offer. Thank you so much for coming and for making my day an eventful one. You girls ROCK!!!!

1. Intan and Shelly trying to ignite the right spark in their experiments.
2. Ida and Zaharah in the process of infusing the right technique.
3. Dian placing crucial details into her concoction.
4. Intan and Shelly getting ready for a take off.
5. Launching time.
6. One for the road.
7. Norzie, Zaharah and Ida handling minute apparatus.
8. Norzie and Dian testing parts.
9. Rockets ready for take offs.

My rockets are orbitting in space full of these! Girls, If you see a yellow spacecraft with spacemonkeys in it, wave alright, we will wave back atcha he he he!

The Head of Operation is having a Headache! he he he, She's a real worker wonder I tell ya!. Below is the founder of Sugarflours, ever so bubbly and smiley. Anyone would love to be around her.

Almost famous - Yuna

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Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz the wiz,

i am so grateful for all you talented pretty-cake makers... you guys make my life lovelier, in a way that i don't think i ever can... :)

Anonymous said...

Wiz dear, I knew it!
I knew it was going to be a blast! I was thinking of you and your class the whole morning yesterday (hence the sms-es!) Hehehe. Lisa and I were excited even the day before - talking about it all the way to Radhatus Sakinah.

I am now harassing Lisa to get MRN to offer 'Weekend Mom-n-Monchy' classes. Not just school-holiday classes. If Lisa is harassed enough, I tell ya're in trouble. I mean, demand!

M-O-M said...

we should be thanking you kak wiz, truly cake decorator scientist! your simple way of doing it really motivate me to start saving for the industrial like mixer and digital weighing m/c! hha ha..

Lisajoehari said...

thank you for the lovely post. It was a fabulous collabo... Salute!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

boxhousestudio said...


....camne nak me ya...mmmmm....nampak best sangat sangat

i suka fondan yang berona lembut cam gini....

salam hormat

Anonymous said...

Bet it was a blast...jeles ni :)

Wiz said...

Sorry for the late reply folks, got tied up with things. Anyway,

Jules - Come to my class, and I will change that mental perception of yours.

Enida - Why didn't you drop by? WOuld have been funner! Thanks for smsing me though really appreciate the moral support.

Dian - You've got "it" la Dian, soon with more interest, you'll be baking away to the delight of your family and friends and maybe new found fans.

Lisa - Like I said, you are a worker wonder, hope they are paying you well, way well.

Kak Tun, jap eh, nanti wiz email kak Tun. Bila Kak Tun boleh datang?

Nina - Take a deep breath and relax. Use the pantang time to really rest your feet before coming back and bakegain. Coz right now I am the one wishing to be in your shoes, makan soup and jaga baby and watch all the MHI and Wanita Hari Ini.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wiz, sangatlah nak datang. Apakan daya, sms-es pengganti diri. Echeh! I was in the neighborhood on that Sunday (if you call Prima Saujana 'in the neighborhood' with Section 8 Bangi lah kan).

I was at my younger sister's place to take my mom back to mine. Among my mom's hajat(s) was to go to my place because she claimed she hadn't seen it. Padahal dia yang tak ingat.

Anyway, with two ekors on the booster seats, one mom in the front, and a Bibik in between the said booster seats...dropping by at your class was like raining on your parade! Hishhh! Pogedid!

Let me know when you are at MRN next. If it's on a weekday I'll make a detour from Kit's school, delightedly (cari alasan nak gi kopitiam)!

wan said...

Kak Wiz,

will there be another class soon?
Kot ada let me know, in case I can join ya!

Wiz said...

Wan please write to me here

Kak wiz ada a few yang nak join class kat rumah, maybe you can join them sekali.