Monday, March 30, 2009

The Thought That Counts

Thanks So much Rohaida! The Barbie's skirt was inspired by the lovely works of Kak Jun.

It was a Saturday afternoon, 12 noon to be exact. I had three cakes in my car carefully placed in my Juara trunk to be delivered by 12.30 noon. I had to take a detour however, to fetch my son from his kem solat bistari before relinquishing the cakes to their rightful owners. The road leading to the school was crawling with cars, which forced us to park quite far form the school entrance. My husband had to climb the steep and slippery hilly slope to grab our son and make his way down as quickly as he possibly could as we had a timeline to meet. While he was puffing and huffing ascending the bukit, I was sitting in the car, screens down sipping air jambu with my daughter he he he. It was such an extraordinary hot day, but the icey air jambu compensated it all.

My watch clocked 12.15 and still there was no sight of He-Man and He-Boy. The once packed road has somehow subsided, leaving my yellow transformers car sticking like a sore thumb under those big shady trees. And standing near to one tall tree, was a little girl in an over sized tudung sekolah with a bag so huge, you could fill up 20 jambu batus in it. She was crying. She was tersedu2 crying holding the end of her tudung to her eyes, concealing her face so no one would see. I walked up to her, bent down and asked "...kenapa adik nangis ni?" She kept on crying and refused to answer. Perhaps she had been warned not to talk to strangers. My daughter stepped down and said ", ni classmate Anin ni Ma, I recognize her." Both my daughter and I tried to convince her that we were good people and mentioned my son's name to comfort her all at the same time. After a little bit of coaxing, we learnt that her mother or father was late in picking her up and she didn't know their hand phone numbers for me to reach them. And reach them I so needed to do at that point of time as I was worried of running late for my delivery appointments.

He-Man and He-Boy finally made their way down around the same time this little girl was still standing on this deserted road. Everyone had gone back by 12.30, the school was already closed. I had initially thought to report this girl to the school's office and wanted the staff to check her record for phone numbers. But it was too late, the gate was locked, no one was around to entertain any of our queries. So we waited with her, offering her the air jambu, a seat and a hand around her shoulders till she cried no more. When she saw my son, she was a little bit consoled and relieved. We weren't to her that psychotic children kidnapper after all.

The time shouted 12.45noon...I was officially late. I was fidgeting, hands sweating, heart ballooning, angry at the parents for coming so late. We could have just gone off and left the little girl there, but we didn't, we couldn't. And suddenly a car whooshed out of nowhere, with an angry looking mother inside, shaking her head to show some kind of a disapproval to this little girl. The little girl whom we have comforted and looked after for almost an hour disappeared with that black car. The mother didn't approach us, didn't lift a hand neither did she give a honk of recognition or thanks. She zoomed past us as if she was the only person in this world who was in a hurry to be somewhere.

As we were about to board our car, quite affected with what has just happened, another girl came running to us asking if we had seen her sister. She was red faced, about to cry and her fingers were meddling with each other. Fortunately she remembered her sister's phone number and made a call via my handset. 10 minutes later she was returned to her sister, safe and sound. No smile was thrown, not a single nod, not even an angkat tangan gesture from the sister, let alone a word of thanks. We didn't expect one actually after what we had gone through, we were just going with the flow then.

We weren't hoping to be thanked profusely folks for what we did, but a mere honk or angkat tangan or at least a simple nod would have sufficed.

I strongly believe it's the thought that counts.

The heat from the extraordinary hot day escaped me all suddenly. I turned frozen cold.

Thanks so much Nora!

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jentayuh007 said...

Hi teacher, quite a while I haven't heard anything from you? How are you doing? I was wandering about your cake, can we eat the barbie? hehehe.. Seriously, bila tgk your cakes, teringat kat teacher.. hehe..


Kitchen Guardian said...


Cutenya barbie and minie and the lilac flowers and white daisies (hmmm teghingat I punya!!) are so darn sweet...nak belajaq, nak belajaq!

fizafarizah said...

so sad kan.. this kind of situation sometimes happen to me too, lebih sedih lagi 'org2 kita' yg kurang courtesy compared to the western..camner tu yek??

M-O-M said...

hmmm sungguh tak berterima kasih langsung depa ni...

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

aaaaa!!!!! wiiiiizzzzzz!!!!!

i love both cakes in this post! i tak la minat sangat minnie mouse tu, my kids do, but i so love skirt barbie tu! and nelliena nye kek ni i suka giler...kalau i jadi birthday girl tu, or the mommy, memang i happy sangat!

DaNaSh said...

ishhh ishhhh ishhhh..modern living standard la life without virtues

Sugarpink Icing said...

kesian the girl, luckly you're there! luv the cake, barbie and mickey-great combo!

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

wiz, i so wonder what's gonna happen to the next generation if parents behaved in such manners..... so bl**dy rude okay!(pardon my language).... sungguh mangkuk ayun mereka mereka itu.....

ni bila boleh meet up for tea ni?

p/s : tak suka la tgk barbie tu...sebab cantikkkkkkkk sangatttttt!!!

alia said...

Wiz, I was faced with the same situation last week when I picked up the boys from that Kem. But it was one of our Krista kids & recognising this familiar face, he held on to my hands. "Teacher, jangan pergi dulu ye. Tolong call papa mama saya". Luckily we have always reminded them to memorize parents' phone numbers so I could call them but alas! "nombor yg anda dail...". So there I stood under the hot blistering sun with him until his dad showed up. Except my ending was a sweeter one with the grateful father thanking me profusely.

Ahau - Dee said...

Setuju dengan fizafarizah ... omputeh lebih tahu adab sopan dari orang kita yang beragama Islam kononnya tapi gagal untuk apply kan concept Islam yang bukan sekadar solat lima waktu saja.

Orang Kiwi walaupun tak kenal kita, cukup mudah tegur kita dengan senyuman ... apatah lagi kalau kita tolong mereka ... tak henti-henti ucap terima kasih.

Huh! I pulak yang gerammmmmm

Wiz said...

Azan- Yes if you are that hungry, why not, gobble up the plastic Barbie he he he.

Kitchen Guardian - Tell me what you want to learn and I will teach you, but right after that I might have to kill you, mwahahahaha. Creepy plak saya hari ni.

Fiza- Tak taula nak ckp apa, I think it was that time of the month for them kut. Tak de mood.

Dian - Sudahla Dain, mari kita lupakan segala2 nya. Jom gi makan ais krim.

Julie the Jules - Nanti untuk kesh I buat kan Barbie standing at the construction site k? Bley?

Sugarpink- Sebab sina la we waited and behind our schedules and our kepentingan aside. But I was just glad that she was picked up by the mother, if not nak gi report balai polis ke apa ke, lagi haru. Thanks for dropping by.

Anis - I am afraid to think that far. Can't even imagine how cold the world would be. We have virtual tea together k, I always have mine before I hit the hay, around 12ish cam tu.

Alia - You are that angelic face children feel safe with, especially Krista children whom you have taught before. And if the parents tak thank you, memang sajer la nak kena he he he. So, how many sengkuang do you take a week? I have stopped sebab batuk plak lately.

Deeee- Sabar bro sabar. It wasn't my day. It wasn't theirs too I guessed coz they were not in a grateful mood. But I was just glad the girls were all safe and sound, itu je dah memadai.