Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Say It Best...

...when I say nothing at all.

Thanks Aida!

Thanks Khairul Bariah!

Thanks Faizal!

Thanks Netty!

Thanks Meeza!

Thanks Azizun!

Thanks Yasmin!

...and thanks Anne for your many cupcakes, sorry gambar tak sempat tangkap la Anne.

3 treats:

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

i LOVE this song and i still hv a huge crush on Ronan Keating ; ) Hugh Grant too for that matter! hehehhehe And i love that Liverpool cake! I should order one for my bro's birthday coming up, do u send cakes to spore???
I am still mad busy Wiz, so kekadang mai sini, sempat baca je, tak sempat tak letak comment.... but i know u would understand! Hugs xxx will come around again ok, got to dash!

Kay Husna Kadir said...

How nostalgic....listening to the song. I bet u listen to this kind of songs when baking or set the mood....
Wiz, give me ur address day Im going to just drop by and place my order (for teacher's day celeb.!) and see u in action...such beautiful masterpieces created by you!

Wiz said...

Mush - I still have a crush on Ronan K! Love his husky powerful voice and that boyish look of his. I am afraid I dont send cakes to Singapore la Mush, sorry. You dont need to comment la, just drop by anytime, I can always feel your presence here.

Husna - I don't listen to any songs whilst decorating. All I could hear is my voice flying everywhere in the room screaming
" Anin, mandi! Iman solat!, buat homework, kemas katil so on and so forth. he he he