Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cry For Help

Thanks Elaine!

Each time when tears brim in my eyes, I'd often give my eyelids a flutter in order to allow the tears to escape naturally down my cheeks. And each flutter invites more and more flutters and consequently more and more tears are produced, somehow igniting the biological process of crying. But I wasn't crying folks, I was sick, still am. My eyes are red and teary, nose itchy and watery, joints aching, head pounding, shoulders throbbing, knees and hands shivering. Standing upright has never been this challenging before. It felt as though I was trying to scale Mount Everest when all the mount I had to conquer was the mount of unwashed and unironed clothes.

Speaking of mountain climbing, I had a friend from Sabah who has scaled Mount Kinabalu a couple of times. Dayang as she is fondly called has treaded the path up to Mount Kinabalu in her extremely petite frame. After listening to the story of how she escalated the highest Mountain in South East Asia, I remembered jotting down "climb Mount Kinabalu" in my to do list. The idea has never really perished, considering that I am in no physical condition to attempt the feat. It is still at the back of my mind lingering with my other to do things in that long long list.

I am climbing folks nevertheless, every single day...conquering a different type of mountains in life. The Everest of house chores, the K2 of kids, the Kangchenjunga of mothering, the Lhotse of wifing, the Makalu of earning a living. And today I just climbed another peak Dhaulagiri in Nepal when I was drenched in the rain, panting, coughing and sneezing with tears in my eyes awaiting for someone. I couldn't hold the umbrella, the concealed cakes needed my two hands when suddenly it poured.

But,seriously I wasn't crying, I just had water in my eyes.

Thanks Dianah!
Thanks Liza!

Thanks Netty! Netty has been such a regular with wizcakes.

Thanks Amy. Dah tak tarik2 rambut dah k.

Again thanks so much Anne for the many2 many cupcakes. Anne orders hundreds of cupcakes almost every week. A teacher with a heart of gold. Those cupcakes she orders are for her students.

Cry For Help -missMp3- - Rick Astley

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fizafarizah said...

Kak Wiz...get well soon ya.. Salutelah you dlm pada tak sihat pun dapat create lovely cakes..! love the chocolate gold tu ;-D, take care n have a nice long wknd..!

uya ahmad said...
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PG CakeCraft said...

Hi Wiz, came to ur blog thru yasmin's baking project.loved reading ur'cry for help'post. it was funny yet true. u couldn't hve put ur feelings on a more better way, and the feelings you have is, i guess mutual for every housewife. btw way may i knw where did u get ur stencils in kl? i'm fr Penang & will come down to Kl next wk.will appreciate if you could email to the supplier's address. thanks. my email is

huraz said...

Hi Wiz... are you not well? Take care ya. The petite Dayang yg naik Mount Kinabalu tu our TESL dayang ke?

Wiz said...

Fiza - When an order has been placed, it is almost impossible to cancel. unless it involves life and death. So sakit macam mana pun kena abiskan jugak and try the best so not to have the cakes look as sick as you are.

Uya - Hmmmm, why use @#$%^& word? It gives a bad connotation, serious. I didn't teach you that. When you put symbols like that it could only mean you are substituting a bad word.

PG - Thanks for dropping by. I have answered your question via email.

Huraz - Doll, tak sihat la Doll. This type of weather often invites my asthma and fever cum flue, tonsilitis sumer cukup. I can't barely lift my head up/ Azam pun is down with it, so you can imagine the house not being in order.

Yup Cik Dayang kita tu la. Do you know where she is, send my salam, and ask her to read my entry.

nesca said...

OMG! What a cake!!!!!!! *pengsan*

ms hart said...

Wiz, whatever it is, your health must come first, ok? InsyaAllah, if your customers are truly supportive of you, they'll understand in case you really can't make it. Unless ada husband nak buat surprise-surprise gituuu..ha ha ha

Err...that mountains of laundry...never ending story!!! Now, now...I want to cry real loud already...haiya!!!

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

hey ya Wiz babe! I shall doakan that u get healthy real soon but i think u just need rest ok, stop overflowing your brain with all sorts of to do things, daily things! am sure your other half can handle it for awhile while u sit it out and rest!!! I do hope u r resting Wiz!! I send u tons of healthy vibes all the way from across the globe! I used to be so stuck on this song, now its stuck in my head.... = ) Hv a gd weekend, hugs for now and hv a healthy week ahead!

uya ahmad said...

sorry teacher..i dunno what else to use.....erm...dun mean that actually....

wiz said...

Nesca - errm, checking pulse now, asking my cat to do mouth to mouth breathing to you. Yup, you are still alive. Welcome back Nesca, you won yourself a cake!

Hart - Yup health is wealth, but sometimes I do tend to forget that. Bila dah tersemput and tercungap2 gini baru la nak cari vitamin, terukkan? That mount of laundry tu ada name tau Mount Busuk! which nobody wants to climb on except si tua kerepot ni la hai.

Mush - Do you realize that we kinda love the same songs? Hmmmmm great people sing alike huh? he he he. Tapi Ronan tu I chup dulu k, he is mineeeeeeeee!

Uya, teacher tak marah la, just I want yo to know what those symbols mean when you write them out. That's all.