Monday, March 30, 2009

The Thought That Counts

Thanks So much Rohaida! The Barbie's skirt was inspired by the lovely works of Kak Jun.

It was a Saturday afternoon, 12 noon to be exact. I had three cakes in my car carefully placed in my Juara trunk to be delivered by 12.30 noon. I had to take a detour however, to fetch my son from his kem solat bistari before relinquishing the cakes to their rightful owners. The road leading to the school was crawling with cars, which forced us to park quite far form the school entrance. My husband had to climb the steep and slippery hilly slope to grab our son and make his way down as quickly as he possibly could as we had a timeline to meet. While he was puffing and huffing ascending the bukit, I was sitting in the car, screens down sipping air jambu with my daughter he he he. It was such an extraordinary hot day, but the icey air jambu compensated it all.

My watch clocked 12.15 and still there was no sight of He-Man and He-Boy. The once packed road has somehow subsided, leaving my yellow transformers car sticking like a sore thumb under those big shady trees. And standing near to one tall tree, was a little girl in an over sized tudung sekolah with a bag so huge, you could fill up 20 jambu batus in it. She was crying. She was tersedu2 crying holding the end of her tudung to her eyes, concealing her face so no one would see. I walked up to her, bent down and asked "...kenapa adik nangis ni?" She kept on crying and refused to answer. Perhaps she had been warned not to talk to strangers. My daughter stepped down and said ", ni classmate Anin ni Ma, I recognize her." Both my daughter and I tried to convince her that we were good people and mentioned my son's name to comfort her all at the same time. After a little bit of coaxing, we learnt that her mother or father was late in picking her up and she didn't know their hand phone numbers for me to reach them. And reach them I so needed to do at that point of time as I was worried of running late for my delivery appointments.

He-Man and He-Boy finally made their way down around the same time this little girl was still standing on this deserted road. Everyone had gone back by 12.30, the school was already closed. I had initially thought to report this girl to the school's office and wanted the staff to check her record for phone numbers. But it was too late, the gate was locked, no one was around to entertain any of our queries. So we waited with her, offering her the air jambu, a seat and a hand around her shoulders till she cried no more. When she saw my son, she was a little bit consoled and relieved. We weren't to her that psychotic children kidnapper after all.

The time shouted 12.45noon...I was officially late. I was fidgeting, hands sweating, heart ballooning, angry at the parents for coming so late. We could have just gone off and left the little girl there, but we didn't, we couldn't. And suddenly a car whooshed out of nowhere, with an angry looking mother inside, shaking her head to show some kind of a disapproval to this little girl. The little girl whom we have comforted and looked after for almost an hour disappeared with that black car. The mother didn't approach us, didn't lift a hand neither did she give a honk of recognition or thanks. She zoomed past us as if she was the only person in this world who was in a hurry to be somewhere.

As we were about to board our car, quite affected with what has just happened, another girl came running to us asking if we had seen her sister. She was red faced, about to cry and her fingers were meddling with each other. Fortunately she remembered her sister's phone number and made a call via my handset. 10 minutes later she was returned to her sister, safe and sound. No smile was thrown, not a single nod, not even an angkat tangan gesture from the sister, let alone a word of thanks. We didn't expect one actually after what we had gone through, we were just going with the flow then.

We weren't hoping to be thanked profusely folks for what we did, but a mere honk or angkat tangan or at least a simple nod would have sufficed.

I strongly believe it's the thought that counts.

The heat from the extraordinary hot day escaped me all suddenly. I turned frozen cold.

Thanks so much Nora!

Si Manis

Thanks kak Lin!

I am blessed with relatives and cousins who cook passionately from their kitchens. All to serve, all to entertain, all to share the wholesome dishes whipped lovingly by the hands who simultaneously rock the world.

And folks...your world is about to be rocked. Introducing Si Manis, a cousin of mine who has certainly rocked my world. Yup! she rocked me so hard that I am probably 2kg heavier, all due to her wicked pies.

All the best kak Lin!

Kak Lin ordered she cannot make her own! But I got pies in return wooohooo! Best!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Thanks Nawwar!

I am one of the above without a breath of doubt in my family's eyes or in anyone's eyes, that is. I guess it is genetically passed down to me by my father; the ultimate biggest sucker of all time, ranks first in the family tee hee hee and I come only second after. Admittedly I would prefer the word compassionate as opposed to sucker, coz we are a bunch of compassionate people mistakenly labelled, wrongly understood at most times as we are easily made to believe that other people are much worthy of our money, so much so, money surrendering is often inevitable.

There were many instances when I pathetically caved in folks, too many, too embarrassing to mention here. But the biggest "suckeringzation" was probably the one I begged my mom to purchase the 500rgt periuk from this young sales lady. She was practically on her knees begging for us to buy the set and I managed to convince my mom that the periuk would be my wedding present. Hmm... and that was when I was in form four kut. Yup! 10 years ago ageometre has stopped working right after I graduated, so sumer pun akan sentiasalah ten years ago. From then on the ball just rolled and continued to roll down hill, unless if someone like my husband or sister stretch their legs across putting a halt to it.

Anyway last weekend as we were exiting Chelos after our lunch with Puan Wati, I had to suddenly duck down and swallow myself upon seeing men in songkok with bagsful of keropoks on their shoulders. Why? coz I have bagged 5 big packs(20rgt per bag) of those keropoks already, one every week...ha ha ha...ha

Keropoks anyone?

I won't be blogging much after this folks, need to rest this swollen knee of mine. But do join me and the rest of this earth counting the stars whilst munching on bags of keropoks on the 28th of this month for one whole hour from 8.30to 9.30pm alright.

Thanks Yatt!

Sucker (Live Acoustic) - John Mayer

Friday, March 20, 2009

Stuck With You!

Thanks so much Netty!

Since my much better half is in the midst of developing the kinematics and energetics of nuclear reactions and radioactivity as well as identifying and assessesing biological risks associated with ionizing radiation whilst
exploring the use of nuclear techniques in medical therapy which the University has in full effort made it compulsory for the nuclear open day activities to coincide with the school holidays, my kids and I are left stuck with each other cooped in this cake house of ours. And since my much better half would be busy the entire week participating in the nuclear open day activities which ends with a Sungkai Motivational Training that also coincides with the school holidays, I chose to take up as many cake orders as these pair of hands can whip and decorate them.

It's easy to keep myself occupied this school holidays with the cake orders and all. But keeping the melting chocolate fudge and vanilla cream in place is an atomic job for any nuclear scientists! My feet are grounded in this house most of the time, leaving the house is only to persue cake stuff at nearby shops or deliver cakes at the Shell station which is also around the vicinity.

Therefore the kids' activities during the school holidays are limited to doing their workbooks, screaming and running around the house, squabbling with each other, messing one room after another, watching endless cartoons and o yeah ... the exhilirating, exciting, ear piercing screaming this.....right in the kitchen! under mama's nose, behind mama's back, around mama's armpit and right before mama's eyes. teehehehehe. Alhamdulillah we are at least together driving each other mad.

So what have your kids been up to this school holidays?

Thanks so much Yasmin! Made a lotta these this week.

Thanks so much Noreen!

Thanks so much Dayah!

Thanks again Netty! You've been a doll.

Stuck With You - Huey Lewis & The News

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tak Nak Pandang Belakang

I have been sleeping quite late this week, passing the 3am mark almost every night now. The solitary time in the kitchen was completely occupied with baking, kneading and moulding, not a second went by with me idling or running away with thoughts other than cakes. I bake not thousands of cupcakes neither do I decorate hundreds of them, but when I say many, it's a meagre amount enough to consume the whole lot of slow me. I am so slow folks, that if I were in a race with a tortoise, it would have zoomed past me and back again in no time at all. Haih!

Last night however, as I was erecting the pengantin bear on a cake whilst humming Oh Bulan, noises other than my croaky voice were also audible. I went... ait? before hmmm... and right after.. the Ayatul Kursi. Placed the unfinished cake into the cake box, switched off the lights and skipped several steps of anak tangga like maybe five or six before crashing myself onto my bed in an effort to deliberately wake my husband up. Unfortunately, judging from the unmatched decible sound pressure level emitted so emphatically that night, no earthquake nor tsunami would have awakened the snoring giant.

...and so last night for the first time in many many nights, I ran to bed early, 1.30am early.

No pickchas for now, sebab camera kat bawah, tak sempat nak bawak lari naik atas tadi, woohoohoohoo.

Picture taken from here>

Monday, March 16, 2009

Launching Rockets

I am no rocket scientist folks, but yesterday I felt like one. I was in a food lab with 6 rockets waiting to be ignited and launched into a spaceful of adventures. This quantum leap decision to lend my little expertise in what seems to be my bread and butter now, came after my discovery of Sugarflours. Priorly I have only limited my experiments at home imparting skills to close friends and relatives. Never in my milky way dream to extend my knowledge at a culinary school of MRN in Bangi. A Universtiy friend Enida had apparently introduced my cakes to the Head of Operation of MRN Lisa, and both Lisa and I just hit it off from there. One thing led to another and before I could heave the next gasp of breath, I was already sharing tips with 6 enthusiastic, eager, talented, aspiring cake decorators.

I call these six people rockets. They had fire in their eyes. Their swift movements seemed to defy gravity and aerodynamic drag effects of any kinds. The concentration projected yesterday defines the relationship between exhaust velocity and mass ratio, fundamental to all space and cake activities. I was left spaced out upon feasting my eyes with their creations. It was truly a sight to behold. I was humbled by their gesture to seek knowledge with such propulsive force. I was especially touched by Zaharah who came all the way from Johor Bahru just to attend my debut formal session. I just hope she was not dissapointed of what was imparted yesterday. The same wish goes to all the other wonderful participants, Dian, Ida, Norzie, Shelly and Intan. I would like to wish them the best of luck, the best of what this space has to offer. Thank you so much for coming and for making my day an eventful one. You girls ROCK!!!!

1. Intan and Shelly trying to ignite the right spark in their experiments.
2. Ida and Zaharah in the process of infusing the right technique.
3. Dian placing crucial details into her concoction.
4. Intan and Shelly getting ready for a take off.
5. Launching time.
6. One for the road.
7. Norzie, Zaharah and Ida handling minute apparatus.
8. Norzie and Dian testing parts.
9. Rockets ready for take offs.

My rockets are orbitting in space full of these! Girls, If you see a yellow spacecraft with spacemonkeys in it, wave alright, we will wave back atcha he he he!

The Head of Operation is having a Headache! he he he, She's a real worker wonder I tell ya!. Below is the founder of Sugarflours, ever so bubbly and smiley. Anyone would love to be around her.

Almost famous - Yuna

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh Bulan!

Thank you so much Khaz for the order!

I was driving back from Bangi last night when my son looked up and saw the full moon. He was quiet the whole way through, staring at the ball of wonder. Its presence was much welcomed that cool rainy night, lending its light whilst accompanying us all the way home. My son was intrigued with our loyal companion in the twilight and asked why it was following us everywhere. I remembered asking the same question to my father when I was his age. But I could hardly remember what his answer was though. I was sure he offered me a very scientific one as he was a science teacher then.

Mine to my son was a typical one I supposed. Explaining how the mammoth size of the moon makes it appear as if it was tailing us everywhere. Kakak was asleep at the back of the car unaware of this little conversation we had. Adik however, still had his gaze transfixed dekat bulan malam tu. But soon out of fatigue he too followed suit joining his sister...dozing off under the bright full moon. And yours truly was left alone in the car that night with thoughts of the moon...

The bulan has always been an image of romance to me. Its setting in the midnight sky shining amongst the twinkling stars and the mentioning of bulan in many love songs are amongst the few reasons why I associate bulan with romance. I once knew a couple who constantly relied on the moon when they were away from each other. I recalled "Mira" nama sebenar he he he, receiving a message via the pager from his boyfriend(now husband) requesting her to look up in the sky, which she instantly did. And I saw that sheepish smile on her face followed by that glow, so bright that it outshone the moon itself that night. The message as I figured was to ask her to look into the sky and witness the full moon. Even when they were not together, they still were under the same full moon, under the same sky, which made them feel closer la, macam tu. So the romanticnesszation kan? he he he.

My husband? hmmmmmmm I wouldn't want him to utter words of romance under a full moon. Coz I am too afraid he would turn into a serigala jadi-jadian, aaaaaawooooooooooooooooooo! Takut! Ahaks. I take him as he is just half of the serigala jadian, bushy eyebrows and all.

But I do need the bulan now to convey my feelings towards my friends who are far far far away. So bulan, take it away...

To Zaza, Khazriyati, Linda, Mush and Salina,

....whenever you girls chance upon a moon in the sky just remember that there's a friend somewhere in Long River who are looking at it too and thinking about all of you.

Thanks so much for the cupcake surprise Zaza! Love all of them. They make me think of you!

Thanks so much Kak Sha!

Thanks so much Gee!

Dan Sebenarnya - Yuna

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Deeper Conversations

It is something that I have always wanted to do....and this girl did it...beautifully! She took my breath away.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Not many people know of this quaint special place,
a haven of hopes, a paradise of opportunities.
It's just difficult for anyone not to be amazed,
of the hidden splendour of endless possibilities.

Isn't it wonderful to know of such a hangout?
A place where your needs are met individually.
Meeting others where you can endlessly talk about,
similar interests that make you happy.

And trotting I went diddilly, dweedooly,
to sample sugar, spice and all things nice.
Friendly faces welcomed me instantaneously,
T'was truly a delightful surprise.


sugar and spice and all things nice.

Some of the many courses available at

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Killing Him Softly With My Song

As I lay sickly stricken on my side of the bed with vicks in one hand and crumpled tissues in another, I playfully, nothing to do-ly, teasingly asked my much better half a question. He was sitting at the edge of the bed folding some clothes whilst trying his best to be ready to match my silly question with his equally silly answer.

"Chami, if there would be a song that you could ask me not to sing or dedicate to you, what would it be?"

I was already humming to several slow number tunes, the same ones I have always carried, every time I feel sombre and under the weather. He was on the other hand tapping to his own Dream Theater beat imagining he was Mike Portnoy, drumming and hitting nothingness in the air.

Our music preferences are of langit and bumi and we are constantly fighting for music space in the car, on the computer, even in our own heads. He loathes the type of music I listen to and I just can't bear the thundering, volcanic beats of his choice.

He was almost finished with the clothes by the time he decided to answer me, and knowing him, I expected a list of songs instead of him naming just one.

He heaved a few sighs and chuckles as he claimed there were too many. I reminded him again "One song jer k, tak leh byk2, satu jer."

"...Ala" He protested but continued with a clever answer...

"Anything from Air Supply!" and before I could say anything he concluded his choice with "...and that song you always sing...killing me softly with his song you are really killing me with that song!"

I said "...hey, that's my favourite song!!!!!!!!" and of course I just had to sing it ever so loudly the moment he mentioned it, sajer je out of geram ha ha ha.

But since he has helped me lipat the kain and all, I had to respect his wishes and not sing him the song in full, just the chorus tee hee hee.

The dark clouds have yet to uncover me, I am still gurgling in this cold but alhamdulillah I am recovering slowly. In the meantime, need to prepare for my class this Sunday and think of some more silly questions to ask my much better half.

Till then I leave you with this "Blast" I wake up to every morning. He is my blast of life, noisy, very, but still mine to share with the kids, insyaAllah.

Killing Me Softly With HisSong - Roberta Flack