Monday, February 23, 2009

What If...

...the eyes could twitch
performing miracles sans a glitch,

Thanks Rini!

and the hands could spin
casting spells on sugary origin,

and the ears could understand
listening to tales from a friend,

and the heart could follow
embracing lessons for tomorrow?

Thanks Yus!

What if...

your day starts
with lessons on sugary arts,
would you come to enroll,
with me, we knead and mould
little flowers that make us happy
on cupcakes they sit pretty.

Come as you are, come as you please
capturing the decorating gist
all in a whiz.

Will update more details on fondant cupcake decorating class soon.

Date : 15th March
Day : Sunday
Venue : MRN Bangi
Time : 9.30 - 1.30pm

Interested? write to me with the heading " Cupcake Class"

In the meantime do have fun with this new Sugarflour in town.

Thanks Eny!

Thanks Iza!

31 treats:

domestic engineer said...

Wow opening a cupcake decorating class already! Or is this yg ke berapa kali, I je yg ter miss? Wish I were around to attend one of your classes.

Anonymous said...

My dear Wiz....
Huaaa...why March, make it May!!!!...I've been waiting for this opportunity for so long...tapi apakan daya, I'll definitely be on my confinement period by March :(

Hope you'll have other classes to offer in the future...private session pun bolehkan, hehehe...

Right now, I'm still big & round...will update on my progress in FB :)
Pray for me, ok!

MyCuppyCupCake said...

cantik!cantik ur cupcakes. so sweet the colors...

Wiz said...

Ziela- My first time la. Ni pun terasa sungguh ngeri coz tak sure layak ker nak ajar ni. Ajar English pun tak lepas lagi ha ha ha.

Nina - Aiseh man, you beranak la skrg, maybe sempat kut lagi, come on push push. He he he, tak per nanti lepas confinement nanti insyaAllah I will make more classes and I call you k. ANd you nak blajar dgn I ni wat apa? Dah ok jer I tgk.

Cuppycupcake - And I love all your designs.

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

camne ni wiz? i buat kek pun tak to start decorating it laa..... can you also make classes for first timer yang only have the experience of baking bile-sister -dier-is-there-to-supervise... hehee... that's me laaa.....

anyway, I m so happy and proud for you wiz....

Ms Red Hat said...

It has been one long wonderful and challenging journey don't you think so Wiz? You began from a very humble beginning - your blog and your cake making talent. I felt so proud reading about you in the NST (on-line) no matter how brief the section was. Remember those early days when you felt that nobody was reading your blog as mamazieza and i were the only commenters in your blog and now thousands of your fans and clients are reading your blog - just take a look at your sitemeter. And now you are wearing another hat to add to your achievements - teaching people how to make cakes.

Soar higher girl and never say impossible!

My heart is bursting with pride for i know the challenges that you've gone through- Alhamdulillah!

Kay Husna Kadir said...

A good mile in your cuppycake smiles...ha ha ha (rhyme ape ni..)
Well congratulations on taking the next step (the class I mean.) It's high time. Apprentices deserve someone like you!
Well I read u in NST! Fantabulous promo to catapult your biz..whiz in biz...

rinnchan said...

As usual...the color combi are as sweet as youuuuu.... :-)

tessaurus said...

hi there wiz. i'm jules' childhood friend. ask her, she'll tell you. had my own share of your cupcakes at the office after much harassing her to try some! great stuff. and have finally managed to finish reading your entire blog (and the other one too).

one thing i'd like to say - for those who think they can get away asking for money back for time, effort, love and family sacrifice to produce such wonderful looking cakes - let's see if they can get away with it in their afterlife.

don't ever give up learning and creating. i think you're extremely talented and insyaAllah, if there's an opportunity for business, i'd ask jules to include you in the picture.

you're now listed in my "berangan" file - to get loads of money so that i can be the investor in both wizcakes and julesmd and expand, expand, expand - err, that is, if you guys want to la. for now, i'll continue to help market it for you guys as much as i can.

keep on whippin' up dem gorgeous creations, girl.


wan said...

kak wizzz! *sobb sobb sobb* come buat kelas kat png one day?? sure kena sekeh ni i ni.. hehe.

sad thing is, bila i dah stop ni kelas2 yg i nak attend pun ada.. macam kelas u, kelas kak miss... i can't justify to my husb why i nak join kelas jauh2 tp tak make use of the knowledge. Sedihnya..

khalil said...

cuti nnt nk join ah!


ms hart said...

Wowwiiieee...what else can I say? Clap clap clap! Congratulations and all the best for your new venture! Bravo! Proud of you!

p/s heard that you were in the newspaper last Monday? Share lah sikit...:)

Kay Husna Kadir said...

reading your blog, I not only learn about your yummy cupcakes but more than that I learn English as well...I mean excellent use of the language!!!

fizafarizah said...

yeay...kak wiz bukak class...!congratulations..!! macam nak join aje...huaaa...agaknye bilalah i dapat nak jumpa you ye..? i rasa u ni mesti selembut colours yg slalu u guna for cakes ehh..? love all the pastel combos k wiz, so soothing..

Wiz said...

Anis - YOu pandai masak la Anis!! I know that. Cakes ni not so much for orang terror ke apa, mcm I ni orang desperate. From desperation to earn, comes inspiration I guess ha ha ha.

Salina - My most Fav person of all. You know how hard I have worked and the toil and the sweat and the cries. It has never been easy, I was going against all odds. But because of you I preservered. I want you to know that.

Husna - It was just a small column in a space which is hardly noticed by people. Even I don't read that section ha ha ha. But I am glad I made it there, you see, coz I need to show something to my parents that I am alright in the path that I have chosen to tread. Alhamdulillah it happened when they are still here. My English is good? I remember yours being much better than mine. I ni merapu je lebih Husna. But it was nice for you to say so, not many would commend their peers in that positive manner. You are one amongst the special few.

Rinn - So good to see you. The colours I choose do not reflect me la. I am not as sweet as you think ha ha ha. Grrrrrr. Garang tak hingat dunia k.

Wiz said...

Tessaurus - Now you made not just my day but probably my year!!!! Thank you so so so so so so much for the positive feedback and soothing words. Jules slalu marah I coz I lack the confidence, kan kan kan jules? sheeessh of course I never listen to her ha ha ha. Jules pun dah give up.

I hope I didnt bore you with my whimsical writings. The ideas are everywhere, a reflection of my heart and mind actually he he he. Thanks again for dropping by, for reading, for encouraging. I think I like you very much already.

Why label a file as "Berangan" file it under "coming true" it often works for me.

Jules is lucky, coz she has all the nicest people around her and Anuar Zain to telepathically sms to. he he he.

Wiz said...

Wan - Wan why did you stop? I think you are very talented. And you are based in Penang, not many cupcake makers there yet. You have a bright future in this. One day pick it up again k. Write me if you need any pointers.

Khalil - Aaa boleh join tapi kena tulis essay with thesis statement. Make sure you have enough supporting details and examples to go with it, ok? Abang sihat?

Hart - Ala, small column je la. You might miss it if you blink twice. Will talk to you about it one day. Malu la nak share sini. Ada gambar yang tak mcm vogue sgt. ha ha ha

Fiza - Lisa made me do it lisa made me do it boo hooo. I takut sebenarnya, havent done this before. Comela meet me. Asik Lisa jer berceriter, nanti you criter pasal dia plak ke he he he. Suker I dgr criter you all, exciting sgt.

Wiz said...

Fiza - Sorry to dissapoint you you, but I am definitely not lembut as people thought I would be looking at the colours chosen for all my cakes. Mwaha ha haa. mesti lepas ni orang takut nak masuk klass I kan ha ha ha. Mari sini, mana mau lari?

tessaurus said...


I think you do have the confidence. You're just not aware of it. Marketing your delicious cakes to the public affirms it. What you need to do is know that regardless the negative response people give you, they're just words and opinions. Sticks and stones... you know the rest. From what i see, loads of others out there truly support you - me included.

As for jules, biasa la. My big sister ma. She won't give up on you, trust me. Her support can come in different ways apart from nagging. :p that is, when she's not all weird and mentally txt-ing anuar. Julie, depa selalu lepak kat GE mall starbucks. Tak yah ESP. Buang masa. Pi je jumpa depa.

Your writing - i enjoy it. You are eloquent, creative and sometimes inspiring. We need people like you in our communication department. So if you ever tire of baking (i hope you don't - i mean, kalau i nak kawin, mana nak dapat cake yang best lagi??) and want to jadik corporate lady, jom la. Hantaq CV !! haha.

Berangan? Geminis tend to berangan a lot what. But it doesn't mean the word reflects the action. Don't worry. My berangan file ada project closure and I've completed a few projects within the file dah. Yang tinggal... a good man to marry me... (no, make that a HOT guy) and make loads and loads of moolah and buy a BMW 1 series coz I saw this lady driving the sports version and she looked hot!

Materialistic nya aku.

Anyway, keep on whippin'!


Juliana Mohd Daud said... childhood bff and my new cake friend have finally connected...yay! how beautiful life is...


DaNaSh said...

cikgu cake la sekarang ni yea wiz..congratulations..semua perkara bermula dengan langkah yang dlm nst??? when??? nak jugak check it out...

Anonymous said...

I read that article & was telling my hubby "Ni kawan I tau!"...eventho we never met, hehehe. Tak pernah bersua but alwiz dekat dihati :)
Btw, I still need to learn more, my flowers still need more 'baja' to it, hihihi. Plus, to have u as my teacher, WOW...dream come true wokey! I am wishing you all the best & keep creating those beautiful cakes & well, by 2nd march I'll be in HUKM in a journey that I'll be taking for the last time, seriously, how to bake cuppies if I dont stop 'baking' babies in me, he he he!!!

ms hart said...

Wiz, the writer is my friend lah! Schoolmate, dorm-mate!

huraz said...

Hi wiz... nice creations and congratulation on your first class. I have been reading abt you being in NST(in withhonours group and then husna) but so sorry that i did not read the article. Maybe you can email me the NST cutting or blog abt it?

uya ahmad said...

wahai teacher ku yg ku sayang(nada bodek,hahahaha)

teacher, buat r may, bley la i join sekaki...sebab, kaki i pon nak belaja decorate, even though kek pon tak reti buat, instant kek pndi la buat, taruk air, minyak masak, instant cake pnye packet, masuk oven,
siap truss...

khalil said...

tamo wat esei da...huhuhuhu

sihat2..smpai cium2 lambang MU..

Wiz said...

Tessaurus - Confidence is triggered by desperation in my case. I have to do it if not we'd not have anything to eat for example. Ni kira mcm buat kek pagi, makan pagi, buat kek petang, makan petang. I am not terribly affected with people's opinions and responses, even my mum somehow dislikes my cakes. But sometimes they do pinch you a little bit where it hurts most, like your pride. If I was affected by some strangers' words, I wouldn't be here baking and baking.

Me in the corporate world? That is very flattering, thank you thank you thank you! but I would have to give it a pass as I need to prepare for your wedding cake first!

Hot is as hot thinks Tessaurus, coz I don't need a sporty BMW to make me look hot. Most days driving a Juara would inject some of those hotness in my system, ye la mana tak hot nya sebab aircon sometimes tak jalan mwahahaha. So have to perasan that I'd still look hot in a big sesame Yellow car for all its worth.

I'm sure gonna whip tessaurus, just need someone to volunteer as my subject ter heee heee.

Wiz said...

Jules - Life is made beautiful with chewy mates in those cherry plates.

Danash - Ala Naza, small tiny weeny column je. Nothing to brag about.

Hart - Why you no tell me one? I could have asked her to print out the whole thing without having her to rephrase it. Somehow it sounded different after the rewritten piece.

Hurazz - Thanks Doll. Like I said to Naza it was just a small coverage. Too shy to put it up here. My class hasn't started yet, so don't congratulate me yet.

Sapura - It's always a start somewhere. Premixes pun ok la tu, ada jugak kemahuan untuk bake.

Khalil - Nak kek United kan? Aaaa kena tulis dulu essay kenap anda perlukan kek tersebut. Start writing.

uya ahmad said...

Khalil nak join kene wat essay??
hahahaha..saye tak payah kan????
da la sush nak balik msia, takkan nak kene tulis essay gak kan nak masuk ur class??

khalil said...

thesis statement:beday dia
supporting details:undefined feeling..kih3

Min said...

Wiz...setapak melangkah, good luck with your cake deco class ok.. eh kenapa kat Bangi, not at your house ? Whatever it is, I think you should have done this ages ago. :)