Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Congratulations Kyled! And thanks Linda for the order.

My much better half surprisingly questioned me one evening of how would I define "love". We were both sitting in front of the TV(a rare occasion it has been eversince children, cakes and football were born) somehow watching this malay talk show discussing the topic of love. Why were we subjected to watch it? you might ask. Well, our dependable 7 year old remote control has gone up to sleep and we were too lazy to walk, crawl, mengensot, or menggulingkan diri sendiri across the 1 and a half metre distance between the sofa and the TV to simply change the channel. And since no one was prepared to beralah or beralih we obstinately tortured our souls to watch it together ha ha ha. Padan muka kita orang.

Anyway, I replied my better half with " depends. It depends on a lot of things, our age, the stage of the relationship we are in" Sebenarnya tak tau nak cakap apa. It was an open-ended question. And I don't summarise well neither do I eloborate with finese too. By this time my much better half was expecting me to return him the same question, to which he would probably have the answer since he was the one asking. It has always been that way with us both. The questioner normally provides a better response since she or he had long thought of an idealic answer before hand.

"...and how would YOU, define love?" I rolled my eyes as if he knew any better.

Looking at him and his eagerness to answer, I readied myself for the ultimate reply, expecting him to lace it with his love for me and garnish it with the sweetest of words any women could ever dream of.

Without a pause he concluded " is getting on each other's nerves and missing it when it is absent."

I was already flying when I heard the word love but later when his words did not match with my template description, I said "...sorry come again?" before plunging down in disorientation.

When he said it again with some real life explanations, I actually found it refreshing. His caption was the truest of any definitions I have ever heard about love and I couldn't agree more. Love is about being comfortable with each other's virtue and vice. It is about accepting and loving the person of the best and the worst of what he or she has to offer. It's seeing past the bad and reaching only the good.

After 13 years of marriage, we have certainly recorded scores of "getting on each other's nerves" episodes and we have survived the "nobody wants to lose" ordeals. We have often resorted to the battles of "one, two som" when we were clueless of how to run our lives. as well as to determine who gets to perform the arduous tasks of switching off the lights, the tv channels or washing kid's bottoms.

13 years of getting on each other's nerves you said? Well chami you could get on my nerves for 13 more and 13 more and 13 more. I wouldn't flinch a single bit coz you know at the end of the day, I am the reigning "one, two som champion of the Universe" that is as good as being the Miss Universe in this household. I'm flanking my beauty pageant wave now. Muahs!

Seumur hidup Chami, selamanya, insyaAllah.

Loving You - Kris Dayanti

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DaNaSh said...

rite..getting on each other's nerves makes we love each other provides the spices needed to make a very delectable gulai kari akhirnye..nak masak cerewet tapi sedap just can't get enough of it la...

apasal la ingat pasal makan aje ni...

ms hart said...


*seperti biasa, lost for words in YOUR words!

Khalina said...

tq wiz! :)

sori sbb ada 'org' buat remark terkejut kek itu begitu masa u tgh setup aritu. tp sbnrnya ramai yg kata sekali sekala buat cara lain apa salahnya kan?

cupcakes tu menyenangkan keje i. instead of nak buang masa potong byk2, i just pass it around. senang cite kan? ;)

my dear hubby suka sgt bear tu. sampai hari ni ada lagi dlm fridge. tgh pikir ape nak buat dgn mrk. nak mkn, sayang.. nak buang? lagi lah no way.. we'll figure out sth to do with it.

thanks again wiz! :D

khalil said...

uwa..lomantik ma...


Ivy said...

Love is a 4-letter word.... enuf said! ;)

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Wiz, thats one of the zillion good ways to define love i guess! u hv such a witty husband too, diam2 pun dia ada creative mind, i guess he has too, to compete with such a popular wife ; ) Hv a gd week Wiz, i am off to work in our new house, dah naik fed up cheq! Tak sabaq nak pindah, siap ke tidak, dah tak kisah da... i am so tired and all energy-less...

Wiz said...

Naza - Ingat pasal makan jer yer? Have you been missing your cycles?

Hart - Sometimes I get lost in my words too, coz I hardly know what I say anymore, main tulih jer he he he.

Khalina - Thanks for allowing wizcakes to grace your event. Takut jugak sbb maybe orang tak suker the design after the comment was made. But glad that the pengantin like it. That's enough for me to get through my day.

Khalil - Jgn jeres!

Ivy - I expect to see more flowers from youoooooooooo. If ada lebih pas pas kat sini k.

Mush - My husband diam? Noooooo, he says out whatever he thinks needs saying. Bila la cheq nak pegi rumah hang ni Mush. Rumah baru ni ada extra room tak for cheq to lepak2?

nina said...

fuyooo wiz... this is very refreshing.. and so seronok to hear his statement.. make my day..