Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why Do Why

Thanks Mr. Sor for the order. My apologies for the unstable figurine, it wasn't properly dried up when I delivered it. I'm sure half way something came off!

Have you ever wondered why do why? Flowers bloom their best when a someone walks by? Or understand reasons which often follow, when someone could vanish all your sorrow. The days seem brighter when a someone smiles, the hours fidget, time just flies. The warmth of a someone makes you wanna embrace, every single thing that comes with a face. If you ever meet that someone what would you do? Do you ask for her secret so she can share with you? or would you brush her shoulders and hug her if she let or would you take the time and make forget, the troubles of the world in a moment or two, laugh it out with her before you say Adieu, to a person who you only get to meet, whenever you are in for an extraordinary treat.

...and I have met such a someone all of the above,
delivered a cake to her by a family full of love,
from a husband who loves her to no end,
and her children whose love is a god sent.

Thanks Mr Sor for the order, your family will always be in my Hart.

Many thanks also to Morni!!!! Hope Hannah loved the Barbie in an enchanted forest.

Congratulations Lan and Alona!!!!

Gosh, did I just rhyme again?

5 treats:

ms hart said...

Owh Wiiiizzzzz!!!! I'm lost for words, darhling! You are sooo soooo kind with your words! Thank you very much again and again for allowing yourself to be dera-ed by my husband!!! ha ha Oh, thanks to your darling husband too, for driving all the way! It's the two of YOU who made my day! Huuugs!

Wiz said...

Hart - Eh, apa you cakap ni, this entry is for Mr. Sor lah he he he. My words have to match the person who I write about. And you match the description!

How's the cake?

myheartbleeds said...

Wiz!! Masya'Allah... exquisite, exquisite, ma'am... lawaaaa nyeee... gerrraaammm!!! you memang Ratu Fondant!! tiada tandingannya, my sugar high-ness!!

the last cake on the sticks tu so cute!! what a great idea!! jangan tak percaya, but looking at your creations just made my day today!! ;-)

Ms Red Hat said...


I teringat sengkuang pulak bila tengok the cake on the sticks too!
camne ni! Hope that you'll meet more wonderful clients this year!

Wiz said...

MHB- Thanks so much for your geramness on my cake. I am just like you MHB, trying things out. In no time you too will be able to come up with something like this. Ni sebab you tak der masa jer. If not garden Putrajaya tu you turn into a cake, kan kan kan.

Miss Red Hat - Tak abis lagi craving for the sengkuang ha ha ha. I pun Salina, despite having it almost everyday, I still crave for it when evening comes right before I gi fetch mu son. Look forward to it everyday.