Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bila Resah...

When this special order came in, few weeks ago, my neck went wobbly on me which in turn resulted the tilting of my head to the back. I was staring at the sawang on the ceiling for a while, looking at the unreachables. Even if I were to strectch my hands to the extreme, I would still be unable to reach those sawang. Similarly, my capabilities as I often see it, is very limited. As much as I would like to reach for the sky, there are boundaries I need to boulder down first. Jules' order came at a time when my confidence failed to fill up the perpetual empty space in my guts. I had a bad cake week, nothing seemed to form the way it should. I ended up spending unnecesary extra hours in the kitchen fixing the cakes due to my bandaged knowledge.

I was in dire need of a jolt and miraculously, working on Jules' cake initiated the process. You see, Jules is an Anuar Zain die hard fan. She is in fact his spiritual twin of another realm. They communicate telepathically, the same way I do with my other half, ha ha ha, to which he claims of not receiving any of the messages, "message sending failed" jer all the time. And so, to cut the story short, it was Anuar Zain's song that inspired me to complete Jules' cake. Anuar was singing with me throughout the process all day and night long. My resah subsided in his presence having an imaginary Anuar Zain singing to you was as good as the real thing.

My feet were tapping to "Bila Resah, ingat saat indah" and my hands were swaying to "Bila rindu, ku nyanyikan lagu" and my head was doing this left and right swift disco movements to "Menunggu oh tibanya bahagia" and before I knew it, the entire compositon of cakes was in perfect completion. I actually had loads of fun doing it. Maybe it had something to do with the "fun person" I was doing it for.

So Jules, imagine me tapping, swaying and disco head bobbing left and right in the kitchen at the wee hours, wearing my taichi with the company of ants and crickets when you cut the cake k he he he he. Have a happy, happy, happy, merry brithday Jules. You deserve all the best things in life, all the brownies, the strawberries, and the Anuar Zains in your very own interpretation. Thanks also for your warm support. My salam to Anuar, hope he likes the cupcake you asked me to make for him.

To Anuar, if you ever get to read this, thanks for the inspiration and have a wonderful birthday. If nak pakai back-up singer just holler here k. he he he.

But for all it's worth folks "...sehari (still) terasa bagaikan setahun" for me, in any cakes endeavour. Bila la nak pandai ni.

Have a beautiful weekend folks!

Bila Resah - Anuar Zain

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uya ahmad said...

Selagi kita berkasih sayang
Takkan ku mungkiri janji
Bersamamu selamanya
Adakah kau pun begitu
Menghargai perasaan hati yang suci

Bila resah, Ingat saat indah
Bila rindu, Ku nyanyikan lagu mu
Sehari ku rasa bagaikan setahun
Menunggu tibanya oh bahagia

Oh... Kini, ku tak lagi sendiri
Kau telah pun kembali di sisi
Berdua menghadapi segala rintangan ini
Ku yakini keikhlasan cinta kau beri

Bila resah, Ingat saat indah
Bila rindu, Ku nyanyikan lagu mu
Sehari ku rasa bagaikan setahun
Menunggu tibanya oh bahagia

Kita saling mengharapkan
Agar terus.. Melangkah menuju arah
Yang takkan menghancurkan kita

Ku yakini keikhlasan cinta kau beri...

Bila resah, Ingat saat indah
Bila rindu, Ku nyanyikan lagu mu
Sehari ku rasa bagaikan setahun
Menunggu tibanya oh bahagia

Bila resah, Ingat saat indah
Bila rindu, Ku nyanyikan lagu mu
Sehari ku rasa bagaikan setahun
Menunggu tibanya oh bahagia

hehee...salam teacher..a little sumtin for u

Wiz said...

Uya- If only you wrote your essays this long dulu kan????? Hmmmmm. Ni mesti miss teacher ni ha ha ha. Jom kita nari , come on ,the head bob, to the left and quickly to the right...bila resah ingat saat indah alright.

ms hart said...

Aaah!!! My favourite - Bila Resah!! When I first heard it, I hionestly thought it was an Indonesian song! Harvey Malaiholo kind of tune, kan?

Er..Wizzy, what do you mean "BILA LAH NAK PANDAI NI????" Grrr...saje-saje manja tau!!!:)

Wiz said...

Hart - Pandai as in smooth sailing and tau jer nak buat apa bila ada crisis. You should see me do cakes mcm olympicnya nya opening ceremony k, siap ada silat, fireworks and acrobatics sumer. Susah, it has alwayss been difficult, never easy. Come on, Hart, do the head thingy with me,eh eh chewah. I can see you Hart, I can see you doing it he he he.

Ahau - Dee said...


This is one of my lagu wajib bila berkaraoke ... bila I balik nanti, boleh ler I nyanyikan untuk you okay ... tapi takut lepas I nyanyi terus you tak boleh buat cake selama seminggu ... sebab terlampau resah!

Ha ha ha

Wiz said...

Dee - Bukan saja resah, trauma trus pastu coma ha ha ha ha. You miming je la k.

DaNaSh said...

wiz..kalu ini dinamakan kureng pandai lagi...kalau u dah pandai, macam mana la pulak kecanggihannye yea...tidak terjangkau dik minda...he..he..he

uya ahmad said...

my essay was not long enough??? ke??
tak perasan la...i was trained to write SAT essay only for 25 mins..mesti la pendek kan???
hahahaha...urm...tu la, nak balik msia takde duit.....isk...

Wiz said...

Danash - Byk lagi kurang Naza. I am way way way behind in proper techniques and skills. I wish I had the money to learn and attend professional courses. Kalau pandai nanti baru la I boleh buat kek for anak Mawi plaks he he he.

Sapura - Yes not long enough in facts and details to support your thesis statements. Tak yah balik M'sia, la, simpan duit gi jalan2 tgk negara orang k. If ada duit lebih anta kat teacher and I can go visit you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms Red Hat said...

Wiz and Jules,

I do hope our lelaki melayu terakhir tu read this blog and the comments from his fans siap dengan senikata lagu lagi.

So Wiz masih resah lagi ke?

MyCuppyCupCake said...

sukanya bila singgah kat senang . x rs resah pun so peaceful. ur color combination sgt2 lembut. color lembut mcm org nya jg agaknya...

fizafarizah said...

kak wiz dear, bila resah bila rindu i suka bukak blog you carik pengubatnye hehehe...

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz the wiz,

i'm quite sure lelaki ini dtg visit your arena of dreams ni... some things need not be written or said...we just know...kan?

anyways, since my wedding cake, which my aunty made for me almost 9 years ago, i have not loved a cake as much as i loved my fab dotty, that you had so kindly made for me...thank you so much :). even tho i gained tons of calories enjoying dotty, i'm just gonna let it go for now...enjoy the moment, the big butt and all! next month, after my charity bazaar, i'm sure my fitness freak sister akan dah standby dgn 1 tangki air cinnamon and regular ims to make sure i stick to a diet plan!

Wiz said...

Mis Red Hat- Resah dah hilang dah, keterujaan pulak yang menyingah.

Cuppycupcake - If you see me, I am never in pastels, lembut pun tidak orangnya. Entahlah tapi bila buat kek warna2 itu yang terbit dari jari-jemariku.

Fiza - Ye la tu he he he.

Jules - I bet he was too shy to leave a trace here. Thanks so much for the order, for your generosity in leaving positive words bout my cakes, for entertaining me with my smses and for that constant support of my work. You are one of a kind. Ok now I need to go on a cinnamon drink myself. Cheers!