Wednesday, February 4, 2009

36 Hours and A Rainbow To Catch

My son asked me one day, does a rainbow fly?
I often see it gliding, far in the deep blue sky.
Does it have a house to rest, is it somewhere near?
Jom kita gi cari rainbow Ma, Anin nak tangkap dia!

I woke up one Saturday morning earlier than the norm,
bought a long loaf of bread where the sandwhiches came from.
Boiled two packs of sausages, dressed them as they were,
woke up the kids up next and lastly my better other.

Kiter nak pergi mana ma? My daughter asked me curiosly.
Are we going to Mak Da's house to play with Isha and Dini?
My son said Yay! jom je kakak, nanti mama changed her mind,
Hurry up kids! I said, we have a rainbow to find.

All our bags were packed and we were ready to go,
We left our house around 11am or so,
with a map in hand, knapsacks full of hope,
and noisy kids at the back for a mother to cope.

And so our search for the rainbow soon commenced,
chased it to the beach with our feet in the sand,
in the sky we stared but nothing came to pass,
we ran into the sea, find a rainbow we must.

But a rainbow was somehow nowhere to be found,
instead we discovered other things all around.
Little crawlies, tiny crabs crawling here and there,
making bubbles in the sand almost everywhere.

We soon got tired, in the water we took a dip,
braving the splashes, which Anin had a few sips.
"Bestla Chemerlang ni Ma," it was the funniest thing,
to hear Anin said Chemerlang instead of Cherating!

The rainbow's not here, let's give it a chase,
maybe tomorrow but we must do it in a haste.
Perhaps the next town has it, we knew it'd be fun,
to chase the rainbow all the way to Kemaman!

I have always loved Trengganu, it's a special place,
the food, the people, culture full of grace,
We didn't see however, the rainbow up in the sky,
but the colours came mostly from fruits sold at the gerai.

Bought some fruits to be enjoyed near the garden,
shared them with some friendly folks from England,
It was nice meeting them, especially Brian from Manchester,
captured some nice shots, of all of us together.

Maybe the rainbow resides at some place nice,
where people come and pay a heavenly price,
just to laze around and be generously fed,
there's only one place as such and it's called Club Med!

To club med we drove into, one fine evening,
hoping to wake up in a comfy bed the very next morning,
but the money we had was only enough to pay,
for club med's fridge magnets but not for a stay.

The rainbow hues we still managed to see,
of red, orange, other colours aplenty,
from the chairs on the decks to the greens on the ground,
just like a rainbow, abundant colours abound.

We left the place full of sorrow,
No place to sleep, where would we wake up tomorrow.
We drove off not knowing where these feet would rest,
Trotting down the road, trying to make the best.

The kids fell asleep and we had a plan,
continued our journey where entertainment never ceased to end.
We have chased the rainbow to Kamaman, Kuantan and Cherating,
it was time to see the rainbow in the highlands Genting.

We finally caught the rainbow after 36 hours of chase,
The colours of rainbows are easy to trace.
You have to believe that rainbows are in the things which you see,
from the skies, the sea, the food and the air that you breathe.

From 11am Saturday morning,
right up to 11pm Sunday evening,
a rainbow we journeyed to chase,
a colourful experience we have come to embrace.


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Ms Red Hat said...

Dear Wiz,

Your trip was really "chemerlang cherating". Glad that you had the well-deserved rest to unwind yourself from the daily chores and cakey business. i tengah tunggu ni your chemerlang trip to Perth pulak! We have loads of lovely beaches here but most of them are infested by sharks esp musim summer ni!

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Wiz, such a colourful & warmth trip! sini nak rendam dalam air laut during summer pun sejuk!!! ; ) u such a creative mother & wife! i wish i could tagged along.... what an adventurous weekend! kalau dah pi perth, mai sini pulak ok.... ; )

Wiz said...

Miss Red Hat, thought it would be a rest but turned out to be a tiring journey due to the short time we had in our hands. It was rush rush hurry hurry kinda trip. But we enjoyed it so much nevertheless. Chemerlang Perth, tunggu skit lagi nor?

Mush, cheq nak jumpa hang kat Perth. Kita pi kacau Salina and suh dia masak and heret kita jalan sana sini. Dia dah pandai masak pie sekarang ni cheq nak habaq kat hang ni.

domestic engineer said...

I've always liked a trip to Pantai Timur. There are so many interesting places we can drop by on the way Trengganu and Kelantan. Oh ya...apsal tak continue the journey sampai Kelantan? It will be more interesting. Nice shots!

DaNaSh said...

Syoknye Wiz..going on a CNY holidaying, this is a true definition of makan besar for you..

Wiz said...

Ziela - We only had 36 hours, memang tak cukup time nak travel gi Kelantan. It was just over the weekend kinda trip, Azam and the kids had school on Monday, so memang tak sempat. Nanti kiter gi Kelantan sama2 k. But I don't know why Terengganu has a special place in my heart.

Naza - Makan besar? ha ha ha, makan kecik je Naza. We had little money to spend but we were trying to make the best out of the least. It was nice going on a road trip not knowing where we we're going or what's coming up next.

Or in other words you can call it - Poor planning ha ha ha!

Ahau - Dee said...

Best nyerrr ... Ops! Cari Rainbow ni ... I selalu nampak pelangi kat Auckland ni. So, mai lah sini lagi ... he he he

Ahau - Dee said...

Best nyerrr ... Ops! Cari Rainbow ni ... I selalu nampak pelangi kat Auckland ni. So, mai lah sini lagi ... he he he

Kay Husna Kadir said... would take me forever if I were to comment in rhymes...but just want to let u know how creative and fantabulous it is to read ur story!
Chasing the rainbow....that's so refreshing...We'll be to Club Med in March kot...
BTW, I nak some cupcakes dlm Feb ni okay? for Mrs J, who's coming to give a talk at my school...

uya ahmad said...

Miz Wiz,

Wahh, best nye g terengganu..nak ikut2!!!!!takpe la..i pegi florida..hua..g miami cuci2 mate...kikikiiikiki....sonok....ahaks....

Wiz said...

Dee - ha ha ha tu la yang I nak gi NZ ni, sebab tak jumpa rainbow kat sini.

Uya - Ooooooo aksyen dgn teacher eh? Teacher gi Cherating, dia gi Miami, perasan mcm Baywatch la tu ahaks.

Husna - Who is Mrs J? Do I know her? Husna nanti you email me with the details k. By the way, you leh tak peronyok I dalam beg you, I nak ikut gi Club Med.

Ivy said...

Chemerlang instead of Cherating... so cute! Reminds me of when my neice said we were going to Depensara. She meant Denpasar in Bali!