Monday, February 23, 2009

What If...

...the eyes could twitch
performing miracles sans a glitch,

Thanks Rini!

and the hands could spin
casting spells on sugary origin,

and the ears could understand
listening to tales from a friend,

and the heart could follow
embracing lessons for tomorrow?

Thanks Yus!

What if...

your day starts
with lessons on sugary arts,
would you come to enroll,
with me, we knead and mould
little flowers that make us happy
on cupcakes they sit pretty.

Come as you are, come as you please
capturing the decorating gist
all in a whiz.

Will update more details on fondant cupcake decorating class soon.

Date : 15th March
Day : Sunday
Venue : MRN Bangi
Time : 9.30 - 1.30pm

Interested? write to me with the heading " Cupcake Class"

In the meantime do have fun with this new Sugarflour in town.

Thanks Eny!

Thanks Iza!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Congratulations Kyled! And thanks Linda for the order.

My much better half surprisingly questioned me one evening of how would I define "love". We were both sitting in front of the TV(a rare occasion it has been eversince children, cakes and football were born) somehow watching this malay talk show discussing the topic of love. Why were we subjected to watch it? you might ask. Well, our dependable 7 year old remote control has gone up to sleep and we were too lazy to walk, crawl, mengensot, or menggulingkan diri sendiri across the 1 and a half metre distance between the sofa and the TV to simply change the channel. And since no one was prepared to beralah or beralih we obstinately tortured our souls to watch it together ha ha ha. Padan muka kita orang.

Anyway, I replied my better half with " depends. It depends on a lot of things, our age, the stage of the relationship we are in" Sebenarnya tak tau nak cakap apa. It was an open-ended question. And I don't summarise well neither do I eloborate with finese too. By this time my much better half was expecting me to return him the same question, to which he would probably have the answer since he was the one asking. It has always been that way with us both. The questioner normally provides a better response since she or he had long thought of an idealic answer before hand.

"...and how would YOU, define love?" I rolled my eyes as if he knew any better.

Looking at him and his eagerness to answer, I readied myself for the ultimate reply, expecting him to lace it with his love for me and garnish it with the sweetest of words any women could ever dream of.

Without a pause he concluded " is getting on each other's nerves and missing it when it is absent."

I was already flying when I heard the word love but later when his words did not match with my template description, I said "...sorry come again?" before plunging down in disorientation.

When he said it again with some real life explanations, I actually found it refreshing. His caption was the truest of any definitions I have ever heard about love and I couldn't agree more. Love is about being comfortable with each other's virtue and vice. It is about accepting and loving the person of the best and the worst of what he or she has to offer. It's seeing past the bad and reaching only the good.

After 13 years of marriage, we have certainly recorded scores of "getting on each other's nerves" episodes and we have survived the "nobody wants to lose" ordeals. We have often resorted to the battles of "one, two som" when we were clueless of how to run our lives. as well as to determine who gets to perform the arduous tasks of switching off the lights, the tv channels or washing kid's bottoms.

13 years of getting on each other's nerves you said? Well chami you could get on my nerves for 13 more and 13 more and 13 more. I wouldn't flinch a single bit coz you know at the end of the day, I am the reigning "one, two som champion of the Universe" that is as good as being the Miss Universe in this household. I'm flanking my beauty pageant wave now. Muahs!

Seumur hidup Chami, selamanya, insyaAllah.

Loving You - Kris Dayanti

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bila Resah...

When this special order came in, few weeks ago, my neck went wobbly on me which in turn resulted the tilting of my head to the back. I was staring at the sawang on the ceiling for a while, looking at the unreachables. Even if I were to strectch my hands to the extreme, I would still be unable to reach those sawang. Similarly, my capabilities as I often see it, is very limited. As much as I would like to reach for the sky, there are boundaries I need to boulder down first. Jules' order came at a time when my confidence failed to fill up the perpetual empty space in my guts. I had a bad cake week, nothing seemed to form the way it should. I ended up spending unnecesary extra hours in the kitchen fixing the cakes due to my bandaged knowledge.

I was in dire need of a jolt and miraculously, working on Jules' cake initiated the process. You see, Jules is an Anuar Zain die hard fan. She is in fact his spiritual twin of another realm. They communicate telepathically, the same way I do with my other half, ha ha ha, to which he claims of not receiving any of the messages, "message sending failed" jer all the time. And so, to cut the story short, it was Anuar Zain's song that inspired me to complete Jules' cake. Anuar was singing with me throughout the process all day and night long. My resah subsided in his presence having an imaginary Anuar Zain singing to you was as good as the real thing.

My feet were tapping to "Bila Resah, ingat saat indah" and my hands were swaying to "Bila rindu, ku nyanyikan lagu" and my head was doing this left and right swift disco movements to "Menunggu oh tibanya bahagia" and before I knew it, the entire compositon of cakes was in perfect completion. I actually had loads of fun doing it. Maybe it had something to do with the "fun person" I was doing it for.

So Jules, imagine me tapping, swaying and disco head bobbing left and right in the kitchen at the wee hours, wearing my taichi with the company of ants and crickets when you cut the cake k he he he he. Have a happy, happy, happy, merry brithday Jules. You deserve all the best things in life, all the brownies, the strawberries, and the Anuar Zains in your very own interpretation. Thanks also for your warm support. My salam to Anuar, hope he likes the cupcake you asked me to make for him.

To Anuar, if you ever get to read this, thanks for the inspiration and have a wonderful birthday. If nak pakai back-up singer just holler here k. he he he.

But for all it's worth folks "...sehari (still) terasa bagaikan setahun" for me, in any cakes endeavour. Bila la nak pandai ni.

Have a beautiful weekend folks!

Bila Resah - Anuar Zain

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why Do Why

Thanks Mr. Sor for the order. My apologies for the unstable figurine, it wasn't properly dried up when I delivered it. I'm sure half way something came off!

Have you ever wondered why do why? Flowers bloom their best when a someone walks by? Or understand reasons which often follow, when someone could vanish all your sorrow. The days seem brighter when a someone smiles, the hours fidget, time just flies. The warmth of a someone makes you wanna embrace, every single thing that comes with a face. If you ever meet that someone what would you do? Do you ask for her secret so she can share with you? or would you brush her shoulders and hug her if she let or would you take the time and make forget, the troubles of the world in a moment or two, laugh it out with her before you say Adieu, to a person who you only get to meet, whenever you are in for an extraordinary treat.

...and I have met such a someone all of the above,
delivered a cake to her by a family full of love,
from a husband who loves her to no end,
and her children whose love is a god sent.

Thanks Mr Sor for the order, your family will always be in my Hart.

Many thanks also to Morni!!!! Hope Hannah loved the Barbie in an enchanted forest.

Congratulations Lan and Alona!!!!

Gosh, did I just rhyme again?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

For Sengkuang Sake

There's this internal ringing sound which has been piercing my ear begging me to put a halt to the rhyming schemes in my writing. Truth be told, I compose my words in whimsical sways at times when it is difficult for me to write conventionally. I struggle to write, words don't come cascading down from my mouth nor do they ooze out from my fingers when I type. I pant and I drown in my own incompetency and the only way to survive is to make it sound melodious, to my ears at least. It was fun though, I thought and wrote twice as fast which granted me the extra time to eat a slice of sengkuang topped with kuah rojak and crushed peanuts at Wati's stall in front of my son's school. And I have been doing just that lately, for the past one week. You know the feeling of seeing the world in a whirl wind, and you are inside unaffected by it, nothing mattered at that moment in time, it was only you, the sengkuang and that 2 minutes to yourself of sheer school girl's delight.

The sengkuang reminded me of my days in primary school. I used to buy the identical slice of sengkuang after school which only cost 20sen and at a corner I would stand savouring every bite of it. The sengkuang was also the reason why I was left by my school bus. The uncle selling the sengkuang was quite an icon those days that many had to queue up to have a taste of his famous rojak sengkuang, actually nobody queued, we were pushing, shoving each other aside which often created a mini tsunami of girls in pinafores circling the uncle's motorbike. Many a time my 20sen was lost in that tsunami and I ended up without that slice of sengkuang and one day without a ride home. The incident left a dent in my confidence, I dared not make an attempt to enjoy that Uncle's specialty. My sengkuang story ended there and then.

But now that I can drive and I provide my own ride home, my sengkuang episode conveniently continues. No more pushing or shoving or be lost in the tsunami of little kids coz I would be the biggest and the tallest one there with the longest hand to extend my 1rgt for the sengkuang to Wati... muahahahaha. It is in a way very empowering for me ...28 years later. And there I would sit in one corner seeing the world in a whirl wind, and I am inside unaffected by it, nothing mattered at that moment in time, it would be me, the sengkuang and that 2 minutes to myself of sheer school girl's delight over and over again.

If you see a lady in front of a primary school munching on her sengkuang, just leave her alone. She bites.

Thanks Kak Syam!

Thanks Meeza!

Thanks Asmaliza!

Thanks Nani!

Thanks Jessy and Anne. I made a cow instead of an ox. Sorry guys. Anna from bake freshly, I was inspired by your design.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

36 Hours and A Rainbow To Catch

My son asked me one day, does a rainbow fly?
I often see it gliding, far in the deep blue sky.
Does it have a house to rest, is it somewhere near?
Jom kita gi cari rainbow Ma, Anin nak tangkap dia!

I woke up one Saturday morning earlier than the norm,
bought a long loaf of bread where the sandwhiches came from.
Boiled two packs of sausages, dressed them as they were,
woke up the kids up next and lastly my better other.

Kiter nak pergi mana ma? My daughter asked me curiosly.
Are we going to Mak Da's house to play with Isha and Dini?
My son said Yay! jom je kakak, nanti mama changed her mind,
Hurry up kids! I said, we have a rainbow to find.

All our bags were packed and we were ready to go,
We left our house around 11am or so,
with a map in hand, knapsacks full of hope,
and noisy kids at the back for a mother to cope.

And so our search for the rainbow soon commenced,
chased it to the beach with our feet in the sand,
in the sky we stared but nothing came to pass,
we ran into the sea, find a rainbow we must.

But a rainbow was somehow nowhere to be found,
instead we discovered other things all around.
Little crawlies, tiny crabs crawling here and there,
making bubbles in the sand almost everywhere.

We soon got tired, in the water we took a dip,
braving the splashes, which Anin had a few sips.
"Bestla Chemerlang ni Ma," it was the funniest thing,
to hear Anin said Chemerlang instead of Cherating!

The rainbow's not here, let's give it a chase,
maybe tomorrow but we must do it in a haste.
Perhaps the next town has it, we knew it'd be fun,
to chase the rainbow all the way to Kemaman!

I have always loved Trengganu, it's a special place,
the food, the people, culture full of grace,
We didn't see however, the rainbow up in the sky,
but the colours came mostly from fruits sold at the gerai.

Bought some fruits to be enjoyed near the garden,
shared them with some friendly folks from England,
It was nice meeting them, especially Brian from Manchester,
captured some nice shots, of all of us together.

Maybe the rainbow resides at some place nice,
where people come and pay a heavenly price,
just to laze around and be generously fed,
there's only one place as such and it's called Club Med!

To club med we drove into, one fine evening,
hoping to wake up in a comfy bed the very next morning,
but the money we had was only enough to pay,
for club med's fridge magnets but not for a stay.

The rainbow hues we still managed to see,
of red, orange, other colours aplenty,
from the chairs on the decks to the greens on the ground,
just like a rainbow, abundant colours abound.

We left the place full of sorrow,
No place to sleep, where would we wake up tomorrow.
We drove off not knowing where these feet would rest,
Trotting down the road, trying to make the best.

The kids fell asleep and we had a plan,
continued our journey where entertainment never ceased to end.
We have chased the rainbow to Kamaman, Kuantan and Cherating,
it was time to see the rainbow in the highlands Genting.

We finally caught the rainbow after 36 hours of chase,
The colours of rainbows are easy to trace.
You have to believe that rainbows are in the things which you see,
from the skies, the sea, the food and the air that you breathe.

From 11am Saturday morning,
right up to 11pm Sunday evening,
a rainbow we journeyed to chase,
a colourful experience we have come to embrace.