Sunday, January 25, 2009


They say,

underneath a person, lies a soul,
behind a great man, a woman stands tall,
underneath a tree, sits a man,
beside a fiend, there's a friend.

...underneath the sugary dough, there's a cake,
for the uninitiated, it's a stake,
it might not taste as good as it looked,
for what's underneath stays unhooked.

When someone made a passing thought,
Beauty on the outside but inside is not,
Makes you feel guilty of not revealing,
what's inside is as good and as appealing.

So here I am in defense of my wares,
stop speculating saying things that's not fair,
have a bite, sink your teeth into sheer delight,
instead of engaging in what could and what might.

If you bake like you said that you do,
let's share recipes and techniques one or two,
I'm not stingy, if you thought that I were,
I apologize for I felt you might be better.

Kek yang cantik tak semestinya sedap,
Jika Ya, saya mohon seribu maaf.

underneath a person, lies a soul,
behind a great man, a woman stands tall,
underneath a tree, sits a man,
beside a fiend, there's a friend.



What's underneath?

a dark fudgy chocolate filled with vanilla cream alternately drizzled with choc fudge sauce in the middle is!

And what's under this cake?

a choc fudge cake sandwhiched between layers of vanilla dream, filled with choc fudge and vanilla cream.

Thanks Lubaina and Tay for the order.

11 treats:

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

aaaa!!! i love the 1 yr old bday cake!!! macam dalam fairy tale...

fizafarizah said...

hello hello...lawanye cake2 tu....heee...dpt jugak tgk what's lying underneath that beautiful sugarpaste...i'm sure ur cakes taste as good as they look...ur creations r beautiful as alwiz..!

Ms Red Hat said...

Dear Wiz,

Wiz you are so wicked! I am drooling like mad now!

myheartbleeds said...

rasa macam nak tutup mata, stick out my tongue and lick off the vanilla cream drizzling over your choc cake!! I am pathetic!! hehe

Wiz said...

Jules - I was in fairytale land when I did it. It was past 2 am ha ha ha. Thanks

Fiza - Thanks so much, didn't want to spoil the surprise but a peek is always good.

Miss Red Hat - I am the wickedest withchinest of them all muahahaha!

MHB - Alright alright, I'll save my spatula for you to lick. Ala MHB, sajer je you tu, dia lagi pandai buat kek2 ni, castle kek lagi KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

DaNaSh said...

wiz..again and again, without fail you show that you are a master in all.

Wiz said...

Naza - Apa master master ni, mcm He Man plaks Master Of The Universe he he he. I just try to do the best in the little that I know. Ramai lagi yang terror Naza, I'm just a speck of dirt je in this line.

Aidan's mama & papa said...

Beautifully said wiz. i feel that whatever you create comes from within. and each and every cake that you've made defines you. they are sweet, neat, lovely and just beautiful!

I'd rather buy a cake from someone who is a good person inside rather than someone who bakes really well and dress them up nicely but have a dark black heart.

Thank you making my cakes and such lovely boxes to go with it!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh be still my heart....Yuuummmmm!!!
Thanks for comming by my blog....I am off to search the cupboards now ...I am hungry!

Eveeriko said...

I love your poems...lots of connotative meanings...wahahahaha!!! in fact, one is telling me that...kekeke!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi dear!
OMG...your cake looks good on the outside & the inside!!!...I'm drooling now :)
Sorry for not replying your mesg...bit busy nowdays with bro in law's wedding & the new a baby preparation...pening dah ni...
Cant wait for my maternity leave to be over, nak start baking balik, missing my ooven so much now...
Take care my dear friend...keep creating those delicious treats :)