Friday, January 30, 2009

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Thanks so much Z for the order!

A good friend of mine once said to me,
if you had the time, I'd like you to make merry,
a wonderful person whom all of us adore,
a mother, a friend, a mentor and more.

I replied in delight much to my fancy,
of baking something special, something really pretty,
I gave it my all, sourcing all things nice,
For the lovely lady, cupcakes to surprise.

I placed the sweeties in boxes of pink,
with feathers, ribbons and flowers in between,
Excited we all were hastened our steps a bit,
Saw the smile on her face as she chanced upon her gift.


I have accomplished what you have sent me to do,
Made the cakes in cups and delivered them too.
Hope she liked them and felt the love you blew,
in all the fillings, the toppings and the cakes I brewed.

I'm off to somewhere for a day or two,
over the rainbow to see the clouds float through.
When I return, I hope to be up and about,
terrible coughs and asthma insyaAllah, I'd be without.

Lotsa of Love

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Katharine McPhee

7 treats:

Ms Red Hat said...

Judging from her big smile, i know that she is over the rainbow wiz.
A beautiful dainty gift.

Kay Husna Kadir said...

Wiz, wiz, wiz...never knew such a whiz...
Fantabulous cupcakes you create!
Keep up the good work! Btw, come to my house for a rolling over!!!

DaNaSh said...

hmmmm..where to wiz ?...gonna miss you, so hurry back soon.

Ivy said...

Have fun where ever you're going. Get plenty fresh air and come home healthy again!

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

wow wiz! gorjes morjes nye the cuppies.....

owh! hope u r getting better now.... u shud have lotsa rest ok...

xoxox from areya and me....

ms hart said...

Wiz!! Love the song! Love the cuppies! Love the creator! Muah!

Wiz said...

Miss Red Hat - Our smiles were even bigger Salina, when she packed us some delicious food to take back.

Husna - I guess the "whiz" at least stand for something if not for the "whiz" in maths which I almost flunk once. ROlling over kena ada makan2 skali Husna, baru ada sebab nak roll over to exercise he he he.

Danash - Ye la tu miss me. You'll be busy driving around la Naza. The only thing you'll miss is driving the manual car hu hu hu.

Ivy - Computer dah ok Ivy? I have been checking out your blog from time to time now. Can't wait to see more updates or sari billowing in the wind.

Anis - Cuppies tu biasa jer, it's the box yang gorjes and the morjes.
Hugs back.

Hart - Caught you!!!!! Good to have you back.