Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mission Possible

I have been driving with the windows down lately in an effort to put more kilometres in my petrol. A brilliant idea it was for awhile, until I realized the cost cutting action has triggered my coughs and asthma. The attacks weren't as extreme as they were when I was a child but it would deteriorate if negligence to take care of my health persists.

The asthma has gone alhamdulillah but the coughs refused to take leave. I downed gulps and gulps of ubat batuk nightly, leaving me all drowsy and heavy headed the morning after. But the show must go on folks. Orders from kind hearted people in the name of charity have registered in a steady flow. The fund has exceeded a hundred ringgit to date and I'm hopeful it would increase before the hand over to Mercy Malaysia come February. Thanks so much for participating and caring folks. Your generosity will be amply rewarded insyaAllah.

Here are some of the cakes for this week.

Thanks Lina!

Thanks Azlina!

Thanks Lina!

Thanks Fali!

Thanks Nadirah!

Thanks Lisa, Siti, Sara, Marina, Suraya, Azlina, thanks so much everyone!

Your orders have possibly made my UN mission possible for me. Appreciate it more than words can say.

4 treats:

DaNaSh said...

wiz dear, you are staying kat tempat yang paling membangun, so why don't you trade in our petrol with NGV tank? My hubby beria2 nak tukar and guess what, the nearest station ada kat Rawang...even Ipoh pun x de..

Do that and you can save a lot..boleh jadi jutawan lepas ni..he..he..he

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Wiz, hey...putting your car windows down causes more wind friction...the wind gets into your car...macham wind against a sail. It will slow your car, burn more gas. Betul ni.

Driving with the windows up, the winds gets reflected off, very smooth no friction, ha ha.

Love your cakes.
Here's wishing you quick recovery and the best of this coming Ox year. Lee.

Wiz said...

Naza- Tempat paling membangun? knp I rasa mcm dihimpit kemunduran je? he he he, saja jer nak ckp mcm tu, sounds like lagu sheila majid plak.

Uncle Lee - Woo hooo! you're here again. Iye ke? uncle Lee? Aiyou been doing the wrong thing la ni. Nasib baik ada Uncle Lee the Otai to give me correct pointers. Ok Thanks Uncle Lee, the windows will be up from now on, unless I get myself an SLK.

domestic engineer said...

You are strong, Wiz. Feeling drowsy and heavy headed pun your cakes siap berpuluh2! Hope you recover soon. Don't forget your Manuka honey. Take care. :-)