Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jules Rules

If there was ever a time you need someone to help you...

rule memorable events,
tool personalized pens,
pull new friends,


ignite great ideas,
invite new cheers,
delight close peers,


win someone's heart,
tin cookies and tarts,
pin polkadot cards,

you need not look further
as everything is here.

A chirpy friendly person who would lovingly run your world for you, well if you let her!

All the best Julie and thanks so much for the cupcake platter. Love it!

Thanks for the order Julie!

2 treats:

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

dear wiz,

i like your way with words...very whimsical...:)

and, thank you much for being so kind, insyaAllah, you will receive kindness back in the multitudes!

i read your words of jan0109. well, life's like that wiz. i've had bad deals too, but, as expensive as it may be, they are all lessons, which we must accept and deal with in stride.

but one thing i do believe, is that, what goes around comes around. so, you have in the past been a bit bewildered as to why i'm so willing to support and help you. right? well, i see no harm in it, instead, only good things. when we have win-win opportunities, why not all be victors! yes?!

and, i have strong faith in the almighty, so, nothing's ever that bad after all. also, we must always have and project positive energy in order to achieve positive outcomes.

so, fyi, the folks at sinar fm are thrilled with your lovelies. hopefully you will get some leads from there. that's also another thing : when you do something, do it sincerely and with love and passion, coz it's always reflected in your work/products. sometimes you get disappointed, but more often, you'll be justly rewarded.

carry on the faith and your lovelies...! :)

Wiz said...

Dearest Julie,

Honestly, I was never bewildered or questioned to why you are supporting me. You wear your heart on your sleeves. I spotted your sincerity instantly. The way you talk and express yourself as well as the generosity in your compliments show how nice of a person you are. Not many are like you in this world now. If there were more, it would make this world a much better place!

Thanks thanks so much for giving me the opportunity Julie. I do appreciate it so much. I'm doing alright, don't worry k. Slowly but surely. I do want you to know also that I enjoy looking at the way you conduct your bussiness. You offer varieties to your customers with exquisite touch everytime.