Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's You I Like

The sound of the raging lawn mower sucked the life of me this morning. As much as I dislike the noise, I however love the smell of the freshly cut grass. Deliciously, my yawns were soon accompanied by the crisp scent and I soon found myself trailing it all the way down. An image of a familiar man instantly came into focus the moment I aided these old pair of eyes to see. He was the most handsome mower in the neighbourhood I was told, and stealing glimpses of him toiling under the blue sky gave me the adrenalin rush! My presence behind the curtains was undetected by him. It felt like I was enjoying a 5 star buffet breakfast, towers of pancakes, plates of croissants, bowls of mueslis have just been served! My delight was short lived however, interrupted by the storming of my kids down the stairs demanding for breakfast! I hurried along to the kitchen and thought of whipping something nice to share with the mower, as a neighbourly gesture of course!!! My illusions of pancakes at a five star hotel seconds ago gave me the idea on what to serve the kids and the finest grass cutter in the Long River kingdom.

This is the pancake recipe used, taken from a friend's blog. Thanks Ziela!


1 cup all-purpose flour
1 tbsp sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 egg
3/4 cup milk
1/4 cup vegetable oil /melted shortening

1/2 cup chocolate chip (optional)
I put treacle instead.


In a large bowl, whip all the wet ingredients such as egg, milk and oil. Then scoop in the dry ingredients and whip and whip some more. Once a well mixed batter is achieved, you can heat up your non stick pan and pour the batter in to make rounds and rounds of delicious pancakes.

Serve them hot with butter, kaya and a generous drizzle of condensed creamer. No maple syrup for us.

Makes probably 15 average sized pancakes like the ones you see in the pic.

I was having jitters, unsure if my surprise gesture would either delight him or otherwise. I didn't want to send the wrong impression. He was, I believe on a strict diet.

I was tip toeing nervously to the front with a plate of pancakes in one hand, when my kids suddenly whooshed like a bolt of lightning yoddling " Baaaaaaaaaaa, mama buat pancakes for breakfast!!!!" It was then when the finest looking grass cutter of the land looked back, turned off his mower, wiped the trickling sweat on his face with the back of his hand and replied, "...Okkkkkkk, nanti Baba datang!" Okkkkk I'd be right there

ps. Thanks Chamee for straightening up the lawn. I love you the way you are, love handles, sweaty palms, bushy eye brows, snufflafugus eye lashes and all. Lots and lots and lots of love, your extra friendly neighbour! he he he

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Heavenly Gift said...

Pecah perut i gelak wiz buat suspen aje.

Wiz said...

Takkan I minat my late forties unmarried chinese neighbour kut Salina. This isn't exactly Wisteria Lane you know where the handy man makes you go out and mow the lawn yourself he he he

DaNaSh said...

ala.....terkulai layu my anticipation.

Wiz said...

Naza - Kenapa Naza? were you guys expecting a hunkly neighbour mowing the lawn in front of my house? Very unlikely k, All the hunks here are mostly over forties which make them more of hulky then hunkly he he he.

red pisces said...

salam...hi...long time no about ur 'project'.finished or still in progress...anyway good luck and please wish me blessed by God..

domestic engineer said...

Wiz, dah agak dah ha ha ha!! I know u will never 'main mata' with just any other grass cutter esp neighbours. Cute!

Those come they look thousand times more tempting than mine??? he he

Wiz said...

Rais - My project is on hold for awhile. But I will resume as soon as I find time and space. But thanks for asking. Doakan I could actually finish it ok.

Ziela - Ha ha ha. Main mata dgn org lain? Nak mati? You know my other half, he'll mow the person and me over and over again!!!! he he he. The pancakes look better? maybe because I was making them for the best mower in the neighbourhood kut! ha ha ha. Mengarut je la I ni. But they sure taste nice. I included black treacle in.

khalil said...

haha..bru nk ejek techer gatal!

sedapnye pncakes!!!!!!!!

Wiz said...

Khalil, sampai hati nak ckp teacher gatal tau, sedey la mcm ni. Selama ini, you all know who I always talk about and adore. It has always been that lawn mower who you know yourself. But it's good to trick you guys once in awhile. In fact, you guys were tricked from day one!!!! ha ha ha

khalil said...


jgn la sedih teacher...

tau teacher setia...


love footbalerzzz...