Thursday, January 1, 2009

Harder Than It Is

Thanks Juwa's brother in law. Sorry I didn't catch your name. ;o)

As I bade farewell to 2008, I usher this new year filled with hope, strong wishes and stars which could shoot me high up to the sky. But there were times when the twinkle of my stars were made to fade, submerged in the murky water weakening the bright twinkle to barely a flicker. The lights weren't totally extinguished folks but significantly dimmed. Too many to mention of the dampening instances I had to face. The cancellations at the 11th hour, the long wait of the invinsibles, the point of no returns, and the unfriendly discourse with the professionals. Those are some of the experiences I was opportuned to encounter last year. I cherish them all to the extent of failing to contain the happy tears from rolling down my cheeks.

And this year, on the second day of 2009 I was greeted with another similar episode. An order was cancelled two days before the delivery. I wasn't informed or notified or given any clues regarding the cancellation. In fact everything was confirmed via the email. I couldn't have known as no messages were passed or exchanged to signal me otherwise. But somehow this morning as I was about to bake, I could sense the heart palpating in a disorderly fashion. So I emailed and texted again to ask for one final confirmation. The silly reply received was more of an annoyance rather than a devastation for me. I seriously heaved a chuckle, not out of denial but out of "padan muka" manner directed to me and me alone.

Yes, I am the only one to be blamed. Being nice has its adversaries. I should have asked for a deposit for all the orders accepted. I was stretching my weakness a bit too far. Weaknesses are meant to be taken advantage of I reckoned.

At one time, I often questioned if unkind people really do exist out there. Now,I have learnt they do, because I have met them... in person, flesh and blood.

I am not washed away just yet folks. I am still here, here merely for the love of it.

"...believing in the one thing that has gotten me this far, that's what love is for."

Thanks Amy Grant!

Thats What Love Is For - Amy Grant

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DaNaSh said...

sabar wiz...what goes around comes around..

Human management is surely the most difficult of all but these experiences will let you be more mature and professional in dealing with your customers, right...that is what they call the ups and downs in business..only the strong will prevail and you are surely one of them.

Go on..continue pouring your creativity into the cups..

myheartbleeds said...

oh dear wiz... I am soooo sorry to read what you wrote (now I feel really really bad!!) :-(

you take care, dear and insya-Allah 2009 will be a great year for all of us, Ameen.

ms hart said...

Wiz dearest, things as such happened only to make and see you stronger, darhling. I know I need not say a word because you are much wiser and stronger, but still, hang on, sis! HE is always there, remember? And of course, people like me will always be there for you the same way you have always been there for me and your other friends. Come, gimme a hug!

Wiz said...

Naza - Funny for you to say that coz they were my exact words to the person who cancelled the order!!!!! Felt mean for awhile with all the "muahahas" after. But the need to be evil is just a reciprocation not an initiation from me. So that cleared my conscience. Thanks!

Wiz said...

MHB - Don't feel bad la. I'm alright. Thanks for your concern, I get these quite a lot actually. Only now that I am sharing them in the open.

Hart - Hugs back. Thanks for your words of comfort. It's my fault for being so naive. This is the first time I'm sharing the downs out in the open. Pernah jugak terkena beberapa kali. Still tak blajar2 lagi he he he. Ayam bali would make me feel so much better, hint hint.

domestic engineer said...

Hope all these will make you a more matured and stronger person in 2009!!

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

dearest wiz, perhaps its a blessing in disguise that the order got cancelled, then u wouldnt hv to meet such horrids in person! but i wish and pray for a great 2009 for u Wiz = ) U only deserve the best because u gift so much and i think if karma has anything to do with anything, then u should be getting alot more in return.....take care babe! miss our chats lah....

Mimi said...

Being nice will definitely pay even if its not in this life ;) business like urs does give u chance to deal with all sorts of ppl eh wiz? dont give up n keep on baking!

P/s- am waiting for the perfect oppurtunity to order more cakes frm ya ;D

wiz said...

Ziela - I hope so too. Thanks

Mush - Yes, it was ablessing in disguise I guess. And I sooo miss our chats too. How's winter?

Mimi - Maybe you can order to celebrate the purchase of your new bag? he he he