Saturday, January 10, 2009

ABCing The 1,2,3

When my little chocolate fudge dismounted our cake mobile to attend the formal school for the first time, my heart ballooned. Inflated with concern and anxiety, I was uncertain whether or not he was ready to tread the corridors of school on his own. His hand has always been in mine and mine in his. As sweaty and clammy as they might get, letting go was never part of the story. But on the first day of school, I had to let it swing free. I had to see him off walking to his class with tears in his eyes. But he didn't cry, his eyes were just watery, claimed he.

The teachers had warned us not to stick around the class during learning hours. I complied. Instead, I hid behind a wall several metres away from his classroom....just to see if he remembered to put his over sized bag down, or to put his water bottle on the table, or to take his pencil box out. The plan was to be near just in case he needed me. He didn't.

I waited till recess time and followed him from afar. He was as instructed, with all the items in his hands. As planned, he was to eat the lunch I had packed for him as he was too small to queue in line to buy food. He finished it and then was seen queuing at the nasi lemak counter. I ran frantically towards him as he was easing his way into the crowd. He just had a broken wrist weeks ago, a slight knock or fall might hinder proper recovery. I jumped behind him and made a wall to block the bigger kids from pushing and pressing him to the counter. He raised his hand for attention and said "...Assalamualaikum, assalamualaikum makcik, saya nak nasi lemak tapi tak der sambal, tak der sayur dan tak der kacang." Of course in the chaos of it all the the makcik just yanked the 50sen from his palm and passed him a plate of nasi lemak, with sambal, with sayur and with kacang! He walked away looking at his plate bewildered, but later finished his nasi lemak nevertheless, with sambal, sayur and kacang unharmed of course.

Earlier at the canteen, I saw mothers just like me , tagging on to their little ones. Acts of endearment manifested that day in the big school compound with each parent expressing their love and affection to their child in their own special way. Some fathers chose to exchange funny handshakes and high fives to their sons whilst mothers were deep in their facial expressions rubbing noses, smothering last minute talcum powder on the kids' faces before they lined up to class. I on the other hand, had to pull the sleeves of my baju longer so that my son could have a whiff of my scent to satisfy his ration of the day before he lost sight of me.

The moment I saw him chatting away with his new friend as they adjourned to class, I quickly took my exit. I realized that he was fine without me. His hand was swinging accordingly, his steps purposefully. He was his own person in his own new world now, trotting knowingly to his seat, standing in attention screaming "Assalamualaikum Cikgu!"

The last I saw of him that day.

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fizafarizah said...

oh ur son is doing great on his 1st day of school! my congratulations to him..wiz, adnin and his sister is very lucky to hv such a very loving n caring kids tak merasa lah mama teman or even send them to school on their first day..they were 'forced' to be independent coz baba is one very BUSY man & mama is stucked at home with adik2 without a car..

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Your son will do excellently in school Wiz, already he was so brave to go trhough the crowd to get a plate of nasi lemak! i am surprised to learnt that its only a mere 50 cents still!!! ; ) U hv done so well, u can be proud Wiz.... Hugs, i am proud of u for letting go too ; )

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Wiz, happy new year. Its always an experience for a mother and a child's first day of school and with another woman besides his or her mom.

For me, I ran away from school second day...sure caused a big panic every teacher looking for me.
The police found me walking home, 3 miles away, ha ha.
You have a pleasant weekend, best regards, Lee.

Wiz said...

Fiza - YOu are doing good fiza by teaching them to be independent. Me, I think I am dependent more on him rather than him on me. But it'll have to work from now on. I have got to grow up.

Mush - hye!!!! Yes the nasi lemak is still 50 sen a plate, but you can only get the price in schools. Outside it is 1rgt. I was surprised too that he actually lined up to buy with the "just in case" 50 sen. But it is good that he wanted to try, and now he knows better. Thanks Mush, hope you fair better with the bus alright. Hugs

Uncle Lee- Nice of you to come back for a visit again. I have been reading your posts but never had the time to leave a comment. Keep on writing those wonderful stories Uncle Lee, they sure make my cuppa tea taste nicer.

Akmal said...

Kak Wiz, haha, mum's first day nervousness at school? ;)
Need not to be lah, i can see that he's one tough young man. I mean, well, he was alright right? :D

ms hart said...

Aaah Wiz... you and your words!!! Salam sayang to that fine gentleman...he's doing just great..yes Wiz, our babies are now a young man in their own ways...alahai..

Ivy said...

Wiz-zie! (teringat I of bini George Jefferson tu!)

Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. I miss you too!

I remember how terrifying first day of school was for me. I was left to the dogs! Not a familiar or friendly face in sight. Apa lagi.... nangislah!

DaNaSh said...

wiz, that is the reason for me not to be there on their first day of school..daripada yang tua sampai Aina I let my hubby fuss around them on their very first day..takut2 kalau I gi, I'll make unnecessary scenes...

domestic engineer said...

"Ha ha ha...apa la mama ni, dia pula yg over anxious," Adnin must've said this. I guess I may experience this too when little Apit enter KG this Sept...hmm..

Wiz said...

Akmal - Yes, he is one tough boy, it's the mama yang the mushy one he he he.

Hart - Salam syang to yours Hart. Kalu sklh dekat boleh gi sama2 kan?

Ivy!!!!!!!!!!, so good to see you here! I won't be attending the flower course la, no money, unless you are kind enough to sponsor me he he he. Serious ni, want to sponsor me or not. I will be your slave for a year!

Danash - You didn't go? ala, you should have! You could never go back in time to see them in that environment again. I am selfish to see and experience everything, whether or not I make a scene, that would go down in memory lane as well.

Ziela - iye, mama dia yang anxious. Truk tul I ni, over excited sebab rasa I yang nak masuk sekolah balik.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same when I sent my 2nd daughter to school. I'm the one who's nervous & overprotective but to my surprise, she did well! Better than me, he he he. No tears, no fears, just happiness...oh, and she discovered the joy of spending too (alamak...he he he)
It was not easy to see my babies growing up & start to leave my 'ketiak' 1 by 1 but it's worth it, every single headache, nag & 'jelingan tajam', hehehe