Thursday, December 25, 2008

Season's Greetings

Thanks Yong!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Here's a collection of my Christmas treats this year. I'm off for a short break just for a few days minding children's school preparations. New bags, new uniforms, new shoes, books and badges, dozens of pencils and bags of erasers to buy.

I made one box (49 pcs)of extra Christmas muffs people, and it is on Sale! Only RM35 for 4 assorted flavours of mocha, carrot, vanilla and chocolate. Normal price is 60rgt.
49 muffs assorted flavours all in one box! RM35 Hurry! Sold!

Do email me ASAP at

For self pick up only alright.

Till next time, drive safe.

Thanks Kubad!

Thanks Nisa!

Thanks Syaza!

4 treats:

ms hart said...

Wiz dearest, go, go take your short break, girl! And all the best for the 'back to school shopping'!! The crowd has been terrible at those sides of the malls! Uurghh...

Wiz said...

The side where I come from is not soo bad la Hart. I duk Ulu Langat area, so ok lagi. Will never enter KL or places near it. Oooo tak sanggup. Even Tesco pun is flooded with hungry mums and kids. Terukkan I last minute baru nak beli. Ni belum balut buku lagi ni arghhhhhhhhhh! Tolong Hart balutkan.

fizafarizah said...

argghhh...i'm the worst mom...blom beli satu hape pun lagi ni...huhuhu..
enjoy your break wiz, happy shopping...!
btw,i suka set yg ada the 2 meows tu lah, romantic jer..

wizcakes said...

Fiza- Samalah kiter!!! I ni tak habis lagi beli brg2 sekolah anak2 I. Will do that today! Must!