Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Less Lonely People In The World

Thanks Nadiah!

There's this beautiful, wonderful feeling folks each time I step into a wedding hall or a house. The scent of the bunga rampai, the sweet aroma of fresh flowers, the vibes derived from all things nice are just intoxicating. It is amazing how everyone and everything simply radiates in love, velveting every single second with tender enchantments and gentle remembrance of their own weddings. Romance isn't just felt by the bride and groom but it overwhelms everyone present. I often steal glimpses at other couples of young and old at weddings and thrive from the strong bond and affection visible even to the untrained eyes. The "I love you" glances thrown at each other, those "...remember?" smiles, and that "for better for worse" clasps of their hands, move me tremendously. All the hardship, struggle and chaos of throwing a wedding seem to be nonexistent, frivolous to the paramount feeling of Love.

As I set up my last wedding cake of the year at this magical location folks, I looked around as I always do, just to have a little sip of love and romance present that night. The view of trickling yellow lights, the ravishing deep red wedding theme and the love songs which permeated the garden filled me up entirely. My hunger and my fatigue were satisfied with just that.

In fulfillment I walked back to the car, clutching my other half's hand leaving the place knowing that there were two less lonely people in the world now. And more less lonely people there would be as I accept more wedding cake orders in days and years to come.

For better, for worse, insyaAllah, I am here to stay.

For better for worse chamee.

Below are some other wedding and hantarans cakes which wizcakes was priviledged to cater for.

Thanks Rohaidah!

Thanks Natasha!

Thanks Ermira!
Thanks Norley!
Thanks Si Kucing Family!

Two Less Lonely People in the World - Air Supply

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ms hart said...

Wizzy!!! Alamak...romantic nya entry ni...You and your way of saying the unspoken...!! Yes, dear, I love the feeling too! Just as I love the song!! Aaaahhh this is sooo our schooling time, eh?

p/s Pergi tak mak bloggers meet? Jom,jom,jommmm!!!!

Wiz said...

Hart! yes, sooooo the school time perasan to be in love song ha ha ha. What mak bloggers meeting? not invited pun?

ms hart said...'s open to all one lah darhling! MrsNordin is organizing it on Sunday 21/12! More details at her blog, ok? Our dear friend MHB will be away for work, so she won't be able to come. But insyaAllah, Zaitgha and I are joining! Jom, jom, jommmm...let loose once in a while, away from the blogsphere (and you, from your oven!!):>

Wiz said...

21/12 tak boleh la Hart. Work engagements also. But you go have fun for me k, take lotsa pikchas and keep the stories for me. Date tu boleh kasi tukarka?

fizafarizah said...

wizzz.....owwwhhh i lurve this entry soooo much....many2 beautiful cakes to look at..!

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Wiz, someday i hope to sit down with u and u can show me all your lovely wedding photos! = ) Did u bake your own wedding cake back then too??

Wiz said...

Fiza, you love the mood of this entry or the pictures? Thanks for dropping by. I saw the new cover of your blog, lurve it!

Mush, someday Mush, we'll sit down together and I'll bore you with all the pictures. Nope, I didn't bake my own cake. Back then I knew nothing about cakes. I just started baking recently.

Rhonda said...

I love this blog! There is just something about weddings that also help us renew our feelings for our loved ones.

Your creations are fantastic!!

callmewani said...

kak wiz..

ada place order thru ur maill..takut msuk spam..kalau akak xavailable,terpaksa crik lain nie..huhu

Wiz said...

Rhonda!!!! It's an honour to have you here visiting me. Thanks so much for leaving a trace. I have been telling people in excitement about this great cake decorator(YOU!) who came to visit me. And here you are marking your presence. Thanks so much for dropping by. My cakes are incomparable to the superiority of your cakes. Do drop by again sometime alright.

myheartbleeds said...

ehemm ehemmm... (tersedak!)

hehe... ms hart kena amik gambar byk2 ok... gambar peluk2 cium semua!! :-D

wiz!! love your creations... the green fondant with daisies tuuu... berkenan sgt2!! gerammmm tgk!!

Wiz said...

Wani- I didn't get your email, not even in my spam box. Or have I replied to your mail and did not realize it? SOrry Wani.

MHB- My apologies for making you tersedak. I know what you meant by that. Sooooo sorry. You can always clutch my hand.

ICook4Fun said...

I just can't get enough looking at all your beautiful creations. Each piece is so pretty and delicately done. Well done Wiz!!

Wiz said...

Icook4fun- Thanks so much. Each creation does take a lot from me. And to have someone to appreciate it, makes it even more worth while. Thanks for dropping by.

DaNaSh said...

hmmm..that romantic season is back noh.....and i can see that you are having fun too...

domestic engineer said...

Wiz, love all your wedding cakes here esp the green fondant one. How I wish I can order one for my own wedding anniversary next week...aarghh...

Natasha said...

kak wiz..
10q for my parents' wedding cuppies ;)..
d bouquet of yellow flowers mmg jadik center of attention..
my cousin was with us during d occassion dia ambik gamba posing with d cuppies byyyykkk sgt!
she said she never seen cuppies like dat..
10q kak wiz.. ;D